Think Thank Thursday

Isn't this gorgeous; I couldn't find a photo that I had that portrayed the beauty I wanted. I decided to look on Etsy.  Here I found this woman, Crystal with a shop, called "The Demure Dragonfly",(love the name). Mario and Crystal work in photography, illustrations and artistic designs All of the photos listed, in their shop, can be ordered in just about any size and in several different print finishes, framing options, and on various merchandise (mugs, magnets, etc.) Every photo can also be ordered as a photo card set. Just inquire for more information! I thought it would be fun to use a talented team to portray the poem I wrote today~

Poets United prompt #33 is Fire; fireworks came to mind. I wanted to end it on the birth of adulthood, not the grand finale of life.

Green fertile mind grows,
Once a bit seasoned, the flame ignites.

Youth smolders, internal heat erupts
Blisters form, as passion roars.
Radiating warmth with fits of rage.

Scorched gifts, burn into furrowed brow,
Oppressive humidity, sucks oxygen out,
Slowly arrogant n' proud, dissipate.

Intensity sparks light of hope,
Enlightenment is kindled,
Passion's promise glows,
Best Wishes of future planted.

Oooh's and aahh's arrive,
as fiery rain dances,
Display breathtaking beauty,
Triumphant new birth


Tanith said…
My Oooh's and Aahh's also arrive after reading this lovely poem.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A wonderful poem, Ella! So many wonderful lines and images. I love "scorched gifts", "lights of hope", and "passion's promise glows". Beautiful.
flaubert said…
I simply love "passion's promise glows"
Nicely written Ella.
LTM said…
I love it! I could hear the oos and ahhs watching the fireworks! And I love the pressed flowers in your new header. Beautiful~ :o) <3
A wonderful poem Ella, excellently written.

signed...bkm said…
I love the oos and ahhs too...nice write Ella...bkm
Carrie Burtt said…
Wow Ella this is awesome....the tranformation of life....well done! :-)
Elizabeth said…
Love your header and the photo. And especially loved "scorched gifts." I know that one well,

lightverse said…
Count me in amongst those who sing the 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhhs.' Marvelous!
Susannah said…
I really loved -

"Youth smolders, internal heat erupts
Blisters form, as passion roars.
Radiating warmth with fits of rage."

What an excellent description of youth!. :-)
I would like to see some rhymes in your poems, Ella :) It would be interesting to see how you combine rhymes :)
Ella said…
Hi Dezz-I did try the rhyming thing; It is tough~ Perhaps, next week...

Susannah-Thank you; I had plenty of inspiration. I have a child in college and a freshman in high school. ;-D

Lightverse-Thank you...I just couldn't help think of watching my kids. They are like fireworks, they are combustible and beautiful~

Elizabeth-Thank you; It is sad, most of do know scorch gifts~

Hi Carrie-Thank you; It was an interesting prompt~

signed...bkm-Thank you; This prompt could go in so many directions!

Hi Yvonne-Thank you; Hope you are feeling better~

Leigh-Thank you; I pressed the flowers a couple of weeks ago. (Romancing the Paper class) the background is a glassine envelope. Finding the flowers is the tricky part, for now~xXx

Pamela-Thank you; I do think we all have potential to find our path. It does help, if we have parents that expose us to many mediums. I am still working on that one. ;-D

Hi Sherry-Yes, it does seem a lot of gifts come with strings,invisible ones that can scorch our feelings. Thank you so much~

Tanith-Thank you; Glad you signed up! I enjoyed your work, too~ Welcome to Poets United!
Kim Nelson said…
Lovely last stanza. Joy!
Felicitas said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I loved how you ran the theme of heat all the way through, as a catalyst for transformation.
I loved your very original use of fire, to actually portray life itself.
An excellent piece of writing which I enjoyed reading......

Best wishes, Eileen
Ella said…
Eileen-Thank you so much; Best Wishes to you~

Felicitas-Thank you; Thought of my children and how ideas smolder and spark and what can happen..
Love your name~

Paul-Thank you :-D so much

Kim-Thanks Kim; In real life the joy is close, my son hasn't graduated from college, yet. Then pure joy will arrive~
Kerry O'Connor said…
I like the fact that you have chosen young minds as the subject of your poem. The metaphoric comparison to fireworks is very apt. Great control of pace and pause has built your description up to the stunning climactic burst of colour and flame.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Loved this the second time too, Ellie. Love "scorched gifts", "intensity sparks light of hope" and "fiery raindances." Beautiful imagery!