reverb: Wisdom

December 10 – Wisdom
Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?  This word and question was picked by author:  Susannah Conway.   In case you are new this is from project #reverb10.

The wisest decision was allowing myself to return to me. I know sounds cuckoo, but it is true. Being a military spouse and moving as much as we have feels, like Alice in the rabbit hole. Confusion, time changes, new homes, new jobs, new friends, new everything. It gets old!  Family is scattered here and there, as are the friends, that were part of my daily life. It is like I have a garden of people, that I can't see much. I can
call them, txt them, fb, tweet, but the roots have loosened, as time has marched on. I have transplanted my dreams here and there, always trying to fit the part of the country I lived in. Be a chameleon...blend in. I could only blend in for so long. I felt like a frayed electric cord; I needed a spark, to be excited about something, passion needs to be part of our worlds, or it gets dull. This year I returned to my passion; I allowed myself to play, read, sketch, craft and write. I gave myself permission to be the crEATtive person I am. I submitted art to a magazine, never had before. The old me had blocked the door, I didn't allow myself to open it, didn't have time for it, it made to much mess, my family would think I was a kook. (Just for the record: They know I am).   ;-D

Creative people are wired different. We need to tend to your souls daily, like brushing our teeth. Just as the athlete has to work out almost every day or the singer, sing. etc. There is never enough time, good time, or the right time. You just have to do it! It is like opening the window and allowing the dust to blow out, allowing the sunlight to enter.  When we don't find ways to do what we love, we wither, we fade and we dry up. Our soul starves, when we don't partake in our joy, our passion. We know we all have the key to our own doors, but we have to open them. No, you might not be on the Best Seller list, or be in an art museum, or be a rock star, but your universe will be happier and your spirit will soar!  Find your key and open the door and windows, to your soul! Your heART with thank you~


Chrysti H said…
What wise words. I can relate a bit to you as I'm a missionary's wife... people come and go, and so do we! I'm glad you found yourself in your transient life as a military wife.
Anonymous said…
yup!!! I couldn't agree more and it's so refreshing to hear another creative soul share these things--about life and art.
Oh, and your banner made me drool for a sugar cookie! :)
Arlee Bird said…
This is so true. Sometimes life, career, family, and all of those types of responsibilities get in our way and we forget who we are and instead focus on who everyone else is expecting us to be. It's good to rediscover the things we have forgotten.

Tossing It Out
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh Ellie, I so love this post! It is true, what you say, "our soul starves when we dont partake in our joy". So well said!
Talli Roland said…
Well said. I've moved around so much in my life - being able to be me is the only way to survive!
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
A lovely post, Ella Ellen Ella ;)
Have a happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
thanks so much for visiting my blog :) and im happy i found you, you remind me of myself in many ways. i heart your blog *hugs*
Asobime said…
I've been wrestling with this very thing, Ellen, this week especially. Depression was setting in, taking over, making me wonder what the hell I was living.

Well, knowing that other creative people are in the same boat...feeling the same helps.

Thank you for the wisdom of this blog. I feel a sense of relief!

Lady Nyo
Ciss B said…
That's the one thing I dreaded when my husband was in the Navy. But his ship (though gone a LOT!) stayed in Norfolk while we were in the service. That wasn't true of so very many of our friends though. We were in during Viet Nam.
Lori Race said…
Gorgeous post Ellen!

"Creative people are wired differently. We need to tend to our souls daily, like brushing our teeth"

I love this.
Melissa said…
You are so right. The days that I make it a point to express myself are always my best days.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Melissa-It free us, doesn't it! It does give our spirit and day a boost~ I think you are right!

Lori Race-Thank you; I do think we need to tend our souls like gardens, planting seeds of kindness and pulling out our weeds of doubt~

Ciss B-I know you understand; It is a life of limbo and tug of war. Thanks for sharing~

Lady Nyo-I am glad you stopped by; I do think we
have tend to trend in a lot of emotions daily, when we put our creative endeavors out there. It is nice, to know we aren't alone~

emporesskelee-I am happy we found each other, too~ It is great to share with kindred souls~xXx

saskia-Thank you; I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Talli-It is revealing isn't it, when we do open that door and allow ourselves to breath and know we can only be the best Me, You, Us! I have known it, but living it is revealing!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you,isn't it, our days just aren't the same, lacking joy isn't living!

Lee-Exactly! I kept trying to be what was expected and lost some of my soul! A lot of people didn't think I should trend on any artistic path. I guess the term "starving artist" was in mind. When we ignore who we are it starves us in other ways. Well said Lee!

Scarlett-Yes, it is that time of year, cookies everywhere. I thought it would brighten my blog didn't think about driving everyone to want sweets...oops! Thank you Scarlett for you kind words~ Lots of struggles to put ourselves out there, but worth it!

Alex-Thank you! ;-D

Chrysti H-I know you can relate, lots of new faces, trying to find our way! It is a life of mixed blessings~