Cherry blossoms made their appearance this week in my yard; the Forsythia has bloomed. Wonderful signs Spring has sprung~ Spring's graceful arrival means lovely fashion trends, art, jewelry and accessories. All of these evoke the seasonal pull of color.  I thought  I would share some finds; check'em out~.

Shabby Apple is an unique site; It sells dresses for all body types with vintage influences, that fit to flatter. You can answer 3 questions and the site gives you suggestions, for your body type. I love the names of the vintage inspired collections:  South Pacific, Up n' and Away, The Berkshires, Yosemite, Oh La La, Golden Gate, Central Park, Carousel, Baja, The Silk Road and the Classics.  It is a fun site, check it out~

Sarah of A Fine Distraction  has some wonderful spring like blooms. Her jewelry is inspired by nature and romance, with an antique flair. Gorgeous items; Check her out~

S.S.C Photography & Prints has some mood evoking shots, to inspire and lead your home a touch of nature's glory.  Check out her beautiful, inspiring work~

 a Sunday Girl sells floral accessories, totes and PDF tutorials. You can make your own spring creations!

Funny, I didn't plan to use all S shops for this post or did I...   ;-D


I don't think jewelry is me, but I do like your photos.
Ella said…
Alex-Is chocolate you? Your wife might like those earrings ;-D How is your book coming along? Thank you~ I wish you had been around for my prediction. Hart's Ides of March blogfest was so fun!
Holly Ruggiero said…
Yeah for signs of spring!
Jules said…
Ah Yes, spring has sprung and so has my allergies :) I have been suffering all week.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Bossy Betty said…
Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for the links too!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Our cherry blossoms are getting ready to open, but havent yet. Daffodils and smaller things, like crocus are poking up. What I am loving is the daylight in the early evening, the milder temperature and, tonight, when I went to put the horse in the barn, the smell of smoke on the air - my neighbor was burning something in his burn barrel. Love that smokey smell.

So much to love, in being alive - so much to fear from nuclear reactors. Sigh. Have to apreciate what is, while it still Is.
Ellie said…
Stunning pictures and fascinating post - thank you!
Lovely post, we have a gorgous pink cherry blossom tree in the garden, out in full bloom,
A sure sign spring is on the way.

ooooh, lovely flowers ... I'm waiting for my spring daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths and tulips to arrive with the warmer weather next month :)
Mary said…
It will be a while before blossoms here, but beautiful photos!
Diana Mieczan said…
Such a great photos and Im so happy that spring is here already:) Hugs and kisses, my dear
Pixie said…
As of yet, nothing has bloomed here but it's just around the corner! My itchy eyes tells me so. Can't wait to see green!
Hi Ella .. isn't it great the flora is beginning to sprout and show her beauty .. our cherry blossom is starting - but it's cold today - a good slow Spring ahead .. the bulbs last longer .. beauties to behold .. cheers Hilary
Anonymous said…
Wonderful sites-thanks for sharing those. We're just starting to see some blossoms down here in Texas, won't be long til Spring is in full bloom. Have a blessed week!