Engaging Your Senses

This is the time of year of blah! When a lot of us, develop the winter blues, cabin fever and some of us SAD.  I think all of these tie in together, lack of sunlight affects our moods. I didn't think I had a problem, til we moved to Alaska. We arrived January 5th, years ago.  Alaska is the land of the midnight sun and I really felt it. I remember driving my son to preschool, it was 9am and pitch black outside. The Sun didn't make an appearance, til 10am. If  the day was overcast and gray, it was really difficult, by 3pm it would start to get dark. I managed to be okay, when i kept busy, starting going out and meeting people. Later a job, saved my sanity.  I think this is why Valentine's Day is such a big holiday. We need some color, some chocolate to alter our moods, something to look forward to. Flower gifts brighten one's home;chocolate soothes one's soul. BUT, can't we do things now, to tend to this feeling. Baking muffins, making soup, a new plant, rearranging the furniture,making something for your home, or perhaps some new scented candles can all brighten our mood. We need cheer; It is people and the little things, gestures that brighten our mood.  What do you do to fight winter doldrums?


Chrysti H said…
Hmm, I can totally relate! It's getting better, but it's so dark and grey here in England! In December, it started getting dark around 3:30 in the afternoon!
Anonymous said…
I'm definitely feeling the winter blues here. I can't remember the last time there was no snow on the ground and the sun was shining. This past Friday I took the day off work and crafted during the daylight hours and it was fabulous! I actually made something and feel like I accomplished something.
I fight it with more movies, music, internet, and writing!
I'm not the outdoor type, so it doesn't bother me much, but i am glad when they days grow longer again.
Jules said…
Since I have been affectionately called "Mushroom," I love the dark winter does not bother me. I rearrange furniture :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Tabitha Bird said…
I drink tea and watch my fav movies.

Hope you are feeling great today!
Wanda said…
I always enjoy a good book any time of year.
Hart Johnson said…
I don't think I could handle Alaska (or Norway) in the winter. I lived in Oregon for a long time where it was GRAY for months, but that didn't get me like I think DARK would. I think making a point of a little outside time during daylight hours helps... a walk, as does staying busy.
LTM said…
RUN! Seriously. It helps so much. Even if I can't run b/c of heaviness, I still walk. But I can't imagine living in Alaska... that might do it for me! ;p xoxo
koralee said…
I so agree...I would have a hard time with lack of daylight....it really would get some getting use to.

Sending you some cheery hugs and enjoy your month..keep busy and make it HAPPY! xoxox
small things count the most if you ask me :)
Arlee Bird said…
I tend to like the dark and gloomy grey days, but I'm not sure how I'd do under these conditions for extended periods of time. I guess I like to read or watch movies or do stuff on the internet. Sunny or gray I'm pretty content. I just don't like it to be too hot or too cold.

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Ella said…
Lee-I hear you; I am all for a gray, rainy day on occasion, but long term I get antsy! I am the same way as you, I don't like it too hot or cold.

Dez-I hear you; It is the thought and acts of kindness that make the world a better place!

Koralee-Anything out of the ordinary, usually does take some getting use to~ Thank you; I hope to get a lot done; You, too!

Leigh-I wish I could run, a fast paced walk will do ;-D Alaska is an unique adventure, that is for sure! xox

Hart-I think you are right, we need to be exposed to light, even if in small doses~ Yes, long term would be tough. The upside was the long summer days. I would be on the playground with my son at 10am; sun was out like it was 4pm. It took some getting use to. Hard to sleep...with the sun awake!

Wanda-I agree, escaping with a great book is always a great way to enjoy the weather that drives us indoors!

Tabitha-I'm drinking tea now; My latest indulgence is the BBC series, "Being Human". I started watching it before I had a clue it was coming to Scfy. BBC version is better~

Jules or Mushroom-lol, you are cute! Yes,it does help. I just did the bedroom, moved some stands and rearranged a few things. It freshens things up!

Alex-All great choices, especially movies! :-D

Abby-Good for you; We all need an escape, sounds like a fabulous day!

Chrysti-Ouch, that would take some getting use to! I hope your new world grows on you; I loved it there, when I visited. Have you had high tea, yet? Take Care
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I hibernate. Hee hee.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Dear Ella
Sorry to hear about your winter blues!! I usually get that SAD thing when daylight savings finishes and the days begin to get shorter... Some years I haven't noticed it when I've been working 90hr weeks.. hahaha.. that takes your mind off it.. hehe

So we are having opposite problem here.. 40C most days for nearly two weeks.. the heat and humidity ... and sometimes heat and dry.. is really draining... I'm looking forward to the the next rain storm.. Although I shouldn't say that.. as .. as you know some parts of Australia have been to hell and back this year with flooding.. cyclones.. you name it.. Fortunately I am no where near that.. but thanks for popping over to enquire.. so nice to have ppl worry about me!! . thanks so much for thinking of me.. it's really sweet... I've been in self imposed blogging exile for nearly two weeks.. so must start visiting everyone again..

Have a lovely day.. and just think.. your days will be getting longer soon...ciao xxx Julie
Anonymous said…
Absolutely! After I take all my Christmas stuff down the house looks so dull and plain..and then the weather adds more dullness on top of that through January. Yay for Valentine's--some color and fun added back in!!
Ella said…
Scarlett-I think this is why, it is such a huge
holiday, love, color, flowers and chocolate...what's not to love!

Julie-So happy your are okay! It is great to hear from, YOU! We all need self imposing time, I hope it was positive and relaxing! xXx

Sherry-I thought you might ;-D (I'm from Maine; we do, too)