Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #36 Lilies of the Field.  This is our movie week, once a month, a movie is picked to
consider how to portray it's message. I love Sidney Poitier, but have not seen this movie. I do know it represents faith n' love. I wanted to tie in nature, the tests of the seasons. We are being tested, for sure this winter.  I kind of went with a higher power.

Hope hides under paradox soil,
Barren till blanket of ethereal white covers,
Quiet mud waits,
Mother Earth's angels whisper trust,
Pubescent spring swells with green pride,
Tenderness grows,
Grace notes arrive,
Old fashion traditions transcend,
Plant seeds of kindness,
Have patience accept Mother Nature's promise,
Surrender to the spirit of change,
Blood red poppies salute,
Nod to passersby,
Blistered parched Earth waits,
Faith tested signs of trust arrive,
Cleansing the soil with hope,
Gossamer dreams invisible,
Promise of Love's union blooms,
Burning bush paints silhouetted view,
Prune back; plow ahead,
Reap what you sow,
Bountiful Thanks arrives,
Starlit birthday reminds us,
Renew our soul~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
So beautiful, Ellie. I love "plant seeds of kindness"....and "surrender to the spirit of change" - wise! Beautifully written. I still havent come up with anything.
flaubert said…
Ella, so many beautiful lines in this.
Just gorgeous.

Mary said…
Very nicely written. "Renew our soul" - such a beautiful hope.
Gaurang Rao said…
Yes we should be positive and beautiful lines
signed...bkm said…
a beautiful reminder that as in nature we must renew our soul...nice Ella...bkm
Tabitha Bird said…
beautiful. Renewing. Words I wish to live by. :)
Hi Ella .. lovely poem full of resonance .. and new beginnings .. inspiring .. thanks - Hilary
tOuCh said…
Elegantly expressed Ella, thanks for your visit
Arlee Bird said…
Wow, Ella--your poetry just keeps getting better and better.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011
Wanda said…
Although we are never really in charge. The act of surrendering can be so hard. Love the imagery you used.
Diana Mieczan said…
Darling, this is so beautiful:) Happy Sunday
Anonymous said…
Regarding Sidney Poitier, I remember, "How can you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume." From To Sir With Love. Been about 20 years since I seen it.
Anonymous said…
A poem full lush images and the promise of goodness to come...a wonderful thing to remember when times are hard. Like Sherry, I also love, 'plant seeds of kindness', a practice that could change the world if more people embraced it!

I always enjoy your very thoughtful comments on my blog. Have a wonderful week...

M Pax said…
Love the imagery and emotion you evoke. Beautiful photo.
lightverse said…
Ella - right from the opening line, you sweep us into a whirlwind of powerful emotions. Your ability to create such forcefully rendered images is amazing.
Ella said…
lightverse-Thank you so much, I am happy you liked it~ I'm flattered~

M Pax-Thank you for kind words~

Lynette-Thanks for stopping by; I love your photos, reminds me of a quiet, reflective time~
Yes, I wish more people would plant this variety!

Stephen-Now I have that song in my head ;-D
I love that movie, "To Sir With Love"~

Diana-Thank you so much @>---

Wanda-Yes, this is true; Thank you for visiting me

Lee-Thank you so much; Means a lot to me~

tOuCh-Thank you; I will come by again, soon~

Hilary-Thank you; I will be by soon, I'm behind on my visits ;-D

Tabitha-What a lovely thought, words to live by...Thank you, that was touching~

bkm-I like that, renew our soul. Yes, the seasons should remind us of this~ Thank you!

Gaurang-It takes patience, doesn't it...Thank you!

Mary-Thank you, yes, hope is a beautiful way to view the world, not always easy~

Pamela-Thank you, means a lot~

Sherry-It was an interesting prompt. Sometimes I wonder if my insight would be much different, seeing the movie.