Think Tank Thursday


Poets United prompt this week is #25 Weird.  Wow, I just returned from the ER and that was bizarre, twilight zone style. I was going to write about it, but found this to be a better kind of weird~

Mind mirrors project future's wheel
fortune arrives or not as the tilted wand
spills the milk of land n' honey. Stars
dance around the Pisces moon as she shadows
the sun's glory. The Chariot arrives for the Lovers
this harvest draws the birds,
Emperor's tongue is pierced,
sword mentality strikes often.

Ribbons of success float down like rainbows
drizzled thoughts like gold dust linger in the atmosphere,
Pearls of knowledge remain, tiny and fractured.
Cups at their feet spill, Ace of Wands extends a branch
leaves grow. God is bearing a gift, Empress vision of
fruit, a new birth, soon.

Sixth sense penetrates memories of
the bird's caged dreams. Priest arrives
with his snake belt, the head eating the tail.
Flip your coin into a dove
flying towards swindled moments.
Eagle's eye spies laurel wreath adorning the Knight of
Wands. Destiny hands him a white rose,
Death arrives jewels will crown Justice.
Blood orange sun will rise against the Moon,
Magician appears keys switched,
Ideas blossom into kindness,enter the hall of unlocked dreams.
Fans of flames rise, cool water will subside.
Silent wishes make dreams spin,
Circle of Life sail on towards your wind, your fortune.

Oops a day late!  I didn't explain ER, I hurt my back, thought I had slipped a disc or my screws were backing out.(I'll learn someday, that my body isn't going to work, like it did before). In a lot of pain, no pain pills in the house.I tried to let it heal, wasn't happening, actually became worse. I ended up with a heady cocktail of  Valium, Napoxen and Diazepam.(Dr said, I would  be comatose, can't drive, can't dri\nk)Now I just have to figure out when I can use them. I know they will knock me into the Land of Nod. I have a Christmas party tonight, Christmas parade tomorrow morning, daughter is in, volunteer work to take her to and from,  and then a huge city Christmas parade at night, also parade of lights on the water front.(boats), also a friend is coming over to bake Christmas cookies. Sunday maybe, but Monday have a dental appointment I canceled prior. I have to figure out when I can begin, I have done pills yin and yang before, (on and off) not good~  Tis the season      Hope all of you are well; Don't go to the ER unless you have no choice, it is one freaky place!


Sherry Blue Sky said…
HOL-EE CLAM BUCKETS!!!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC piece of writing! "memories of the bird's caged dreams", "flip your coin into a dove flying towards swindled dreams", "Ideas blossom into kindness, enter the hall of unlocked dreams." This is all just magnificent, rich with ideas and images so original and out of the ordinary - this is real poetry. Wonderful, Ellie!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
p.s. Hope all is well re the emergency visit - those are never good!
LTM said…
ER? what the what? Are you OK?

great poem~ :o) maybe you'll let me use part of one in one of my books one day~ <3
Jingle said…
you did well..

best wishes for your day.
keep writing.
Jules said…
GREAT piece Ellen! ER, pain, pills and you have what planned? I think you need to start NOW and heal. It is not going to go away by itself.

Just saying my friend :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
lori vliegen said…
weird and wonderful piece, ella! i hope you're feeling better soon.....have fun with all of your activities!! :))
Maybe you can work the ER into another piece? Sory about your back - don't overdue it this weekend!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Alex-I did, Thank you! I was considering it and then you suggested it~

Lori-Thank you; You have fun, too! Enjoy your fame!

Jules-Can't hubby is going hunting, son working, I'm the only one who can get daughter to parade and her volunteer work. Sunday is my day~ Thank you; I it freaky, book I was reading was about Tarot card and chocolate, wrote poem in ER.

Jingle-Best wishes to you; I'll be by soon~

LTM-Yes, I'm fine! Thank you~Ooooh, I would so love that!

Sherry-did it for my Reverb post; It was a zoo!

Sherry-Thank you, I goofed with dream twice, went back and changed one. In a hurry, had to go find me a dress for the Navy Xmas Party. I don't get out much. It is suppose to be somewhere pretty in VA. Tarot cards were my inspiration. I looked at the cards, so rich in details, it wasn't hard to write once I decided where to probe for ideas~ Thank you!
KarenG said…
I HATE the ER! At least you could translate it all into creativity. Hope your feeling better.
kaykuala said…
Thank goodness you've got over the trauma. Doing on your poem in ER must have worked as a therapy. Excellent piece
Ellen aka Ella said…
kaykuala-I think it did help distract me; I think everyone feels the same at the ER, except for the
parents who are delivering a baby.

Karen G-Thank you; I don't think anyone likes it, except maybe the people who work there.
Absolutely wonderful!
You have more than captured the weirdness...

Hope you will soon be feeling good again.
Best wishes, Eileen
Ellen aka Ella said…
Eileen-Yes,it is bizarre, probably writing in the ER, helped added that twist. Thank you for visiting me; I will be by soon. We had snow at our Christmas parade tonight, it was magical! I need to go catch up with all the Weird poems~
Thank you for your kindness!
Dasuntoucha said…
This is wonderfully weird indeed...hope you're feeling better. (^_^)