(My daughter's design, pretty cool)
*update my daughter, Angela,  won best T-shirt design and she said her pie rocked! There was a competition on T-shirt design~

 Today is Pie day have you heard?  My daughter's school  is having fun with this date, 3/14. Her projects were to make a pie for school(we made Brownie Fudge), make a T-shirt  and learn the pie song for Chorus. I'm embarrassed to share the recipe, but I will. Here is the story behind the Brownie Fudge Pie.  My husband n' I are newly married; it is Thanksgiving. We both have different holiday traditions .My family follows a more traditional path, except for these facts. My Mom cooks a huge turkey and a pork roast, both white n' sweet potato, applesauce a must for the roast and endless sides. This doesn't include the 12-13 pies she would make. My family wasn't into the pudding type pies. It was Apple, Cherry, Lemon, at least 2-3 of those, Pumpkin, Strawberry rhubarb, Squash(it's a New England thang) and Blueberry, etc. My aunts would bring the pudding type pies with whip cream. I would have to fight for the Lemon  Meringue pie. My brother and Mom's favorite, both Virgos is there a connection? Between you n' me, I think so, my son is a Virgo, too and his favorite pie is yes, Lemon.

My husband's family isn't Italian, but my husband's grandmother remarried an Italian gentleman. One year he made Lasagna for Thanksgiving, at their home. It was a huge hit, this became their new tradition. I have never seen anything like it.. I swear the pan is the bottom of a turkey roasting pan, filled with 6 different types of cheese,a secret homemade red gravy, layered to the moon, with homemade walnut sized meatballs. The top has sweet Italian sauce with ooey, gooey cheese and they serve it with a huge salad, ( think Olive Garden style) and homemade garlic bread. (Sorry, if I'm making you hungry)

Thanksgiving it is just us, newlyweds on a limited income. We can't have all of our favs and how do we decide, so I said, "when in Rome, why don't we have a Southern Thanksgiving".We don't know what this will include, but we have some ideas. Hubby is stationed in Pensacola, Florida; I am thinking collards, some kind of peas, beans, corn bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, Key Lime pie.

Hubby still wants to do our own thing; we are torn. I know I can't compete with his families' secret red gravy, I don't even own enough dishes, to do a smaller version of my Mom's dinner.  Thanksgiving morning and hubby says, "Let's just go for a ride to the beach, we will grab something to eat, something will be open!"

If we had made a decision, a phone call for a reservation would have tipped us off. Restaurants were not open in our area ; It has changed since then. We just couldn't make up our minds; we struggled with making a new tradition. Our drive along the Emerald coast line was breathtaking, sunny day, breezy and bright. I was so happy to be near the water, again. I couldn't breath, the 3months, we had been in Orlando. We stopped and found a spot and walked on the sandy, white beach running into the waves. It was beautiful; we both are from, New England and use to it's rocky coastline. It was heaven to play in the sand, it resembled granulated light brown sugar. We made a sandcastle, ran around, a few people were flying kites. We were getting hungry and decided to find a place to eat.  There wasn't anything open, we drove around and finally  found a Burger King. Husband stopped it was noon; They closed the door in our face, "Sorry, we are closed"; they had their own families, to get home to. I didn't even know Burger King did breakfast; They didn't where we were from, not yet.  We ended up at  SAFEWAY(grocery store) we bought hamburger, frozen fries, stuff for a salad and stuff to make a pie. He wanted something, with chocolate n' so did I.  I wanted ooey, gooey, not pudding. This is how Brownie Pie became our tradition; It is my daughter's favorite and what she wanted to take to school today:

Make your favorite pie crust or buy premade, line a 9" pie plate with dough. I pre bake the crust 425 F degree oven for 9 minutes. Take a fork and press holes in the bottom, so the dough won't bubble up.  Now make the filling: Take your favorite brownie recipe or a  mix and make it, as directions say. Now pour into cooled pie shell. If there is extra batter, chill it. You can bake the remaining dough in muffin tins, after the pie is done.  I light the oven to 350 F and bake, 30 min, you may want to check it sooner. It usually takes a bit longer, but everyone's oven heats different. If the crust starts to brown too much, then gently spread tinfoil over it, leaving it loose in the center so it won't stick to top.  Let cool and serve with a dollop of whipped cream. My daughter decorated this one with a Pie symbol.  Soooo what is your favorite pie and memory?


chrissy said…
you have encouraged me to make a pie....something i don.t normally do!

love you ella...
This was a lovely refreshing blog to read and to look at,

I would have to fight you for the lemon meringue. My mom used to make the best. A nice flaky crust, that was soft on the bottom from all the yummy lemony juices! Key lime pie is right up there too. Of course, the holidays just wouldn't be the same without pumpkin pie (gotta have whipped cream with it). And apple pie a la mode. Now that's good!

Yep! I'm officially salivating. I didn't know it was pie day or I would have made one. :) I missed pancake day too.

Sure makes it fun for the kids to do something other than just regular school each and every day. Have a great week. :) Tammy
Ella said…
Tammy-You want to arm wrestle ;-D I want pie, too~ Pizza pie is my choice today! Yum, lemon is soooo good! I haven't had a traditional Key Lime, the cream type ones. I want one, just like the lemon. You are right apple pie a la mode is incredible! I love a good coconut pie, with the toasted coconut on top of a mountain of whipped cream! You also have a great week!

Yvonne-Thank you;sorry if I made you hungry!

Chrissy-What kind are you making? I'm thinking pizza pie for tonight! It still will work with the theme! xXx
Angela Harris said…
HI Ella!

Thank you for entering my Heart Garland Giveaway! You are the winner of the mini heart garland!
Please send me your mailing address at your earliest convience :)

~Angela Harris
Kim Nelson said…
Oh Geez, Ella!
Now I HAVE to have pie. Don't you know I have 15 pounds to go?
I've never made a pie in my life, I'm more of a cake-baking person, as you know :) Can I drop by for some pie making lessons? :)
Wanda said…
My mom's sweet potato pie is the only one of its kind that I eat. Too bad I haven't mastered the art of baking it myself.
LTM said…
Love it! I heard about this on NPR this a.m., and I even listened to that musical inspiration. Yay! Here's to all kinds of pi~ :D <3
Mary Vaughn said…
Between the post and the comments I gained back the 10 pounds I lost!
I'm making that Brownie thing the next time the ids come to visit.
Jules said…
Any pie around me is just that...a memory! Your daughter did an awesome job on that t-shirt :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Cindy Adkins said…
Wow, that is so awesome--she did a great job!!!
RaShelle said…
Hey Ella - Yay for pie day!!! We had banana cream and lemon sour cream the other day. YUM!!!

Love the t-shirt. Congrats to your daughter.
Ella said…
RaShelle-Thanks, I will tell her! She was giddy when she came home; Pi Day was a hit! Yum...lemon sour cream, haven't had that one, sounds good!!!

Cindy-She will be pleased to hear these comments! Thanks for stopping by @>---

Jules-I will share with her; She will love seeing this! She ran out the door, as soon as she arrived home. Boyfriend had a home baseball game, so off we went. Thanks~

Mary-You are funny; I was happy to see the pie leave the house! lol

Leigh-Cheers for pi~ Thanks for being part of the fun! <3 555

Wanda-I think my husband wanted to move south, because he fell in love with Sweet potato pie. I forgot that one...oops! It is really good; I think my fav now after all these years is Coconut Cream and pizza pie of course~

Dez-Your cakes are amazing; You have skills, so artistically styled! I'm impressed; If I ever went to culinary school, I'd be hurting on the presentation. I could present well, but my stuff would need to be more uniform! You should give it a go!!! Yes, come on over ;-D

Kim-I know it is that time of year; I have a few lbs to shed, probably from Valentine's...lol
Make it veggie pizza!

Angela-How exciting; My Angela won and now, YOU, Angela tell me I won!!! I'm thrilled @>---