Happy New Year

*photo courtesy of  The Graphics Fairy~

Here is to new beginnings, fresh starts, a time to dream, set goals, think of the ways this year can be better. I hope we all can find time, to cherish the past and look forward to the future. This year I hope we can all make time to fulfill lost dreams, and awaken new ones. 

Resolutions don't work for me, I rather make small steps towards a larger goal. What about you? 

"And now let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been". ~ Rainer Maria Rilke 

Happy New Year to you n' yours~xXx 


Wishing you Happiness in the New Year Ellie!!!
I don't do resolutions really, makes me feel like a failure. Just gonna keep taking one step at a time and try to do what makes me happy.
Much Love to you,
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Ellen! Here's to a successful and prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year Ella!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Happy New Year Ellie...it was time to start a new one!
Happy New Year! And like your new photo and background.
Ciss B said…
Don't make resolutions either.
Anonymous said…
I agree about the resolutions. I use the word because its so commonly tossed around. Best wishes for a terrific New Year to you and yours.
Lisa said…
All the best to you and yours, Ella in this New year :D

This year I moved my thoughts to what I could add to my life. Summed up it would be: have fun + laugh lots.

YAY! xx
small steps toward big goals in smart.. hey did you make the snowmpeople at the top>???????
I thought I was a follower, but a while back my pc went wrong and I lost many followers.

I wish you a Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year to you!! I am with you on the goals not resolution thing. I am a big breaker of resolutions!
LTM said…
exactly. No resolutions for me, but hopefully the wisdom, courage and strength to make changes as soon as I see they're needed! xoxo <3
Clarissa Draper said…
I agree with you. I would rather make small goals rather than resolution. I hope you make your goals.
Jennifer said…
happy new years dear ellen. I am so happy that this world brought us together. Hopefully in 2011 our paths cross in person.

I am not one for making resolutions either. I never stick to them. But I did jot down a few goals. I also choose a word to cultivate in 2011 ~ the word is "love"

Sending you my dear friend, lots of love xoxo
Hart Johnson said…
Ellie-Happy new year to you, too! And I ALWAYS make resolutions, but I give them specific tangibles. I find if I don't have moments like this, then I just keep progressing in my bad behavior... New Years is like a 'restart' to me.
Wanda said…
I'm with you Ellie. I don't do the resolution thing well. I love the idea of rediscovering lost dreams. Happy New Year my friend!
lori vliegen said…
i totally agree with you about resolutions......i gave them up long ago! i hope you have a 2011 filled with love, laughter, and lots of time to create beautiful things!! xox, :))
Pixie said…
Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2011. I have decided to be brave and work on creativity, art and all the fun things as much as I work on the non-fun things. I think it's about time.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi dear Ellen
Yes I'm not one for resolutions either!!! they tend to fail.. and make one feel like a failure as a result!! I think your idea of baby steps is far preferable!!

I hope you had a lovely new year.. and that 2011 brings you much joy and happiness... thanks so much for your friendship and kindness this past year...

Sorry I'm so late.. my internet seems to be on vacation!! haha

ciao bella xxx Julie
Kavita said…
hehehe... resolutions soooooo don't work for me either!! :) Besides, having a birthday that coincides with the new year makes it tougher for me to even MAKE those resolutions (much less keep them!) :)
I hope you are having a great new year, Ellen..
ROCK ON!!!! :)
Ellen aka Ella said…
Kavita-Enjoy that birthday, celebrate! I am taking it one day at a time. Zone diet works best for me, if you mess up a meal, you just go back into the Zone on the next one. Zone=South Beach Diet phase 2. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!xXx

Julie-I have enjoyed getting to know you; My one year and one day younger twin! I hope health n' happiness are abound this year~ xXx

Ian-Hello, Happy New Year, to you n' yours~

Pixie-Hello, I will be by to catch up on your posts! I hope you completed your tree mission ;-D I am so happy to hear this; I know this will add more joy to your world! I can't wait to see what you make or take on~xXx

Lori-I wish the same for you; I look forward to your new creations and all the inspiration you put out there~xXx

Wanda-I predict this year,you will discover lost dreams and bring them to light~!xXx

Hart-I love your idea of redo, start over, it is a great time for a fresh beginning. Fall is like this for me, too~ Maybe I should take it month by month, so I don't allow the days to blur. Setting small goals, works best for me.
Cheers to 2011~

Jennifer-I love your word and that we found each other this year. Your writing has such a profound voice, keep at it! It will take you on a journey to your dreams! xXx

Hi Clarissa-I hope you and yours have a marvelous New Year~

LTM-This is your year, I can feel it in my bones, 555! xXx

Michele-I look forward to your creations in the New Year. I see painted art dolls in your future!

Yvonne-I have missed you; Keep sharing your beautifully woven poems! Your sentiments speak volumes!

Hi Lisa-Yes, I did! I hope to craft a new world this year! Happy New Year, it has been fun to get to know you~xXx
Ellen aka Ella said…
Lisa-I love your inspiration for the year,fun n' laughter! Great goals; I wish you the best! xXx

Stephen-I look forward to seeing what you do in the New Year! Can't wait to read your book~

Ciss B-You are very wise; Happy New Year to you~

Alex-Thank you,same to YOU! I look forward to reading your book and your continued series! Cheers to a prosperous New Year!

Sherry-I love your wit n' wisdom! You always bring a smile to my face! I wish you the best and I'm looking forward to reading your book~xXx

Dezz-I can't wait to see all the entertainment news you will bring to us in the New Year! I predict you will find Love this year~xXx

Abby-I wish you the same; Someday we will meet and share a toast~ Glad I found you~

Jenny-It is been fun to get to know you this past year. I look forward to sharing life n' art with you~xXx