I am better for it

Sweet Kolleen from Heartwingsisters, does a weekly segment on Friday. She shares a life changing story, "I'm Better, for It". I was chosen to share my story. You might want to check out the other Friday posts; She does this every week.

Thanks Kolleen, for making me feel brave~ I know you are! xXx


Lisa said…
I really enjoyed reading about your life, Ella, and now remember your telling me about your Daddy's death when my brother first died. What a lot for a young girl to have to deal with. But...I'm glad you're better for it!!!!
Just read your story, Ella.

A lot for a little girl to go through. Glad you've come out the other side with vigor and positivity.

Good for you sweetheart :)
Lisa said…
Ella! Thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy to have read it. I love how you found your way back to yourself, and your art, or perhaps it found it's way back to you. You're a very beautiful person.
I think it's a very apt title for a blog.
Enjoyed reading about your life,

Have a good week-end.
loved the story and how you illustrated it with pics, Ella!
Ella, that was very moving. Glad yo have found yourself again.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Loved reading your story, Ellie. As women, it seems we all go through years of putting our family's needs first, tucking our dreams away. But eventually our spirits rise and we begin to make our way, following the dictates of our hearts. Good for you. Keep on doing your writing and your art..........they tend your soul:)
I enjoyed reading your story Ellie! You are a brave talented lady! Happy Weekend!
Much Love,
scarlettclay said…
What an amazing story. Wow. I'll be thinking about what you shared for a while. Thank you for sharing your happy ending. :)
koralee said…
Thank you so much for visiting me the other day...I would love to pop over and take a peek at your story.

I so adore your wallpaper on your blog!

Anonymous said…
Such bravery! I am touched by your story! ♥
Wanda said…
So proud of all the ways your stretching yourself Ellie.
Becky Shander said…
Wishing you more smooth sailing and waves of joy.
Ella said…
Becky-Thank you, I love your words~

Wanda-Thanks Wanda, I will be by to see how you are. I have missed you!

Michele-Thank you; I wrote it fast and rereading it know, I should of edit. It was raw and real~

Koralee-Thank you; Your blog is beautiful~

Scarlett-Yes, we have to follow our passion!
Thank you~

Jenny-Thank you; much happiness to you. I will be by to see how your class is going~

Sherry-Thank you, so true, it does tend our soul...love these words!

Alex-Thank you, it meant a lot, for you to comment on my story. Thanks for your kindness on your blog, too~

Hi Dez-Thank you; I wish I had edited it, but left it as it was.

Yvonne-Thank you; It means a lot~

Lisa-Thank you; I wonder about that...I think I have always used my creative side. It helped me land my last job. Just not in the facet I wanted...

Wendy-Thank you; I still have a few thorns, but don't we all!

Lisa-Thank you; life isn't easy, but this is how we learn, develop and find ways to cope!