In My Own Little Corner

I am alone today, for the first time in over 6 weeks. I love my family, but to be creative I need time alone.. It is just the way, I'm made. I can find random bits of time, but seems like I always have to tuck it all away. This makes me think of the song in the movie, "Cinderella", the version I watched on TV, when I was young.
"In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be"; today I'm wearing my crafty hat. The prince is out of town, the kids are at school and my Fairy God Mother is me, allowing myself to do whatever I want, for today. I did do a few chores, before I declared it to be My day.I decided to wash all the bedding today; my kids have been sick. I found a Marie Claire magazine, I bought for some reason, fashion, hair ideas for my daughter. Anyway, I took this "Are You Too Sensitive Test?"   I am...not all of it fit me, but a lot sure did.

A few things that hit the nail on the head:  I am sensitive to caffeine, I startle easy, have an appreciation for arts and music, other people's moods effect me, and I find I need to retreat, withdraw and find some privacy, etc.  It makes sense, my family will say things, "What is wrong?" or they don't understand why I HAVE to have my ALONE time. I will stay up, til the wee hours in the morning to get it. I can't get up in the morning and have it, the Prince gets up at 4:30am. There are some down sides to this, as well.  It just makes me wonder, if it is part of being creative?  Do you need time alone, to ponder your thoughts?  HSP(highly sensitive people) seem to have a complex, rich inner life and active imagination.  Do you find this true for YOU?


All I have is alone time, but can relate to how you feel as I need time to do "Nothing at all"
shut down the pc, turn off the music or tv. and just totally relax. Wonder where my life is taking me, Where I want to go. So I know exactly how you feel.

I understand very well too. I need my alone time each day, it is part of my creative process, of my being. I am a silent person, I rarely watch tv (and never during the day!) and listen to music, I prefer complete silence. That allows me to ponder my thoughts, and to let the creative juice flowing.
Thanks for taking the time to leave such lovely words!
I like some alone time and certainly don't seek out groups of people. But after two-three hours, I'm ready for some time time with my wife. Sometimes I don't even make it that long.
Time time?
Maybe I need some time with her now! Sorry about the crappy typing there.
Ella said…
Alex-This makes sense to me; After the chores n' errands and 2-3 hrs of struggling, I mean crafting. I ready for my family, the diversion to arrive ;-D !

Monica-I totally get that, sometimes I mute the TV, while I write or turn it off. The thoughts need to come and silence truly is at times golden~

Yvonne-I think we all need contemplation time; I also agree we need to be social and be with others! It is trying to find a blend, that works for us~
Jules said…
Most creative people require, seek and thrive on alone time. It allows that special voice to be heard and not compete with outside world. There is nothing wrong with you, that same voice will tell you when to seek others.

Always here my friend :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Becky Shander said…
I'm glad you managed to sneak in some alone time. I hope it brought you some balance.
Anonymous said…
Great post Ellen. I love time alone but it seems to inspire a date with myself, a girly movie and a glass of wine instead of creating. For some reason it's when hubby or my daughter are in the house that I'm in the studio...not sure why though.
I'm not at all affected by caffeine and don't startle easily but I do want my time alone. With four children and a husband who can't entertain himself, I also stay up to the wee hours to find my alone time.
Lisa said…
Very interesting. I'm going to take the test and see what I find.

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU! After you posted about the book, "Write it down, make it happen", I purchased it. WOW. This book is incredible. I was at a meeting all day yesterday and during my down time, I wrote like a mad woman. LOL.

Thanks again friend -- I hope you're having a great week!
Jen Daiker said…
I love that rendition of Cinderella! You've got the song in my head all day now (that's a great thing)!

I need time alone to ponder my thoughts, iron out specific story details, and just enjoy the moment. Sometimes my freedom is the bathroom with a good book. Nothing like a bubble bath to soothe the soul.
what? You're alone in the house and you're washing bedding? :) Talk about imagination he he ... :)
Hart Johnson said…
I adore alone time. In fact actually, it is a huge layer of the common ground in my marriage--that hubby and I both need it, so actually leave each other alone when we are home together a fair bit. When we met, he said he was never getting married because he didn't think he could live with someone all the time... But me... the only child who writes... it's like I'm not there...

Glad you got your creative time in!
Ella said…
Hart-I knew you could relate ;-D I am glad I'm married to a Navy man, life isn't dull. We are together, works! I think you are wise, it is knowing the boundaries and respecting them.

Dezz-There has been a lot of sickness in my house. I rocked out on "Guitar Hero", danced around, then started crafting, watched a movie, while gluing n' painting. Yes, I made popcorn ;-D. I also drummed out "Nightmare" with my sticks(my brother use to play drums; I miss playing them). (with everyone sick, I have felt like I was in a nightmare).I want drums, but the neighborhood would not be happy~Too bad,that would be their nightmare, LOL!

Jen-Me too, all day in my head! ;-D
We have to plan our little moments of sanity!
I use to read books at red lights, when I had kids. I managed to get a lot of reading done, believe it or not. (Yes, soulful escape)

Lisa-I am so HAPPY, you like it! I am still rereading mine, so insightful, makes a lot of sense! xXx

Susan-Hi, fellow night owl! I have found lately doing art, I need more daylight. I might not be a morning lark, but we have to find what works!
Thanks for stopping by~

Abby-Thanks, I bet it is a comfort thing. I mean you are there, they are close. It makes sense to me~ I love your new creations!

Becky-Thank you; Yes, the revolving door needed to stop. It has been crazy in my house since Dec 1st. It isn't bad, but January to me, is time for quiet reflection and I needed it. Yes, It did bring back balance...Thanks!

Jules-Thank you, you made me smile! It is true, we all need time to process~I'll be by soon...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I ABSOLUTELY need time alone, which is why I became a hermit, finally. Hee hee. It is harder to manage - but not impossible - when you have a family. Am glad you are carving out some time for yourself. It is ESSENTIAL.
Hi Ella .. definitely need my space - despite being alone .. I still need it - yet I'm a sociable creature and love conversation and mixing in .. So a little of both - glad you can work some you time though .. Have a good end of the week .. Hilary
Yes, both Dulcina and I need our alone time and it works out well for us as she is the night owl and I'm the pre-dawn early morning.