Think Tank Thursday

 *photo courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

Poets United chose stocking as our # 29 prompt. I first wanted to do Christmas stockings, but felt this is different magic for everyone. We have certain items that must be in our stockings; It is our ritual. Must be a tangerine or orange in the toe, some walnuts or pecans, in the shell, and a candy cane at the top.
In the magic middle, a small wrapped gift and there must be chocolate. And a new toothbrush.  It wasn't working for me in poem form. So I went this route.

Grace arrives,
Slow spins,
Turns on pointe.
Icy white, silky long gams,
artful satin toes piroutte,
Dazzling beauties float,
Celestial magic moves: jump, twirl, leap,
Adagio then allegro ripple effect,
Glistening magic flutters,
Rhythmic waltz,
Symmetry sparkles,
Last spin glide,
Demi plies of white crystals,
Snow King n' Queen arrive,
Sugar n' spice, sweet dreams
ah, nuts,
Tick Tock magic strikes,
in perennial fashion.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wonderful, Ellie!!!! Love the photo and the poem. Dazzling.
Rashmi said…
Beautiful poem and the picture..
Wish you a wonderful Christmas..
Jingle said…
awesome post..
what a treat...
We pretty much get the same things here in Europe for Christmas minus the toothbrush :)
Old Ollie said…
Niece on such a tough prompt. Merry Christmas Blessings to you!
Elizabeth said…
Wonderful photo and words to accompany it. Thanks for your visit, and although one simple everyday word, this was not an easy prompt, by any means.

Mary said…
Bravo for a wonderful poem and picture! Hard prompt really, but you 'nailed' it.
Kerry O'Connor said…
So gracefully written - a perfect match to the theme and the accompanying photo.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Kerry-Thank you, I couldn't stop thinking ballet when I read the prompt. Hope your holiday was wonderful~

Mary-Thank you, it was an unique prompt, wasn't it.

Elizabeth-There are so great photos over there,
You should check it out! I know the one word a day is hard stuff. Hang in there, you can do it!

Ollie-Thank you I hope you had a Nice Christmas are are looking forward to the New Year!

Jingle-Thanks, I will try to get by soon, I have missed reading your work~

Rashmi-I hope you had a wonderful day, too! I hope as the New Year begins, we all see the wonder in words~!

Sherry-Thank you; It was an unique choice, but I kept seeing ballets advertised on TV. Took it as a sign and went with it~