Romancing the Paper

I am taking this class,with the talented Rachel Emilie Jackson. She has had her art work published, in many Stampington magazines.  She is known for her mixed media, paper and book art. Her class is about using pressed flowers, diluted paint mediums, stamps, and different papers, while learning, some of her techniques. It is a lovely vision, to think of using flowers in art, during the winter. It does inspire thoughts and dreams of spring. I do wish I had an abundance, to go pick from. I did dry some last summer, but not enough.  I love the soft palette and ethereal look of her art. Rachel shows you how to dry flowers and how to treat and store the delicate blooms.  This was a Christmas gift, which I hope will inspire me, all year long~

I did find some delphinium on their way out and purchased them; I hope they dry well. Some blooms do not.

                              In reality these are bright royal blue, they should fade to a light lavender~


Jingle said…
Glad to see you get inspired and hope for your continued passion on arts and

love the title of this art.

best regards.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the header photo - so beautiful! Just looking at THAT would inspire anyone:) This is going to be a great year for you for creating, Ellie!
You are most creative Ella, loved the post.

paperbird said…
your new banner is lovely. you are SO very creative.

i love delphiniums- their colors are so beautiful and inspiring.
have a beautiful and creative week.
blue and white flowers are my favourite, beside the green ones off course :) Especially white tulips. I have tones of irises in blue, yellow and white colour when the summer comes in my backyard.
Oh I love Rachel's work. Lucky yo to be in her class...I looked at it but just couldn't fit it in the schedule. And delphiniums are so beautiful, I hope they dry well for you too!
Arlee Bird said…
You certainly are industrious, Ella! Your knack for visual creativity is a real talent.

Tossing It Out
Wanda said…
Great to see continually following your passion Ellie. I love the header photo.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you; I have missed visiting you! Will try to be better~ I hope you will follow, yours too!

Lee-Thank you; I am trying to push my boundaries.
I hope to finish a few projects this week. It is a passion, that makes a lot of mess, but I'm up for the challenge! Thank you so much~

Gail-I wish you could fit it in, but I understand! I love their beauty, too...Thank you, I hope so~ Thanks for visiting me!

Dezz-This sounds so beautiful a sea of color!

Lorraine-Thank you, I hope you do, too! I love the look of them, swaying besides a summer cottage over looking the bay~They speak summer!

Hi Yvonne-Thank you; I love the idea, a bit of the struggle finding flowers, in the winter.

Sherry-Thank you,I do hope so, but either way, I have to follow my heart. It was funny, before Christmas, signs kept coming up about this class. I so love flowers and Rachel's work. Then hubby asked me what I wanted...We normally exchange token gifts.

Jingle-Thank you; it is lovely and evokes so many images. Did it make you think of a poem? ;-D