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Dezmond of Hollywood Spy is holding his annual award ceremony; Dezz has a wonderful blog! He updates and enlightens. with entertainment news of what is up and coming.  He says it better, " THE HOTTEST OF ALL THE COOLEST EXCLUSIVES FROM FILM AND TV WORLD, EXCLUSIVE NEW PICTURES, TRAILERS AND UPDATES.". You can even go and vote for who you would like to see be the next Bond, James Bond that is! All kinds of juicy tidbits of up and coming new movies; He also shares who might be cast! I love his site, if you haven't discovered him, check out his previous posts.

Dezz, I had some drama getting ready for your gala event, I was mistaken for paparazzi...(so sorry for my delay)!  There is no way I would miss one of your events~ (I hope there is a photo here, I'm having issues with blogger, again).

 I will soon be by wearing this gown;  Yes, this is Mary-Louise Parker. I am hoping my stylist, can help me pull off this look.
Oh Dezz, I am glad the ER is ready for me, in case I faint, but it isn't over Brad Pitt, it would be this hunk.
He is ready for his close up and so am I   :-*

See YOU, at the after party; Congrats to all who were nominated and the winners!


Really enjoyed your post I went to Desmonds blog earlier. Like you congrats on the winners.

wow, that blue gown is really something special! No wonder everybody was turning around when you walked in at the red carpet! And I knew you had hots for Gerard, he told me you flirted with him in the backstage ;) Hope you didn't lose his telephone number ;)
LTM said…
you look fabulous, dahling. Love the dress, and congrats on the win~ ;p <3
RaShelle said…
Ella - you are such a cutie! You'll look fab in that dress. =D
Love the gown. Little cold for this time of year, at least where I live. I voted over at D's for the new James Bond.
I'll see you at the after party!
Lynda Young said…
I LOVE your choice of gown. Gorgeous!
Fun post! The gown's a beautiful blue! christy
KarenG said…
What? That's Mary Louise who? I don't believe it--It looks just like you!
Jaccstev said…
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Jaccstev said…
Your gown choice is gorgeous! so sorry about my paparazzi friends though, I think they in awe of your fabulous look ;)
Arlee Bird said…
Congratulations Ellen! You were absolutely lovely at the gala event and well-deserving of your award.

Tossing It Out
Kristin Rae said…
Twas a great party! Lovely gown! :)
Christian James said…
you really look great. So much beauty at 'the Dezzies' this year!
Stephen Tremp said…
You'll look spectacular! Just remember us when you hit the big time!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Thank you everyone; It was a wonderful evening, filled with fun n' surprises~

Congrats to all, who graciously attended and to our Host, Dezmond, "Thank you, for providing a wonderful blog of entertainment magic"~