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#Reverb10: Prompt: Let Go 
chosen by author:  Alice Bradley
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I have let go of the notion of being thin, my thin. I can hear you, "Oh, no don't give up, don't do that"...

Losing weight is a personal, science experiment. One has to be in the right frame of mind. Once we make up our mind, it becomes easier; Determination beats willpower. You will make adjustments, fine tune yourself and continue onward. It is a process to eat healthy, a life style, not a new fad diet to get you into, the New Year's slinky dress.(IMHO).

 I have adjusted my hold, thyroid disease makes it difficult;I know what I need to do, for  my body type, mesomorph. I know the difference between fast twitch, slow twitch muscles. I know losing weight starts in the mind; It is a process of tweaking ones likes and dislikes to shape their health.  Thyroid disease means low carb for me to lose weight. Think protein and veggies at every meal, one or two carbs a day. This means 1 slice of toast and 1 fruit. I know this, because, for years I struggled to lose the rest of the pregnancy pounds. My baby is now 14; I know I ate more carbs, worked out 1 1/2 hrs a day, did AWT=aerobic weight training, walked, cycled, yoga.I weighed the same.  I had surgery, walked a little, ate like described above and ta da, the weight falls off.  Thyroid disease makes you insulin resistant; There are studies done to prove this. Low carb is fine for awhile, til the holidays arrive. My thin isn't a realistic goal; It was a wishful number.

I let go of the rope, now I can get back to real life. I'm not obsessed, about every morsel and calorie that kisses my lips.  I don't think about food the same, it was consuming me; Now, I consume it.  Letting Go gives the power back to you. When the rope untwists you see it differently.  When we adjust our hold or let go, the power shifts and goes back to the normal progression.

Food is fuel, meant to be enjoyed, with allowances of treats, just not every day.  Our bodies are meant to move, to lose weight you have to achieve balance. It is math. The power lies in you finding the exercise you love to do. When you do the attitude shifts; Your mind, body and soul blur into one and it becomes a lifestyle, not a punishment or life sentence.

I will announce the winner of my GiveAway, tomorrow morning. It is my Wedding Anniversary(26yrs), in reality, probably been together 16. The Navy has separated us, a lot. 


KarenG said…
I too have thyroid disease. It showed up 18 years ago after the birth of my youngest child, and actually it kind of freed me. The dr. said how are you even functioning you have the worst case I've ever seen. And just like that the diagnosis freed me of my compulsion to lose weight, be thin, diet, etc etc. I AM heavier than I want to be, but I could also eat better and exercise more, too. So there are things I can and should do, but I don't obsess over it anymore. Overall I now have a healthier attitude to my size, weight, food and all the rest than I ever had when I was 60 lbs. lighter and dieting constantly.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Karen-Wow, that is wonderful it freed you, from becoming compulsive. I know you suffered though, worst case...not good. I did become compulsive for awhile. I think we all have to figure out what works for us. Dream weight is what I use to weigh before kids, then there is the weight before thyroid disease. I'm shooting for a happy medium. Here to next year being a Healthier Year!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is a great post, Ellie, and so true. I have thyroid disease too, plus CFS/fibro and a wonky knee that wont let me walk very far. BUT I have somehow, without trying, lost fifteen pounds this last while. Some of it through doing my cleaning jobs (more activity) and some from not having much around to eat that was interesting. Something happened, like you said, an inner shift. Food was my main pleasure and now I rarely think of it, I eat supper, dont crave the fattening sweets like I used all seemed to happen without my doing anything about it, so I know that the shift was within. I am hoping hoping HOPING I can keep going down and lose ten more. That would be a real stretch but not impossible. I would be so happy if that happened. Will keep you posted. Not dieting sure works better than dieting ever did. Dieting is about lack and feeling deprived - doesnt work.
Anonymous said…
True, true, and true again. I did WW a few years ago and lost it all and felt great but I was in a totally different place then. I was READY. Now I'm much bigger and cannot make any progress. I KNOW that I will not lose until my stress level goes down. I have that "wishful number" too but it's not going to happen...this year anyway. The only exercise I've ever enjoyed is dancing!haha! My family would get quite a kick out of it if I started a dancing regimen! :) Enjoyed your post!
Lori Race said…
Hi Ellen!

I love how similar our posts were today! "It was consuming me. Now I consume it." Fabulous. It really is so much about what goes on in the mind and getting to that place of unabashed self acceptance. So great to connect!
Wanda said…
This reminds of a song that lyrics say when I let go that's when things started happening. Oh, yeah Happy Anniversary and may you two enjoy many more.
Hi Ellen,

I love your comments about letting go of the weight struggle. My son is 3 1/2 and I have struggled with that last bit of weight for so long, I am beginning to ask myself if it is really that important to me to be stressing about this all the time. I would rather be happy and enjoy my life.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Joyelle-Ever since I had my daughter, I have struggled. I finally think I have figured it out, but it still isn't easy. I think we need to cut ourselves some slack. We aren't future models, okay you may be, I'm not, too short. I think if we put our energy into other things, the focus will change and in turn we will, too~ Perhaps shrink a bit, as well ;-D enJOY your son, run, laugh and play with him!

Wanda-Thank you so much! The Navy has kept it interesting~ What song is that?!

LoriRace-Thank you for stopping by; I just thought it was fascinating to find you and the connection!

Karla-I still have moments, but feel a bit more free and food doesn't time up as much time, as it did before.

Scarlett-We dance a lot at our house. Put great music on and maybe the family will join you~
I hurt my back, trying to do some moves my 14 yr old did. I use to beat her at Dance, Dance Revolution,maybe I should try to act my age ;-D
(not likely) lol

Sherry Blue Sky-I do know some of your struggles, I am sorry to hear about your knee. I'd say, you giving spirit changed things for you! You cleaning and buying purple blankets and being busy~ Your focus changed and so did you! Congrats it is a major accomplishment to drop weight, but even more so with thyroid disease. The TSH level has to be in a certain range, the calories, the movement and the correct meds! Meds make all the difference, if our numbers are off or are meds...nothing is going to happen! I am thrilled for YOU!