Artful Journaling

I was working on my art journal, something that is new to me. I doodle, write ideas down all the time in notebooks, but do not have one designated place for journaling. Did you know there is a magazine, dedicated to this craft.  I say craft, because these artists exude so much talent, it is a unique magazine. You can see the inspiration and ideas behind the artist, peer into their worlds, their thoughts. Who doesn't love to get an insightful view of the process of any type of creative medium. I know I do. 

Art Journaling ..."will take you inside the pages of some of your favorite artists for an up-close-and-personal look. Detailed photos and insightful commentary will help you to discover your personal journaling style, with hints, tips and tricks for creating a stand-out page. You'll learn the techniques the pros use, and find the inspiration to take your own art journal to the next level." (Stampington)

 The 3 artists mentioned on the cover, all have blogs and online classes, if you are interested:

L K Ludwig  offers several classes and has written several books, you can find her at her site:
The Poetic Eye 

Dina Wakley's  blog is called Ponderings, her classes are on the left of her site.

Roben Marie Smith also offers online classes and tutorials on her blog, Every Life Has A Story
Here is a sneak peek

I haven't seen this issue, yet;  it is insightful to give it a try. This is just a page I doodled, then painted and scribbled on.  I think when we reveal our fear and expose ourselves, our art, our words, we open doors, that can help us heal~

 The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams...

~Eleanore Roosevelt


KarenG said…
I could not live without journaling. No art in mine however. Just lots and lots of words.
Lisa said…
I'm in love with art journaling! Keeps me sane.
Wanda said…
I journal but not really art journaling but the idea sounds interesting.
Didn't know there was a magazine dedicated to journaling.
Great post! I need to start this!
Chrysti H said…
This is an interesting concept for journalling. I have kept a personal journal for years, but never really doodled in it. Maybe I'll give it a try! I've also read recently about the concept of unedited thinking and writing (stream of consciousness). You could look into that as well.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..."
totally love that sentence!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the pictured art journalling - is that yours? The Fear one ? Looks way cool. I'd love to have a fat journal looking so artistic, like that, but am married to my keyboard. Sigh. No romance there:)
Is that picture above's amazing!!!! Love the eye and the word fear right beside cool!
Jules said…
I have journals all over the house. I love Eleanore Roosevelt quotes, such an amazing woman :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
RaShelle said…
Love the quote by ER! I had no idea there was a magazine focused on art journaling. That's so cool. I just called it doodling. When I'm working something out about a character I draw faces - the eyes - over and over sometimes - until it comes to me. Fascinating. =D
Pranab said…
hey !!
nice post.. felt good to read. :-)
Love, love your page! I'd love to keep an art journal too... maybe this could be a commitment for the new year!
Thanks for stopping by and for your more than lovely words!
Madeleine said…
Ooh I wish I had the confidence to do art journalling. It sounds so rewarding :O)
Lisa said…
what a great idea! NICE, thank you :D
i have never seen the journaling magazine.. where did you get it... or do you get it??? i actually like your scribble and doodle.. and art.. maybe in may for my bday we can both do an online class again.
Ella, this was a nice post to give us your insight ino this mag. and promote these fellow artist as you are one too!!!Thanks for you feedback on our move to Michigan the pros and cons have been weighed and the pro win we are moving in the spring .
Ellen aka Ella said…
Julie-Thank you so much; I am so excited for you, if I had the chance to move back to my roots, I would. I like it hear, but there's no place like home~ I look forward to hearing about your journey! I know as a military spouse it is hard to say good-bye, but in today's world, through email, facebook, can keep in touch and always go on vacation and travel back! xXx
Wishing you n' yours the best~

Lisa-My birthday is in May; I would love that~
Thank you, yes, it is my scribble n' doodle. The magazine is at Barnes & Nobles; I hope to go see it Friday and many other Stampington issues. I love so many of their publication, the Green Craft is going to be available, Feb lst, I go n' browse, when I do purchase it is the issue that speaks to me the most. I have thought about subscribing, but prefer this method.

Lisa-Give it a try, some of my pages, suck some don't. It is like a release to get your thoughts on the page.

Madeleine-YOU can do it, just only share the ones you want or not online ;-D No pressure!

Monica-Loved your submissions to Somerset Life, lovely images and article! Congrats~ (thank you)

Pranab-Thanks for stopping by :-D and for your sweet comments~!

Rashelle-I draw eyes a lot, probably means something?! I like your character idea, very clever of you~

Jules-Give it a try! Journals are great, aren't they for keeping our thoughts and memories alive! I, love Eleanor, too~

Abby-Yes, this is my pic, a mix of ink, water color and scribble. I figured why not try, the worst that can happen is I don't like it and try again. I love the scrapbook, journal you are going to be working on. It will be a wonderful, treasured heirloom, someday~
Ellen aka Ella said…
Sherry-You could do it, it is trial and error and setting the inner child free. A few markers, crayons, a watercolor set and let loose. I think picking one word, helps you to focus on what you might draw, sketch or doodle~ Thank you, yes, it is my work.

Dezz-This is the year for love~ ;-D

Chrysti-I do the morning pages, most of the time, lots of uncensored rambling. I have notebooks full of doodles and ideas, beginning of stories. I never painted in them. Try it, I think you would like it~

Yvonne-I think you would like this, doodle on one side of the journal and your wonderful poems on the other or over the art.

Michele-Yes, you do...with all your artistic talent, I would love to see what you come up with. I love your owl paintings~

Alex-Seems these days, there is a magazine for just about anything.

Wanda-You should try it; I love the images you use on your blog!

Lisa-I will have to stop by, so I can see your work~! Thanks for visiting me~

Karen-Whatever frees up our mind~
Melissa said…
I just discovered this the other day and I can't wait to get started. I fee kind of overwhelmed by my bank journal pages sometimes and if I free myself up to stray from words, I think I will enjoy making the entries a lot more.
Vicki said…
Your art journal pages is amazing! You are so talented.
Pixie said…
Love the page. I try to art journal but my "journal" is more a mish mash of glued down images, doodles, quotes. Nothing cohesive. I look at your page and all the one's I see online and wish I could make those types of pages.