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Poets United prompt this week is #35 shadow, now I have that song, "Me and My shadow" in my head. Then I think of those horror movies, where "Only the Shadowknows"or was that a radio show my parents use to talk about?! (it's a radio show, in case you don't click on link). Then Peter Pan's shadow comes off;Wendy saves it and stitches it back on.  The symbolism of the shadow, fear, courage, growing up all reflected in these. Shadow has so many meanings. 

I chose a different path, a path I think my daughter is considering.

Outlined illusion
Cupid's bow pursed,
perimeters changed,
passion's natural rose smiles,
planes appear, saving face
hollow apples,crop dusted
windows encircled, uplifted soul
smoky drama arrives in
matte made dreams,
skin and bone extract the canvas
hair color highlights hinges of youth,
rusting under painted brow,
alluded light by degrees
emotion drawn on,
play the part,
light reflects the God given jewels,
softness sets against animated sun,
light danced when young,
time worn clouds appear.
elements erode,
concealed geometry
covers pieces of  YOU.


Kodjo Deynoo. said…
A very nice piece of poetry, congrats
Hi Ella .. I love this .. and your take on shadows .. they do cover us, don't they?

Thank you .. Hilary
I have just read your poem and enjoyed your view of the shadows, in life.
An excellent poetry prompt response!

Best wishes, Eileen
flaubert said…
Ella this brought some delightful
images to mind. Nice one.

You have a gift, Ella. Like flaubert (above) said, this brought to mind some delightful images, indeed :)
Peggy Goetz said…
Great images and a different take on shadows.
Jules said…
Man what a poem! "alluded light by degrees," my favorite line :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Mary said…
This is just wonderful, Ella.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, you've hit 200 followers! congrats! Enjoyed this poem very much, lots of images, cool ending!
I enjoyed your poem. I always thought the shadow thing on Peter Pan was creepy.
signed...bkm said…
concealed geometry....that line really hit me....nice...bkm
Deborah said…
Wonderful images tumbled through my mind one after the other, a pleasure to read.
Anonymous said…
Very cool poetry. Me, I'm not the best at poetry so I prefer to buy other people's works, or use them and give them credit.
Mad Kane said…
Beautifully done with some lovely images.
You painted beautiful images, though a little mysterious ... "light danced when young,
time worn clouds appear" - this is great!
as I said before I much prefer poems which rhyme, but I did like this line of yours - "time worn clouds appear", that one was very expressive.
Ella said…
Hi Dez-I like the rhyme to, I will have to give it a go soon. Yes, those dark circles under my eyes gave me insight ;-D Thanks~

Martin-"Light danced when young"(a young face reflects light; an older one, shadows are created and beauty fades). We have to paint, draw and powder, to redirect the light. This is what I was thinking...Thank you!

Mad Kane-Love your name! Thank you~

Stephen-I use to write some when I was in college and it was required. ;-D Thank you!

Deborah-I am so glad you like it; Thank you~
I like the idea of tumbled images.

Bkm-Thank you; I kept thinking of all the angles n' lines and how we try to cover or redraw our canvas~

Susan-I didn't like the Peter Pan thang either.
I understood, he was losing his childlike ways, growing up, but didn't like it. Thanks~

Sherry-Thank you; I need to start earlier. Hubby has 1/2 a day Friday. I like to write in the evening, alone. He stays up Thursday nights now. I need to now try to write earlier in the day; so I can be on time~

Mary-Thank you; I love your pic!

Alex-Thank you very much~

Jules-Thank you; I kept thinking of my daughter,
a wanna be Cosmetologist. How light, shadows and geometry all come into play.

Peggy-I was struggling then thought of make up. Thank you~

Wendy-So glad you liked it; Thank you for such a wonderful compliment~

Pamela-Thank you, I like that you reflected on delightful memories~

Eileen-This was a great prompt, so many different directions to go in! Thank you and Best Wishes to you~

Hilary-Yes, they do cover us and we cover them ;-D Thank you,it is an art, the art of "Saving Face".

Kodjo-Thank you for stopping by and your kind words!~
Anonymous said…
I love it!

Just wanted to thank you for your comment!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina
kateri ewing said…
Evocative imagery and some wonderful words that feel important on the lips. And the images of your blog layout are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I love it.
Ella said…
Kateri-I am so happy you stopped by; Thank you so much!

Creative Carmelina-Thank you; I loved your inspiring, gorgeous photos~
Elizabeth said…
Loved dancing through your vivid lines, then turning back and touching them lightly again. Not going to try to choose one, they all created wonderful pictures, thank you,

Ella said…
Elizabeth-Thank you, I am so happy you came by~
I loved your poem, this week!