Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #30  this week is Observation.   There are so many directions one can go in. I chose a sunrise, this photo if from my back yard a few days ago.


Darkness dissipates as Mother Nature paints the canvas sky,
With fluid dreams of fuchsia, orange and mauve, 
A swirling dance as the morning burst
Open like an orange peeled,
Revealing incandescent light,
Silhouetted trees stand steadfast as the final imprint
Of night parts ways,
Begins the passionate birth of day.
The yawn of morn starts,
Translucent ribbons of light fray out,
Spread cheer of the star’s arrival,
Bursting forth brilliance, 
Passion explodes as the resin glow fills the marine blue sky,
Muslin clouds fringed with gray dust and sepia part ways,
As night gives its final hug good-bye,
The canvas changes again,
Awakening the passion of a new day, 
Brilliance of mood appears,
Blanketing our landscape, 
Transcending the gifts of time.


Wonderful words, wonderful picture. It gave me much pleasure reading this.

Have a good day.
it would be shame to sleep with such a lovely sunrise.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful picture and words! So clever!
Kolleen said…
soooo beautiful....the words and the stunning photo.

you are so talented!

tOuCh said…
Your words paint such a lovely picture, Thank you for sharing also thanks for your visit
madhumakhi said…
Lovely poem, beautiful imagery, the way night melts into day.
Muslin clouds, beautiful Ellie. I love the picture the words create. :)
Much Love,
Susannah said…
Oh what beautiful descriptions! Absolutely wonderful!
ninotaziz said…
Dear Ella,
To wake up to this....WOW.
I will try to make each moment beautiful like you.

This is superb. You have painted a wonderful painting with your well chosen words.
Excellent observation, all round.
Happy New Year Ella,

Best wishes, Eileen
flaubert said…
Oh, yes to be able to see.
Nicely said Ella.
Superb writing ^_^ thank you for sharing =)

signed...bkm said…
The "yawn of morn starts" and "the night parts ways" very nice image of a morning coming to life...thank you...bkm
A lovely image, captured in a photo and in words. Hats off to your versatility!
Anonymous said…
A spectacular poem and wonderful photo, and I seem both to be celebrating new days and fresh starts! "As night gives it's final hug goodbye", so does the new year beckon with promise. I so enjoyed this read...:)