Mental Hot Coco

#Reverb10 prompt today is from author, Leo Babauta.  This one feels like a curve ball, to me.

Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing -- and can you eliminate it?

Powerful prompt!  First thought that comes to mind is TV; Yes, I love to watch Christmas movies, on the Hallmark channel. Okay, some are sappy,but some are really heart warming and stir my thoughts. These movies, warm my heart like hot chocolate. Hot chocolate stirs my soul; it brings back fond memories of being young and going sledding, sliding, and ice skating. I tried skiing, but that wouldn't be in the fond memory category. I went with a couple engaged to be married. He skied; He was my neighbor, we grew up together. His fiance and I had never been, down hill skiing. He tried, to teach us; They started arguing; Then he decided to hire a trainer for us, so he could hit the slopes. Here is where my day became much better. Nice looking guy and he knows the other girl is engaged.  I was accused of falling perhaps to much, by my friends. I did no such thing ;-)  After our lesson, Greg says, "I see you had a lot of attention, hope it pays off". His fiance, Anne is excited to go on the lift.  We were at the Camden Snow Bowl in Maine;It is where the mountains meet the sea. Greg tells us we are going on the bunny slope, for beginners. Anne is giddy; me not so much. It is to high to be a bunny slope.  We get off, panic starts to set in. My hands are wet and my stomach has a knot in it. Greg, now tells us, "They don't have a bunny slope, this is how I learned"... Anne is pissed, I have never heard her swear, never. Every foul word you can imagine is coming out of her mouth. I wish I had stayed home. I stand there, numb and frozen with fear. He looks at me, "Okay, you are going first"  My knees buckle...I can't, I can't do this. Greg explains it is a process, we are going to go zig zag, from this corner to that and do as he says. Greg has always been like a big brother, I trust him. First he makes sure I can stop, then he guides me to ski sideways to this tree, or this corner.  I manage to get a head, while he n' Anne are still going at it. It was an amazing feeling to reach the end of the slope. I think there should of been a cheering squad, a marching band and where is the handsome instructor? lol.  When we finally reach the lodge to get a drink. Greg turns to me and his eyes are bugging out, he is stunned how she acted. He has never seen this side of her before. I remind him fear can do that, think cat in water. Anne is off to get some more info about the hours, lessons, etc. Greg said, Anne wants me to teach her to drive. I said, if you want to marry this woman, You find someone else to do it. He tried to teach her to drive and they didn't marry.

Writing is like skiing, so much influences our thoughts;  Eliminate, not me, not a chance!
 I could cut back on my TV time, but who is to say, what provokes a thought, an idea that sparks and turns into a poem, a story, a work of art, a sheet of music, a painting, etc. We are all diamonds, we start out in the rough, but as we proceed, light is reflected and sometimes brilliance appears.Writing is fragments of our lives and those around us, it might be the girl in the coffee shop, the guy in the grocery line, the person you pass by, etc.  The moments we select are like our dreams and nightmares, except when we write, we chose, what we want to put on the blank page. We then add our imagination, like those fluffy marshmallows, that adds the sweetness and authentic richness to our hot coco. We are in control of accessing the recall, Our mental TIVO.

My answer is No, can't eliminate the slopes to my creative process, can't cut back. It all matters~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, this is a FANTASTIC post. I love where it took you, the hot cocoa, the skiing memories (that might be a good idea for any couple contemplating marriage: trying something outside the box, hee hee). I loved every word. You are truly a writer and I so agree - who knows what word or event will spark the thought that makes it onto the page? I love your writing. (And I COVET your cinnamon stick in the photo - I am still hunting for cinnamon!!!!!! hee hee)
Movies and shows are where I get most of my inspiration! I wouldn't have thought of the storyline for my book without help from a few science fiction shows.
Arlee Bird said…
Writing inspiration and influence comes from so many different places that it would be hard to say what to cut out if anything. And sometimes its good just to take a break from writing in order to recharge.

Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
Wonderful post! No, don't eliminate a thing... life - including TV-watching, computer games, skiing, hot cocoa, and every other thing we pack into it - is what feeds our writing, what makes it hum - like yours does.
Wanda said…
Inspiration is really is all around us. Finding balance is the key.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful post and much food for thought!
You write so beautifully!
Great story Ellie, I love how tie it all in.
I love the corny Hallmark Christmas movies. ;)
Much Love,
Ellen aka Ella said…
Thank you everyone, I went back and changed a few goofs. I went to the ER today, OMG! I will post about that tomorrow, it was nuts! I now have a 3 drug cocktail for pain, another damn band-aid.

Jenny-Thank you, I love a lot of the movies, it is a great mix, something for everyone! xXx

Michele-Yes,we need food, that stimulates ideas, too! I am happy you came back; I love seeing your owl, it brightens my day! Thank you!

Wanda-Yes, it arrives all around us, being open is key! Balance, you are so right, tricky sometimes!

Gospelwriter-Thank you,it is taking tidbits of our lives and those around us, that add the chocolate to our writing. Yes, sometimes it is bittersweet, I know I could go with there are always a few nuts,lol

Lee-I agree, living, doing, help the process. Trying new creative outlets seems to inspire so much. I think "Art Dates", movies and other outings awaken and stimulate our senses. We do need to take time out and recharge.

Alex-I can see this; When I was in school, I always use to look for a message,in every movie I saw. If there wasn't a direct one, then a feeling it conjured up in me. I always came away with an outlook or a view point of something I might not have experienced in my daily world. I always felt like the journey was worth it, the escape to someone Else's world!

Sherry-YOU make me smile, my daughter's nickname when she was born was Cinnamon girl. Her hair was the color of cinnamon! Sherry left me know if you find the extract. Wal-mart here has it! Thank you so much, so many errors. I typed it out and left with anxiety for the ER.
It was hellish there, but I faced the music.
Two weeks of bone crushing pain, couldn't take it anymore. Thank you so much for your kind words! xXx I always wanted to write a book, but thought it would be a cookbook.
Anonymous said…
Great story. I like how you covered many topics (fear, adventure, attraction, courage, etc.) There's a lot of truth and depth to how you see things, thanks for telling it in your special way.
Lisa said…
I sure was able to get a good mental picture of the skiing :) LOL...can only imagine what those driving lessons looked like. ;-)

I should cut out the phone more, let it go to voicemail when writing.

Your blog looks so lovely xx
Hart Johnson said…
Ellie-ACK! yes--we should never try to teach our partners stuff! Leave it to the professionals! Hubby and I are teaching daughter to drive (though she has also had driver's ed--currently has her permit)--it is better if HE teaches (because I forget to communicate steps in nearly everything I do) but I am there for the practice (because he micromanages and stresses her out).

As for the cutting out... Yeah, you don't want to cut out what calms and inspires... For me that is my walking and my bath (though the bath has everything to do with writing)
I wish i could join in and do the writing prompts.. I love the ideas.. after the new year. we must talk. and join the same ones.. I love the ribbion template background.. and the joy ornament you made.. I love too.. I wish I had time and money to do another ornament.. handmade.. exchange.. with you.. Maybe I will try. Dont' cut out things you enjoy... but Tv... sometimes is a time zapper.. but hallmark... has good holiday things.LOL
Ellen aka Ella said…
Lisa-I think sometimes we could all edit our time better. We all have done it, I am better when I exercise and try to stay on schedule, unless it is
when the kids have friends over or I'm crafting, or Hallmark, lol. Thank you, You are very crafty!
Your blog is filled with wonderful ideas, keep at it!

Hart-I know right! Hasn't there been a curse about this, for like forever. My father tried to teach my Mom. She found someone else to teach her, it was a fight fest! Walking does wonders! I like that you write in the tub, lol
you know that is one place,where you usually are not disturbed~

Lisa-Thank you; Yes, the phone is tricky, sometimes. I set a timer when I'm on the phone, when it goes off, I say goodbye. My husband thinks I'm a nut, but it works for me. Snaps me to. Time is moving on and so should I, kind of thing.

Becky-Thank you; Have you skied there? I would love to go back and see how much it has changed or not. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words~