Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #31 is Random Deviation. We had to go to Deviart and at the bottom of the page
lower middle of the column, there is a link called Random Deviation. When you click on this random art work appears. We were to do this and then use the image provided, as inspiration for our poem. This way
it is most likely, everyone will have an unique poem, this week.  This was my random art used to inspire my poem~

Leaves in July

by Ultraviolet Oktober
(a wall of leaves in Gardens Dallas Museum of Art)

Small green buds erupt, tightly woven bring forth Mother Nature's
promise, the birth of Spring.
Nature's New Year showers Earth in delicate notes of blush pink
vintage white and  pale yellow,
Rain showers the land with her fresh perfume.
Season premiere grows and bends the twists of fate,
pathways extend like brain waves.
Time marches on, suntan booth of photosynthesis breaths new life, freshens
Earth's breath.                                                          
Daylight grows,blue skies brighten summer's symphony, almost time
to turn over a new leaf, The veil of shielded green shades our spirits.
Fall's brisk wind arrives,pigments of color appear, a passionate dance
gives one last glorious show,
Soon Fall's grace will dismount, the tricks n' turns of the performance will fade.
The finale of the season a colorful carpet replaces faded brown one.
Bare branched, arms reach out to greet the sun.
December's solemn gray mood will permeate the dazzling blanket of white, soon to
appear. Draping the silhouetted trees and bushes with winter's silent slumber.
Mother Nature,soon will wake them with her warm hug and the sighting
of Robin's first visit.


I love it!
You need to put all your
poems into a book. Poetry
is definitely in your blood,
your words are beautiful Ellie!
A first class poem Ellie. I agree with the above you ought to publish a book of your poetry. It's the greatest feeling seeing a book with your work and name on the cover, A sense of achievement,

Ellen aka Ella said…
Yvonne n' Jenny-Thank you so much, I will consider it, perhaps in the summer. When I can take photos to go with the images. It is 23 here this morning and I have cabin fever. I so want to walk with camera and hand. I miss my walks!

Jenny-Thank you; Hope your class with Misty is going well. I look forward to your new creations! I am curious about her new book xXx

Yvonne-You being published, must of been so thrilling. I am honored, you think I have a potential; Thank you! I will be by to visit; I'm behind, working on a peat pot challenge. Those little fiber pots one starts seedlings in. I dream of spring...
lightverse said…
That was really lovely. It's like you dipped your writing quill into a well of springtime and made something green out of this frosty winter.
Philip Thrift said…
Nice moods of spring captured here.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow! what a treat to the eyes your pohoto and words are - I am looking out at gray grizzling wetness. It is raining cats and, especially, dogs here today:) Melting the foot of snow into a lovely Slush Soup. Good day to be indoors....dreaming of spring. Lovely, Ellie!
Lisa said…
Great job Ella!
flaubert said…
Ella, quite a beautiful piece and I love this:
"Rain showers the land with her fresh perfume."
That certainly evokes some lovely images inside me.
ninotaziz said…
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ninotaziz said…
Dear Ella,
Your words are beautiful - taking us through the year, the cycle of nature.

suntan booth of photosynthesis
breaths new life, freshens

Daylight grows,
blue skies brighten summer's symphony,
almost time to turn over a new leaf

Do not stop writing ever.
I do love mother nature, wish we would respect her more!
Jingle said…

nature is magical...
Christian James said…
Very rare do I read good poems in blogs, this one is lovely. Great post
Anonymous said…
I agree with the commenter who said to put your poems in a book. They are so, so beautiful!
I really loved making a journey through the seasons with your wonderful, poetic words.
A great use of your image choice...
All good wishes, Eileen
Becky Shander said…
This poem expresses your deep passion for nature...I can tell you put a lot of heart into it.
Lisa said…
Yes, this is very lovely :D I love this line:

"Season premiere grows and bends the twists of fate,"

Beautiful poem.

Amanda Trought said…
Ellie, who knew... this was a beautiful poem, agree with the comments above and look forward to ordering your book from amazon.....'speak those things as if they are'! 2011 will definitely be a year of revealing hidden talents and inspiration...Stay blessed, Amandaxx
Anonymous said…
"pathways extend like brain waves"--Now THAT is the coolest simile I've heard in a loooong time! You're a talented writer!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Scarlett-Thank you for your kind words~xXx

Amanda-Thank you, hope class is going well for you! Yeah, time will tell, same for you, too! I will be stopping by and seeing how you are~xXx

Lisa-Thank you, I am glad you liked it!xXx

Becky-I have a deep passion for nature, always have. I started writing thinking about all the beauty that arrives and dismounts. The performances continue on, if we are tuned in.
Thank you for your kind words; I did~

Eileen-Thank you; I loved your poem! Best Wishes to you~

Michele-Thanks, wow never ever saw myself in this light, but one never knows...Thank you!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Christian-Thank you so much, it was nice of you to stop by~

Jingle-I totally agree with you;Yes magical!

Dezz-Me too, I agree we need to be more respectful. I saw a bluebird yesterday, had never seen one. They are dying out, their homes are being cut down and the bugs they eat are hard to find. It is sad, how some trend, where they shouldn't~

Ninotaziz-Thank you so much for your kinds words;It felt amazing to hear those words~

Pamela-Thank you, I am happy lovely images arrived~ The magic of the seasons is the gifts they bring~

Lisa-Thank you, so much~

Sherry-I know you love nature, so glad you liked it! xXx

Philip-Thank you so much~

lightverse-I love what you wrote, I think you have a beginning of a poem, right there! Thank you~