reverb: New Name

December 23 – New Name

Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?  author: Becca Wilcot

It took me a while to like my name. I went to school, when there were a lot of Laurie or Lori, 5 in my class. Susan was popular and Kimberly. Robert and William were popular boys names. Then there were the unique names, like Tori and Odean. I didn't like my name for awhile; My brother really couldn't say my name and called me Ella, as my blog describes. I chose Ella to use for a name on Etsy, when I decided to open a store. I thought of my brother, since he has encouraged me to do more with my creative side. He is my younger and only sibling.  I didn't even have a blog, then. I admired them and visited often, but it wasn't til I was in a swap, it was after my birthday and there had been a few incidents. The head of it was not happy and this is when she stated, "You can only be included in swaps, if you have a blog".  Later that day, I want to Blogger and signed up. I have thanked her, several times, since. When blog name came up, I thought It should tie it in with store.  

When I was nine maybe ten, my grandmother called me and asked me to come visit her. It was summer time and she lived almost at the end of our street.  I hopped on my bike and was there in a flash, she announced, I want you to meet someone. There stood, this tall, pretty, blond lady. She had long,curly  hair and light blue eyes. This woman approached me and shook my name. "Are you Ellen Louise?"  she asked.

I replied, "Yes", she was so pretty she looked like a fairy. She told me she liked my name and said, "I'm your grown up cousin, my name is Ellen Louise".  I was stunned, she had my first and middle name.  Was I named after her, this thought entered my mind. Why had no one told me? Why was I meeting her now?

I found out, she lived far away and was my Great Uncle's daughter.  I felt different after our meeting. I did
discover, my Mother didn't know about this woman, til recently; I being 9 and she being in her thirties. She  knew there was another Ellen, but not the same middle name. She told me she heard the name loved it and there was only one other name she had considered, Julie. I would of been Julie Ann Jackson;  JJ would of been my nickname. I like the name Julie, I would have been the only one in the school, for a few years. 

In a lot of photos, I seem to have this elf like grin; one photo before my wedding, my ears looked like an elf.
Ellen fits.  I guess I could be Ellen Elf for a day, but that would be another E. I'm up to three now. Will Farrell would not like me redirecting his fame. Ellen my real name, nickname Ellie and called on occasion, Ella.  I'm off to watch, "Elf" and finish wrapping a couple of last minute gifts and roll out the cookie dough. It does feel like the North pole in NC today.  Yes, I'm short and my favorite color is green~


Rayna M. Iyer said…
I think both Ella and Ellen are beautiful names. But of the two I prefer Ella, because I like a's in names!

Merry Christmas.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Rayna-I love your name is it unique and pretty!
What does it mean? Mine means light. Happy Holidays to you; I will be by to visit, soon!
LTM said…
I like Ella, too! ;p Merry Christmas, girl~ :o) <3
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Wishing you a merriest of Christmases, Ella xx
I like the sound of Ella. I think if I used another name for one day, I'd choose Anne.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Patricia-Anne is pretty and so classic in writing! ;-D Happy Holidays!

Saskia-Merry Christmas to you, xXx

Leigh-Thank you, I like your name~ Merry Christmas to you n' yours xXx

Rayna-oops, it is unique, lovely!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, you're SO CUTE!!!!! Look at those peepers! I am named after alcohol. Go figure:)