reverb10: Community

This is made from recycled magazines, ready to be tossed out.  Michael Montano made this into something unique. It is in his book, "Big Ass Book of Crafts".   This project is a sum of parts that equals a whole which leads me to today's word:  Community~

Reverb10 Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? Author:  Cali Harris  
This has been a year of expanding my community first with writers, through the A-Z blogging challenge, I don't yet consider myself a writer, but I dabble in it, I'm a WIP. I also took a class at Cresendoh, I joined Poets United and my Followers are part of my extended community.  It has expanded my soul, to be part of these projects and I met some amazing people! 

My daughter participates with teen court at her school.  I am trying to work with the coordinator to do some reflective art projects, volunteering my time. I would like to open the door to be more active in my community. There is always room to grow and I think volunteering gives so much. We give, but we get so much more in return. Our hearts are not the same, we have allowed the air to breath through our soul, as we open the window to our heart. The exchange of helping others open us up. Small random acts also can open this window.  A warm meal cooked for a shut in or sick friend, a note, a phone call, a gift from the garden, opening doors for others, picking up things when someone drops them, paying the toll for the car behind you, etc. There are many ways besides money, we can donate our time and efforts to make our world a better place to live. I have been called the Recycle Nazi, think Soup Nazi on "Seinfeld". I will pick up trash I find and bring it home to recycle. I think it is crazy not to recycle. I know it takes time, it is a pain, a dirty chore, but it gives back. Do we really want to leave the Earth, in such a mess for our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc?!  I found out my brother and his new wive weren't doing their part.  They pay a $1 a bag, for their dump, when you recycle the cardboard, the tin, the glass, etc. You have less to throw away. I told them, they would have less trash;  you are throwing away money for other things. See it as dollars and sense! It makes sense to do this, for Earth and your wallet.  It is about being bigger than just yourself and joining in to any cause,you find worthy! The sums of our parts can equal a whole lot of change~

  My friend Rayna is involved in this cause; It is worth checking out!


Becky Shander said…
I love the cool trash container made from magazines. And I love your recycle-minded thinking in general. It's good that so many share their views on this subject...the makings for a caring community I think.
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Thank you so much for the mention, Ellen.

I met so many wonderful people through the A to Z challenge, it was all good for me.
Jules said…
I saw pictures frames made very similar to that trash can!

I'm glad to know there is another Ms Sanford (as in Sanford & sons). I try to find another use for everything.

I've been trying to find time to email you but life...I"ll make time ;)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
We recycle! And that basket is wild.
lori vliegen said…
here's to a green world (and i'm crazy for that magazine bin!!)!!! xox, :))
Hi Ella .. love the creative edge to the blog .. & this 'Reverb' aspect .. I sure picked a good one to come in on .. Community - I agree it is essential to give back .. especially now with so many suffering, even in our Western World. Let alone leaving the planet a worse place .. I do think I should follow your example - even half an hour a day from a few ?hundred people around the town .. would make the world of difference.

Thanks good thoughts .. and nice to be here .. Hilary
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, Trust me, you ARE a writer! I, like you, have had my rather hermit-like life energized through this online community of amazing people. And I love your writing about recycling, it is something everyone can do, such a small thing to help the earth. Love your random acts of kindness idea too. The world can use a LOT more kindness! Great post, Ellie! Thanks.
Pixie said…
Very cool! At first I thought it was made from bottle caps.
Mary said…
That basket is so awesome! LOVE IT!
I like that basket, too, but it looks like it would take hours and hours to make. Around here we recycle as much as we can. I even bought a utility knife so I can cut down the cardboard boxes according to the local rules, and I reuse the smaller boxes for mailing whenever I can. I notice a lot of folks are also reusing mailing envelopes by just adding new address labels or refolding the big envelopes for smaller packages. It's all good.
Anonymous said…
Its great to have a creative and resourceful mind. What some people see as junk another makes cool things out of. My kids love to do stuff like this. Keeps the mind in active mode.
Myrna R. said…
Hi Ella, I've visited your blog before but now you and I belong to the same group at Poets United. I tried visiting the other day, but for some reason, your blog didn't come up properly. Anyway, glad to be your buddy at Poets United. I look forward to knowing you better.

I love this post. It's so important that we contribute in some way to our community.
Lori Race said…
Hi Ella! OK, that basket is gorgeous and amazing!! I love it!! and great post! I love that you are the recycle nazi. Living in BC, we have quite a good recycle program and I am looking into doing composting in the new year to further lessen my impact on the environment.

xo, Lori
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Lori-Composting is a great way to enrich your soil! I do what I can, I'd like to do more. Something perhaps to work on in the New Year~
BC is so beautiful, drove through when we moved to Alaska(Navy spouse). I'm from Maine, originally~ Thanks for visiting me; I'll be by soon.

Myrna-I see that we have both joined in! Isn't it great! I don't know, I heard I was having problems from a few people. I look forward to getting to know you, too~

Stephen-I think it feeds our creativity, to use what we have on hand. Make do with what you have mentality~ I like hearing your kids love to do these kinds of projects~

Hi Patricia-Happy to see you finally could visit me! I agree with what you said, "It's all good". I think we do as a culture need to learn to reuse, reduce, recycle. I loved your latest post~

Hi Mary-Thanks for visiting me! I will stop by and visit you~ Thank you :-D

Pixie-Have you seen the bottle cap purses and wristlets at Barnes & Nobles, they are cute.
I bet they have stuff on
I will be by to watch your Tree Project!

Sherry-Thanks, it starts small and builds. I grew up with a Mom that practiced being "Green" before it was the thing to do. I can remember panty hose strips in the garden, recycled tea towels, and berry baskets always were reused.
Thank you for making me smile, I need to work on my grammar, sentence structure, goal for the New Year~
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hilary-It does add up, quickly! I get mad when I see so many soda cans tossed out windows. It is a shame, to clutter up the Earth with more trash, when it can be reused. I so love the blogging community! It is nice to meet you~

Lori-Nice to see you stop by; I know,I rarely toss out a magazine. I try to find another use...
Guess you all know what I will be doing! lol

Alex-Yeah Alex; Good to hear!

Jules-Picture frames would be cool; I bet there are a lot of wonderful ideas. Something else to add to google search list, lol! Tis the season...

Rayna-I know you met your twin sister, right?! lol It has been a remarkable journey! Happy I met YOU~

Becky-I think you are right; It does help when the community is working towards this goal. It builds momentum to try to do more~ Thank you!