Warts n' All

Do you like roller coasters?  Do you scream or is this fun for you? An adventure perhaps... I'm not a fan, I have been dared to go on a few and did, but in reality, I close my eyes and scream, leaving my fingerprints on the foam handles. The whirl of colors is amazing, but it isn't worth the churn of my stomach and the gut wrenching fear. I do like the, "I survived feeling", but I can find other ways to get that rush.  What about you?  I feel like I'm at the top of the loop ,right now, as I descend the corner pin turn.(finishing FROG). I went through various boxes, tossed paint, gave a way fabric. It has been an emotional ride. I now need to go finish up, pack up what I don't plan on using for a while. Hubby thinks this should be easy, but it isn't for me.  I'm emotional connected to my crafty bits n' bobs.  I see potential in everything.  I find a box of recycled items, odd n' ends of felted sweaters, and a box of letters; He would heavy ho, for me, these could be treasures.   I know cleaning this space, will enable me to make n' do more. (It is an odd space in shape, in size. The pitch of the roof, doesn't allow much room to hang shelves). Every time I have tried to put my stamp on it. Well, the decorating police arrive.  I decided to go with a nature theme, garden terra cotta pots for pencils and paint brushes, tiny trellis to hang art work on. Husband is not a fan of my outdoors in, look. I not really a fan of his Ebay business all over the living room, including Flat rate boxes,tucked in a corner. It is gone now, but it was there for months. We usually move every 3 yrs and in doing so, one has to go through, sort and lighten the  load. We will have lived here, 9 yrs this summer. We have done some, but not to the degree it needs. We have out grown our house, so it seems. The reality is, we just haven't gone through and done the proper spring cleaning, fall toss. It happens...   My space will constantly be scrutinize, why I don't know, it is behind a closed door off of the kitchen,  above the garage. I guess I should make a sign, BEWARE, I HAVE WARTS.

The view is cloudy at the top of the coaster, but as I clear the clutter from my mind’s eye, I start to see glimpses of hope. I fear  life will not be the same, hence my hesitation to make the Frog(Furnished Room Over Garage) my own.  I will not be the same. I will be Alice falling through the rabbit hole; And the world as I know it will change. Daily doses of color and fabric will only contribute to my OCD=Obsessive Craft Disorder. Life as I know it will be forever changed, but I think it will be worth it, warts n' all.  


LTM said…
oh, how I would love to have a FROA... (anywhere) just for me! That's on the list for new house... oh, and I lurv roller coasters~ :o) <3 (also love those roses)
Anonymous said…
OCD....I have that too!

theeee best medical condition to have!

ciao bella!

creative carmelina
Ella said…
Carmelina-So this is why you have creative, before your name, LOL~ Yes, it is the best, but sad, when You can't find time, then the warts develop...tee,hee

Leigh-You love coasters,didn't know you were an adventure seeker! Happy for you; maybe my life style has been one, lol. It won't be totally mine, it leads to the attic, tiny 3ft door to crawl through and some nooks and crannies. My husband owes me, all his Navy uniforms are squeezing me out of the closet. Two thirds of the closet is his; so the FROG is my closet. He has 4 different uniforms, not kidding~
Diana Mieczan said…
You have such a beautiful blog:) Wish you a great day
Lisa said…
i really enjoyed reading this piece :) maybe some of hubby's space could be utilized in the creation of treasures? lolol
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I am thrilled you are creating your own separate space for your art. When hubby complains, sweetly tell him every artist and poet REQUIRES her own space, and you are creating it to keep the stuff that annoys him out of his way, though you yourself are extremely patient with boxes in the living room etc:)

I would so love a writing space like that, always wanted one of those turrets you see on some houses? Figured I could write better poetry in such surroundings. For sure, when I was younger, could have spent great times daydreaming in a turret about princes, before I gave up on the species:) (and mens' eyes started glazing over when I passed before their vision, hee hee).

You rock, Ellie - can we see photos of the finished room when it is done? By the way those are gorgeous roses..........did you get them for valentine's day?
Anonymous said…
OOOH I LOVE this tag, this is so awesome!!!
Jules said…
You take that space make it your own, fall through the rabbit hole and give warts to the mad hatter, just don't drink anything :)

I got my desk designed, now hopefully this weekend I'll be at the table saw getting it built.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Arlee Bird said…
I need someone to organize my garage. I've got a lot of stuff that some creative person could turn into something useful, beautiful, or at least interesting. Not me--I don't know what to do.

Tossing It Out
I love how you call that room FROG :))
My message is: jump Alice, jump, jump, jump! :)
Karen Walker said…
Ella, Thanks so much for your comment on my blog the other day. It really helped.
Hart Johnson said…
I used to adore roller coasters--now I like a mederate one, but I am much more cautious than I once was (and get vertigo a lot more easily--though more from spinning, which I used to adore and now don't recover well from) Also used to like being up high--I don't mind if I'm strapped in, now, but am not a fan of... say train tressles... (which I adored, long ago)

And for the worlds least crafty person, I am also attached to my bits and bobs... Hubby gets on me about it, as the only craft I EVER did was sew, and I haven't had a machine for 5 or more years... I think it is about potential... I can think of what each thing might become, even if I don't plan on making that of it...
Ella said…
Hart-You are so right, it is the concept of potential. A puzzle of random bits coming together to create a OOAK, piece of art. I bet you had fun sewing, you could use some of this in your book, I bet. Vertigo...sucks!
I would say you have channeled your creativity in other ways, writing for one, blogging, making meals...all creative, etc.

Karen-I am glad; It has been a rough winter for most~ Take Care

Dez-YOU should hear the frogs croaking out back, in my yard! lol Yes, I'm jumping in my FROG, getting it done, tee,hee. This was how our house was listed. I had never heard of a FROG, til I moved down south.

Lee-You could go through the artsy stuff and donate it to a school. Someone could use up this goodness. I know you still would have to sort that, though. It is a tedious chore, unless you have company and/or great music.

Jules-Warts...I thought the Mad Hatter already had them... You are funny, lol~
ooh, Do it, make that special desk, it will make a world of difference~

Annmaree-Thank you so much; I did a tag swap, last year! It was fun~

Sherry-Thank you; I always wanted to see the inside of this home in Camden, ME had 2 turrets. I daydreamed about this place most of my childhood, when I go home I so want to peer inside. It is fun to daydream...

Lisa-Maybe...lol Thank you!

Diana-Thank you so much~
Pixie said…
With you on the roller coaster AND the cleaning out the art supplies. I see a tiny scrap of beautiful paper and just KNOW I'll be able to use it later rather than tossing it in the recycle bin. I have to make myself go through and purge every now and then for the sheer reason of my tiny apartment.
Ella said…
Hi Pixie-I can so relate, lately I tuck little papers in my books n' magazine. I am such a keeper of random bits! Good Luck! It is hard~xXx