reverb10: Beautifully Different

December 8 – Beautifully Different.

Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.  author:  Karen Walrond

This is tough, I think our differences do make us beautiful, unique, like the facets of a diamond. Sometimes we need a bit of polish to sparkle. Life can sometimes add blemishes, to our brilliance; Sometimes these flaws just make us more human, more open. Sparkle is defined by the combination of brilliance(our fire, passion) and the dispersion(refraction). I was once told, I was a diamond in the rough. My brilliance, my fire had been diminished, by too many blemishes. I needed to work on my fire and breath new life into my world.

I  looked different compared to my classmates in school, black hair, olive skin. My name Ellen also stood out, not now, but back then. My name means shining light. I am different in the way I process things, I have been told this, by people since age 10. What made you think of that, I never would of thought of that and where did you come up with that idea.

My Dad struggled with his disease; I feel this made me different. He tried to live life to the fullest. I think growing up with someone who valued everyday, tried to find humor everywhere, shaped my  life. We had guitar parties that lasted,til the sun rose. My Dad would come home from the theater(Projectionist) with a huge wagon, wheel sized pizza at midnight, ready for a party, it was summer time. Life was rarely dull. I am goofy, my daughter has friends over and I interact, I play games, rock out with Guitar hero. She wants me to join in and I do know when to back off.  I have a ton of ideas, when my daughter and her friends get bored. We will do Project Runway, or make pizza dough and toss it, yeah, lots of mess, but I don't mind. I will go caroling, even if that means 2 people. 

I'm never bored; can't stand that word!  I can convince you to do zany things and then I'll snap your photo. I have had people, on the lawn
doing a rain dance, I dressed my husband up like a Rock god for fun and he let me, it wasn't Halloween. If you came to my house I could make you laugh, cook you a great meal, and take you on a zany Art Date. I have climbed mountains at 4am to go see the sun rise, after only sleeping a few hours.I convinced my son and nephew, to go sing Christmas carols to our deceased loved ones. My brother n' I conspired, he would already be in place to scare. I know I'm wacked, but these teens prank us all the time. Yes, we scared them, just getting even. My nephew swears I'm in for it, when I go home again. I say,"bring it".

When I was ten, it was  February, we had a lot of snow, it had been a rough winter, so far. My Dad would get cabin fever, so what did he do?!  He would go out on our glass enclosed front porch, pry open some windows, move the grill, douse the brickets with lighter fluid and start a fire. While my Mom would holler, "Earle, the neighbors are going to call the fire department". He said, "No problem we have enough to feed them if they want to come". Dad in the meantime had already asked the fireman next door and his family to our winter BBQ. Think Maine, about 18 degrees, snow on the ground and having a BBQ; It was the best one, ever!  Beauty lies in my wackness~  I know maybe I saw too many movies as a child and perhaps feel like a performer, who knows, but my bet is on genetics!~


Revel in your wackiness!
And Guitar Hero is a blast. Almost as good as playing the real thing. Almost!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You sound like the funnest mom ever! You are living wonderful times and they will be rich memories one day. You rock, Ellie. Yes, genetics, and also the creativity in you - all of it makes you shine and sparkle!
p.s. I love the changing images on your site...always so beautiful. Love this Cherish one a lot!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Alex-I sucked at it, when I first tried it out.
I moved up to Medium, couldn't play in slow at all. YOU don't play a real guitar that slow. I need new strings for my Gibson. It is really fun~
Yeah, almost...

Sherry-I am a kook, no one better call me boring, tee,hee! Thanks Sherry; I submitted 3 cookie cutters to this art challenge, put them in a pastry box with cheesecloth. I bet, they thought it was unique or wacky.
KarenG said…
What a fun post! It sounds like you take after your dad in your zest for life.
Ciss B said…
Wacky is good! I know because I always loved the out of the ordinary - No, the totally crazy! It made life the best.
Chary Johnson said…
I love your zany activities and your wackiness. I don't think people engage in crazy activities anymore. No one wants to be spontaneous.

That prank sounds like something my husband would do to our teens at home. It feels so good when you "get" them. :D

Loved your quirky stories.
Irishgal said…
I can completely relate to feeling different because of my name. When I was growing up, no one was named Claire. No one. Now it is really popular. I find it odd that I now run into Claires all the time (but they are usually preschoolers!).
Anonymous said…
LOL! I grew up in Michigan and BBQing in the winter was acceptable. We did it from time to time to break things up during a long winter.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Stephen-Good to know, I think cabin fever sets in and one has to do something out of the ordinary! It sure makes the day extraordinary~ I am glad you n' share this kind of fun.

Claire-I had a friend named Clarie; She hated her name. I didn't like mine, either, til later on.I know, every time I go to the Dr. I hear my name: Ellen don't do that, Ellen come here, Ellie stop it. Tiny tots with my name;It is strange~

Chary-I love that your husband did stuff like this. I mean we have to have our turn, lol And yes, it does feel good! Thank you~

Ciss B-Do tell sometime; I would love to hear some of your zany moments!

Karen-Thank you, Yes,it didn't take much to set my father off. Mom is more reserved or was. I think my Dad changed her a bit~
this is the best post.. love the are so much fun.. visit again later.. I will.. I sound like yoda.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Yoda-Thanks for stopping by! I am wacky, but nothing mean. All n' fun~
This was a fun read Ellie! I take you on that home cooked meal;)
Ellen aka Ella said…
Jenny-Thanks it would be fun to have you over!
Who knows maybe someday! ;-D xXx
Kimberly said…
"Beauty lies in my wackness"

What a great line! I feel the same way about my "beauty," as well. What a moving, inspiring, post. It reminds me that there should be no such thing as "bored!"
Ellen aka Ella said…
Kimberly-Nice to meet you! Thank you, you know you can make fun in many ways! Since you have that kind of mind, I know your life isn't dull! Last night, we made cookies. My daughter had a friend over. I had these tiny pom poms. I started an indoor snow ball fight. I am sure they will remember, our silly fun~ Life is to short to be blah...