Another Challenge

Somerset Life had a call n' challenge, this time it was for peat pots. Karla Nathan had been the inspiration for this challenge, with her Peat Pot Pretties. She uses  Frozen Charlotte dolls, in her beautiful creations.(scroll down to the 6th photo).  I thought of how easy peat pots make it to transplant seedlings. I am a transplant from the North to the South. I decided to make a figure to represent this idea, of being transplanted. When one is relocated, you  have to adapt, you have to replant your roots, tend your soil and try to bloom where you are planted. This inspired my creation.   

I also thought about growing pains and raising children. How their pains aren't theirs alone. How we as parents have to learn and adjust, to seeing them grow up and become less dependent on us. This was in the process, not yet finished. I added curtains and a clothesline, with a tiny item of clothing.
I made a few other items, some I didn't send, like this one. A zinnia made with old dictionary terms.

 I thought I would show you a peek.


Diane said…
Love it all--beautiful!!

(I made peat pot babies years ago, inspired by Lauren Mumford who made them with cabinet cards)
RaShelle said…
So much fun. I love them.
LTM said…
I love this, and I love the idea of transplants being your inspiration... since we're on the verge of transplantation right now~ :o) <3
verb thoughtful and creative, Ella!
Arlee Bird said…
I've never heard of anything like this, but they are interesting creatiions.

Tossing It Out
Ella said…
Thank you everyone; It stirs one's soul to go back to their roots!
I love the way you describe your work, there's such depth to every word you write my friend. Here's hoping we make the cut...and if we don't it's ok too. Either way your art is inspiring and beautiful!

Ella said…
Abby-You are so sweet; Thank you, it is a process for me. I try to make a connection, make it personal. This doesn't always happen~
Good Luck to both of us; Cheers to you being in Somerset Life Jan/Feb 2011~
Amanda Trought said…
Ella this is lovely.....growing 15 year old is not that little boy anymore who delighted in my hugs :(