Reverb10: Make

First I want to announce the winner of the GiveAway is:

The answers:  I have moved 17 times, I am from New England, Maine, I am considering being a Life Coach, but also may take a few culinary classes to  be sure.  So those who said, Culinary field, I tossed your name in the hat.  Thanks for playing~  Wanda email me your address!

Reverb10's prompt today is Make:

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?  author: Gretchen Ruben

This was the last thing I made then I had sewing machine issues.  I would really love to learn how to sew, better, I know it takes practice and lots of patience. I used vinyl, ledger paper, fabric, ribbon and a vintage
millinery flower. 

I want to finish an online class I am taking with Danita at Crescendoh. It is called Free Motion Personas.  Her work is so beautiful and evokes so much sentiment.  It is a sewing class; I hope to carve out some time later today~

I would like to make something that could grace one of the art magazines I love!  Try, try again~


LTM said…
Life coach! What'd I miss??? :D 17 times. Wow. That's a lot of times. I've only moved five times, and five's the number, right?

congrats to Wanda~
Congratulations, Wanda!
KarenG said…
The last thing I made was an afghan for my sister's birthday. Just sent it off, it's in colors to match her sunroom.
Ellen aka Ella said…
KarenG-Sounds wonderful, what are the colors? Nothing like a warm gift from the heart!

Alex-Hello,is everything jumbo size over here? I have comments that stuff is to big?!

Ciss B-I so want to read this book, looks amazing!

LTM-oops, Maybe I didn't mention that or did I.
Yes, 5 is the number! Start looking for
Melissa said…
I love the look of machine sewn paper. A friend of mine made the programs for her wedding that way and it was such a pretty and unique touch.
Anonymous said…
This is so awesome! I love the look of the handwriting, too. Every time I see sewing and paper together, I love it! When I tried to sew on paper once with my machine I broke the needle and decided I didn't know what I was doing! :) What's the secret? Is it a special kind of thread, machine, or paper? Lovely, lovely project!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Scarlett-It is vintage ledger paper, really old, original handwriting. I sell them in my etsy store. I need to make some more. The secret is the needle and changing your needle often. I use a
size 16. Patience is another key, sometimes no matter what you do, things jam and certain threads are fussy! It is trial and error; YOU should try it; you will love it!

Melissa-How beautiful and such a wonderful touch, so personal and pretty~ Have you tried this craft? It is fun~
paperbird said…
Patience- I need some of that lately with my sewing skills. I forgot how to thread my bobbin!

I love your vintage letter envelope- it is so pretty with the pink flower and the class sounds so fun- would love to see your work!~
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Lorraine-Sewing is for me, random bits of time, stop n' starts. Seems like I just get everything running right and something breaks or the bobbin thread runs out. I try to walk away and do chores in between. This way I am not so
frustrated~ I think I am going to name my sewing machine, it seems like a pet, always needing something, lately lots of time out~ lol
Thank you!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Amy emailed me; she was having trouble commenting.
Amy wrote:

Ellen, thanks for this lovely post.

Love the pix and your use of found objects, especially the ledger paper. That paper takes me back to when my grandpa used to run a candy store and cigarette/newsstand... the ledger book figured prominently in his shop's survival, back in the days before computers and calculators. Grandma Blanche always had to check his figures... good thing, too. She was a self-educated genius and great with numbers! Grandpa Bill was better at flirting with female customers, LOL.

Thanks for the memory! Amy (AKA Sharp Little Pencil)
Ellen aka Ella said…
Amy-My grandmother use to do the books for my grandfather and Dad's fuel business, Texaco. "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star."

You made me laugh, Grandma was checking figures, but so did Grandpa! He sounds like a character! My grandmother was self educated, too. She was a better cook, then a book keeping genius. I bet you have fond, wonderful memories of them and being around the store. A candy store would hold the potential for magic, mixed with your wonderful grandparents and your childhood view! I'd love to hear more,someday~ Thank you!
Kolleen said…
i think i would love to learn to sew period!!! completely clueless in that department!!! i cannot wait to see the things you create in Danita's will have to let me know what magazine it will be in!!! will!!

Ellen aka Ella said…
Kolleen-You are so sweet and kind! You can do this; You have so many talents! I was heading your way to respond on the amazing heartfelt, life changing post. I read it the other day, but didn't have time to respond, ran out the door to go to the dentist! What a wonderful idea! enJOY your class with Chrissy! xXx