Think Tank Thursday

Yes, I am a bit late, life has been sort of in the "Twilight Zone" lately~  Poets United came up with a challenge this week, prompt #34 is " I do Bequeath".  We are ask to write about our last will n' testament. Whoah...
We can be funny, serious, share some wisdom, but are asked not to leave a blank page.
Testament of me
Being of sound mind n' body
I leave my children,
humor, a whirlpool of memories,
Introducing gifts of music, magic and movies,
I leave you a red string on your pointer,
 soul filled sandwiches,
A tree of hope,blooming with pride,
Sun filled moments at the bay,
treasure hunts, star fish and sand dollars days,
Tea parties, food fights, Barbie pool parties
Tonka  trucks races, fireworks n' parades,
Climbing Mt. Battie, climbing a glacier,
Strawberry tall cake, BBQ's in winter, puppy farm
and getting our beagle, hurricane evacuations, flying
to Hawaii,
I stirred the magic sprinkles in the daily
I knew my time was short.
My goal to see
you both grow up,
know who I was.

To my husband, Thank you for the micro, macro view
of the world,
Seeing new places, friends from Holland, Japan and Spain.
Battleship, the game of Life, Scrabble,
all tokens of who we are,
Thank you for your patience,
saving my life.

Fish for your own star, light your own path,
 listen to your guide, your voice
Stay true,
Follow your GPS:
Gifts, passion and spirit


This was wonderful Ella , a few tears escaped down my face.

Have a good week-end.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh this is a marvellous, GLORIOUS poem full of memories and love. SO well written, Ella! Just wonderful. I loved every word, and could picture it all. What a fun , rich, warm, happy loving life you have given - and still give - your children. Way to write! and way to BE!!!!!
Kim Nelson said…
Such a full life you have led. Lucky kids!
Susannah said…
I loved it, what a wonderful post. :-)
Old Ollie said…
thoughtful take on the prompt - you still got your edge ella
Jinksy said…
A thoughtful and sensible legacy!
Anonymous said…
Every time I read one of your poems there is at least one line that makes me stop, re-read, stop and re-read again because the imagery is so perfect--"I stirred the magic sprinkles..."--LOVE this!
A beautiful piece of writing, Ella. :-)
paperbird said…
I Love your poem Ellen. You have a gift- I don't find writing quite so easy. I was touched by the comment you left on my blog! I hope you make time to un-tap those dreams you have tucked away! Make yourself a priority and bloom dear Ellen. You do that with your writing which is awesome but dig deep and find that tiny seed you have buried. Thank you for the beauty that you share here and thank you for your sweet visits.

Your beautiful words are a legacy in themselves.
An account of a wonderful life!

Best wishes, Eileen
a sojourner said… couldn't possibly leave them anymore then what you did here, kiddo!:)

it's a real treasure that i hope you will keep for them!
flaubert said…
Ella, this is wonderful and I love the GPS gifts,
passion and spirit. How lovely.
Wanda said…
Love the follow your GPS line. Perfect! When do we'll always end up in the right spot.
Elizabeth said…
Love the light touch married to deep meaning in your poem. Beautiful legacy,

I don't know what to say Ellie, you're a beautiful writer. Misty Mawn shared a link to an online poetry class she is taking next month and I thought of you. Here's the info:

Happy Weekend Ellie!
Philip Thrift said…
Great expressions here of a fulfilling life.
lightverse said…
Well said - and I absolutely love your GPS!
Carrie Burtt said…
A wonderful testiment of your beautiful life Ella....this is beautiful, and full of what makes life wonderful! :-)
Dempsey Sanders said…
I can only echo what everyone above has said, that was just great writing Ella
Hi Ellie!
Whoops! You know, I keep meaning to ask you if you'd rather I call you Ella? For some reason I've always called you Ellie and I notice that you've changed how your name reads on your blog - please let me know and also, I apologize if I've been using the wrong name! D'oh.
I love this post! You just tug at my heart, every time I visit with you.
Thanks for being such a sweetie and visiting my new little valentine blog (and becoming a follower!) - I'm kind of bored with my every day one, so it's fun to look at something different.
Happy week to you!
Sally xo
mark said…
Wow...when you said you went on a similar vein you neglected to mention how much better it was...
Ella said…
Mark-You are sweet and I disagree; I like your poem, very much~

Sally-Ellen is my real name, Ellie or Ella nicknames. I'm fine with any of the 3. There was another Ellie and some confusion. I decided to go with Ella, since it is in my blog name. No need to apologize, at all! Most people call me Ellie. I love all the inspiration and color, on your blog,I will be by, later on. It is fun to branch out and do something new(you leaped) ;-D Happy Week to you!

Dempsey-Thanks for the echo;I so appreciate you stopping by~

Carrie-Thank you, it means a lot~ Your words, poems impact so much emotion! I am touched!

Lightverse-Thank you, wish we would pay more attention to our GPS!

Phillip-Thank you, it is a work in progress I hope!

Jenny-Thank you; I will check it out! I will be by, can't wait to see what you have been up to! xXx

Elizabeth-Thank you; I like how you summed it up! No one in my family has read it yet...maybe I should print it out, put in their Valentine's.

Wanda-Beautiful sentiment you stated; Thank you!

Pamela-I wish we would listen more to our GPS; Thank you!

Bud-Thank you for your kind words, It means a lot~
Ella said…
Eileen-Thank you so much! I feel that way, when I read your words ;-D

Lorraine-Your words are beautiful and your photography is gorgeous! I love flowers and the sentiments that graced your work, so divine! Thank you so much, xXx

Paul-Thank you; I hope my family likes it~

Scarlett-Thank you; I am so glad, you like it!
I kept thinking how my child stir my soul and me theirs~

Jinsky-Thank you; I will visit you soon!

Ollie-Thanks for the huge smile you gave me!

Alex-Thanks for your kind words!

Susannah-Thank you so much~

Kim-Thank you, one is appreciative the other not sure...

Sherry-Thank you, now I just have to keep it up...

Yvonne-I am glad I touched you; Your poems have touched me, too! xXx
Your loved ones are so fortunate to have you.

GPS: gifted, passionate and spirited!