Think Tank Thursday

*photo is called "Forgiving the Bent Nail" provided by Eric Alder

Poets United prompt #26 is Forgiveness, so many directions one could go in.  There is so much emotional baggage attached. I try to forgive, but I have trouble, with the forget. I am not so sure, I would consider this wise~
“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.”
~ Thomas S. Szasz 

Map of your heart with hills in the road,
Memory gauges your journey back. Shift into
Gear, move past the speed bumps, recalculate the
Risk, Soul wounded, sharp turns, curves a head
Rubbernecking wreck, release handicap thoughts.
Detoured mood, apply emergency brake,
Let go of the wheel, Wrong directions, Lost!
Geography of soul's landscape changes,
Blue lights appear, a violation of your emotions
Survey you, service your brakes, timing chain clogged.
Dead Man's Curve appears, Stop the pain
Yield and repair.  Parking permitted here~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE this, Ellie! "Map of your heart with hills in the road"........"Geography of your soul changes." This is a really interesting response to the prompt. The driving metaphor works really well. Cool take! Loved it.

And by the way, your header is making me hungry. I am craving dessert!
Anonymous said…
Golly, I love your header!!! It made me order a sandwich from the kitchen!!

The wise forgive but do not forget.... (LOVE)
Flying Monkey said…
Your analogy works very well. I really enjoyed this.
Wanda said…
Very powerful analogy Ellie. Forgiveness is all about surrendering.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Wanda-Thank you are you right, so we can move on~

Flying Monkey-Thank you, Love your name!

Michele-Oops, Hope it was a great sandwich!
Thank you! I made these yesterday to tuck in my Mom's Christmas box. My daughter arrived home just in time to help me frost and add the colored sugar, sprinkles, etc. Wish I could share...

Sherry-Wish I could share, they are lemon sugar cookies. I think I have made them every year since I was three. I don't remember, but so I have been told. Thanks, I found the word when I was looking for ideas and thought it would be a different~ I would so share, I only have willpower, for so many hours. lol
And forgiving ourselves is the hardest. Good poem!
Eric Alder said…
Nice one, Ellen! The road to forgiveness can be rough - probably because it's always under construction.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Eric-Our landscapes are constantly changing! ;-D I like that, always under construction! Thank you~

Alex-You are so right; I have seen people lose their souls and others don't bat an eyelash~
Thank you!
Myrna R. said…
You describe the process of forgiveness well. I like your analogy, so nicely written.
flaubert said…
Ella the process of forgiveness written perfectly.
Old Ollie said…
Skilled as usual - nice piece EE.
An excellent view of forgiveness and well demonstrated in your words.

I love your new look Blog page!!

signed...bkm said…
Interesting take on this prompt...move past the speed bumps....that is a great image on forgiveness...bkm