Valentine's Day

I wanted to share with you something I read today, in this book, "Simple Abundance" ~Sarah Ban Breathnach.   "Today is a day for being. BE with those you love, BE kind to yourself. BE quiet and call forth the dream you buried long ago. The ember is still glowing in your soul. See it in your mind, hold it tenderly in your heart."

Today is a day to remember love n' passion, as you give out Valentine's or celebrate with your special someone, but don't forget yourself. Ignite your passion, light your path to self discovery and do something you love and if not today, schedule segments of it in, later this week. When we are happier ,doing what we love, following our passion, we are kinder, more fun to be around and our enthusiasm, can be contagious.

 I wanted to share some interesting sites with You; Valentine Inspiration:

My good friend, Chrissy has been on a heART felt hunt, you can check previous days, to view all the hearts she has found.  Chrissy's blog is a fun stop, I plan to show my daughter later today. I remember one period, were we found hearts everywhere, in cereal, in splashes of milk, flower blossoms, rock, and more. 

Kristen is giving a way some jewelry items today. She is an artist that frequents, Stampington publications, in case she looks familiar.  Hurry, it ends later today~

Ellen of One Ripe Peach  has a creative touch with vintage finds. She shares with us a Dollar store make over,  it would make a lovely gift to give or receive.

Alisa shows one how to take a simple childhood favorite construction heart and elevate it. She has many unique ideas all over her blog.

Tessa of Handle the Heat  has some yummy treats to try. We made the Oreo cheesecake cupcakes yesterday, when my daughter and her boyfriend exchanged their gifts. I really wanted these instead. I let the kids choose; they were fun to have in the kitchen!  No food fights this time...last time it was flour everywhere.

Jules of Trying to Get Over the Rainbow has a blog button, she is sharing; Isn't it a beauty~ 
I love her idea of passing the love!   Thank you Jules~

Over at  Crescendoh today, you will find a lot of heartfelt inspiration and ideas. Happy Valentine's Day~xXx
I will be posting  a give-a-way, soon for reaching 200 followers; I can't thank you all enough~


KarenG said…
I love that book Simple Abundance. And congrats on hitting 200!!
Jules said…
Thanks for spreading my little love button! I sure hope you have a great Valentine's Day :) I'm off to cook dinner.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
wishing you lovely Valentines, Ella, love the hearts in the background :))
M Pax said…
I loved the passage at the top on 'being'. Beautiful. Happy Valentines! :D
Anonymous said…
Happy Valentine's Day!!
And thanks for sharing all of those links to wonderful things.

Wow! 200 followers. That's so awesome. I think I have like, five. haha! I did sign up for that April challenge though so who knows?
Have a great Valentine evening with your sweeties. :)
Anonymous said…
Happy V-day Ellen...thanks for sharing all of these awesome links! I'm off to check them out now!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE Simple Abundance, and Sarah's entire philosophy. And the words spoke to me, for I had a dream that I set back on the shelf some years ago, and now it is calling to me............Have a great Valentines, kiddo......
Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - made my heart happy. I loved checking out all the super talented ladies you just shared. But, I have to admit I am now really craving some Nutella cheesecake squares. They look so yummy! Happy Valentine's Day. :)
paperbird said…
Loved the quote you shared Ellen and all the goodness too!
Happy Valentines Day

PS. gorgeous image of the roses!
Arlee Bird said…
It's really wonderful how so many people have been spreading the blog loving today. Shows that a bunch of us are really grasping the concept of networking and friendship.

the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011
Anonymous said…
Congrats! on the 200 followers. Its always fun to hit those large number milestones. And I have to check out the dollar store makeover.
chrissy said…
sweet sweet ella....thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful places to visit. i went to each one and now i HAVE to make the nutella cheesecake squares thanks to you. my waistline DOES NOT thank you however my tastebuds DO!
you are the best.
love you
Diana Mieczan said…
I cant wait to check out all those amazing links you posted. Btw : you have such a pretty blog:) Hugs and kisses and have a nice day