Think Tank Thursday

"The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind." 
 ~Thalassa Cruso, To Everything There is a Season, 1973
Poets United prompt #28 is smell~
 I can think of so many things that stimulate the senses when an aroma lingers and opens up portals to our past.  First I thought about a Christmas recipe, fudge.  Then I thought the scent of pine. I am from the pine tree state, Maine. The state tree is the white pine. It was used to make many ship's hulls.
It is fitting I chose this  scent.
Perfumed memories waif through ages of time ,
Branches provide a magic veil,
Recalled moments murmur as needles graceful descend to Earth's musty bed,
Seeds open n' close, globes of fruit dance in  warm summer's breeze,
Gently sea's salty air kisses the pine, fish scales exposed vision
Memory drifts like fog surrounding the shoreline,
Sea reunites with land,
Fog horn signals the union of a summer's kiss, long and lingering,
Intoxicating pine needles fall like confetti to celebrate their love,
Wind arrives cascading boughs, cones detach,
A ballet of passion's promise,
their dance a final scene,Frail needles of change arrive in Fall's glory,
Distance blue hues in the rush of gold's blaze
their fiery battle ends, 
Ice frosted moments droop
cold sun bearing Jack Frost's glare,
Brittle needles sting the heart,
Spring's arrival bears renewed hope,
Tightly furled memories burst open when he returns
rain arrives and blurs lines of past dreams,
Blue spruce's shadow blinds view of the night,
Soul's prickly nerves remember whispers in the green lace,
A broken limb remains,
Promises of fresh fragrance open vessels towards one heart,
Lost at sea, blinded by a sailor's true love. (Navy is a tough girl to compete with).

 This is a mish mash of memories, of summer's romance ,meeting the right guy. When married we were separated by both land n' sea. The Navy has been tough competition, for me~ We met in Maine and spent many hours down by the bay, where pines heady scent, mixed with the salty sea air. For both of us, it is home in our hearts~


LTM said…
oh, I love that! "where pines heady scent mixed with the salty sea air. For both of us it is home..."

gorgeous! And I love the new look~

Merry Christmas! <3
Myrna R. said…
this is so romantic. I love the poem.
Old Ollie said…
Last line was excellent, but I enjoyed the whole piece.
Rinkly Rimes said…
I could smell the pine needles!
flaubert said…
Ella I miss the smell of pine needles.
I love this.
signed...bkm said…
What a beautiful memory of your young love..and the pine and the salty seashore...thank you so much for sharing this wonderful memory with is hard be a Navy wife...the best to your family this holiday season...bkm