I took this photo, this weekend. I went downtown and snapped some photos Sunday mid morning. It was peaceful and a great time for reflection. I haven't had an Art Date in a couple of months. We all need, to find
ways to inspire our creativity.  Art, books, movies, music, photo and nature usually do this for me.  I guess I could also include long walk, cycling and having fun with my family.  My give away involves some books, that have inspired me.  I have extras, I bought Squam Art book(Journal one) and then won one.  I was going through my stash and decided it was time to pass it on.  It is a gem, as is "Simply Abundance" a Daybook of Comfort n' Joy.  I also will include a few extra special touches~   Guys don't be shy, you can always pass it on to your wife, loved one, girlfriend, Mom, and, or  sister.   I hope the sun is shining where you are. It was 71 here yesterday and today's high, 37.  We are in for a roller coaster week, here in North Carolina. I figured this is a perfect time of year, to pass on some cheer.  Leave me a comment and I'll put your name in my hat. The drawing will be, March lst.   Good Luck!

Here are a few more pics, signs that spring is slowly starting to make it's presence known.



Holly Ruggiero said…
Great pics. The first one is awesome.
That first picture alone is an inspiration for a write. To look at it was so relaxing as though evrything in the world was fine.....unfortunately it is not.

Hi again I was referring in my comment of the wonderful flowers on your blog.
Nice photos! I was worried - at first I thought that was really someone's hand.
Great photos you have a great eye. Enjoy your warm weather. Still a bit cold here in the Midwest.
that photo with the hand is quite suggestive, nice job, Ella!
Lisa D. said…
Great photos Ella : )
Jules said…
Frame it! It is so worthy of a frame. Great Job Ella.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Your pics give me hope that spring is in the horizon...beautiful!
Arlee Bird said…
I keep meaning to go out and take some pictures, but I haven't yet. It's been ridiculously chilly for L.A. I know it's really not that cold compared to other places, but it just seems to be a chill in the house that doesn't go away.
I've even broken out my long johns--ridiculous.

Tossing It Out
Stephen Tremp said…
Those seasonal changes can be a great teaser. Just when you think blue skies .... the temperature plummets and it rains. Won't be long now.
oh oh, me, pick me :)

Awesome giveaway Ellie! Glad you had a little time to enjoy your surroundings. Hope the weather doesn't get too crazy. Here in Oregon today we had sunshine, then rain, then snow/rain mixed, sunshine again, rain...You never know what you're gonna get here. Happy Week to you!
Wanda said…
The hand photo really captured my attention. We've been have some nice sunny weather here as well.
Jaccstev said…
Nice photography. I think they look very impressive.
Hart Johnson said…
Love that photo--so nice to get some time to rejuvenate and do what you love!
Belle Wong said…
Beautiful pictures. Love that first one, especially!
Very interesting photo--makes me wonder what the rest of the statue looks like.
It's been really warm here in central Texas..hope we start seeing some little buds like that soon!
Love the delicate hand as a writing prompt. Beautiful photos.
Lisa said…
Nice work, Ella :)
I kept going back to your photo, because it made me Wonder it when that happens :D

Diana Mieczan said…
What a beautiful photos and the first one is so incredible. I love the detail:) Happy Thursday, darling
Becky Shander said…
I'm glad that you found some time for yourself...squeezing in art dates is important. And your giveaway items are a great idea!
Beautiful photos thank you for sharing. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs, Katherine
LTM said…
I LOVE that picture!!! That hand just makes me think of so many things... it's very inspiring. Great work, honey~ :o) <3
Jeffrey Beesler said…
I'm so ready for longer days and warmer weather. It won't be long now!
Ella said…
Good Luck everyone~ Thank you for all of your wonderful comments~ Off to draw the lucky winner!