reverb: Try

This is a portrait, we had to make and share in my online course, Crafting My Best Life. It had to reflect our vision of us, a background collage.

Prompt: Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn't go for it?   author: Kaileen Elise

Try:  I want to try to be published, a poem, maybe some art, maybe start working on a book.  I now, know several authors,I'm intrigued by their commitment and their passion. I just am not sure what type of book to write. I have joked about it, perhaps taking a few cooking classes and writing a Zodiac cookbook, then there is my husband's family, this could go in a sci-fi direction, alien-in-laws. I could write about my grandmother at the tender age of 23, she became a widow, with 4 children under the age of 7. Her husband was killed in a car accident, when on leave from the Navy. Her mother, my great, great grandmother threw her out when she found out she was pregnant. This woman,a widow herself, was pregnant  with twins, fathered by the married minister of their church. Each child could have their own story, chapter or book.  I could work on YA fiction; I have a daughter that reads this genre, watching her and her friends, gives me a lot of insight into today's generation.  The truth is stranger than fiction. 

Try to take a class, this means enroll in college again. Try to become more organized, try to do more volunteer work. 

 In 2010, I tried my hand at art, submitted some to a couple magazines, I took online classes and felt a shift leaning towards a new path, and  I joined a poet society.  When I went for it, it felt like the right fit, the correct shoe, the path, I should walk for awhile, my heart felt at home, my vision changed, my attitude improved, and I felt happy!

It was as if blogging lead me to some happy accidents, places and paths I didn't plan to tread, but I am so glad I did~  


Sherry Blue Sky said…
There are no accidents.......there's a reason you were led to this path. I know a young woman who makes a good living writing books for young adults....there is definitely a market for it, much more so than other writing. Might be a good thing to try. Hope 2011 is good to you, Ellie. I LOVE your Santa header, too cute!!!!!!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you, love the idea of no accidents, then again, I might need to rethink this, lol~
Hope 2011 is good to you, too! You need to get your book in the works, so many interesting tidbits you shared! Funny, Santa comes every year down through our tiny town. It was raining hard, we heard the siren and went out and waved. No one around, usually weather is better. They went down the main street and came back and drove down our side road and Santa came to our door and gave us candy. My daughter was funny,"No, I don't want to go to the door", but she did. Santa was sweet!
kaykuala said…
Good for you ma'am. Blogging fills a gap where the feedback is immediate. It motivates more when we are among a friendly crowd, and there's no pressure. There's a whole year ahead. I'm sure something's gonna work out. With Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!
imaginationlane said…
I seem to be on the same track as you, Ellie, with some of the same goals. I am definitely going to try to get published in the new year, and may take more courses. Writing YA fiction is a great idea for you, especially as you have your daughter and her friends for inspiration! I'm quite certain you could do a fine job...I'll pop by from time to time and offer encouragement...LOL!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Lynette-Hi, I loved what you wrote;YOU have a wonderful way with words! I do think I probably should start with YA. I have the language the scenes unfolding in front of me! I hope we both find our way in 2011. Merry Christmas!

Kaykuala-Thank you, you are right,it pretty much is a friendly crowd and we can always grow! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!