A is for Authentic

At the end of the 2010, I picked a word for the New Year. I chose authentic; the words, awaken, acceptance and achieving come to mind. We learn as we go, attempting to reveal ourselves. I think attitude has a lot to do with this journey. Lately I feel  humbled, by life and some of the paths I have chosen. Self-discovery is always a road filled with road blocks, detours, many recalculations and a few flat tires. I was an artist first, before my love affair with words arrived. I took a chance and submitted some work to one of my fav magazines. I am in the April issue,"No, I'm not April Fooling you"...lol.  It is a tiny contribution, not exactly what I wanted, but it does feel good to be part of the magic. It feels like the lottery in a way; hope I can win again! I love the top line "Authentic and Creative Living"!

 I am so thrilled, to be back for round 2 of A-Z blogging challenge: I look forward to reading posts, making new friends and seeing what magic unfolds this year! Did I see we are up to 948!   WHOA~Here's to a great month~ I'll post Cheers, at the end ;-D    Don't forget the other A word(my shabby Apple give away; you have til April 6, the winner will be announced on the 7th; Good Luck!)


Arlee Bird said…
Beautiful, Ella. It the past year you have grown so much as a creative person. You never cease to amaze us. Thank you for always being authentic. This is a great way to start your Challenge.

Tossing It Out
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alberta ross said…
Already I have found 2 fellow Brits and it has only just started - great start look foward to reading more here
Marjorie said…
Authentic is a great word for today. I always try to be authentic too.
Really beautiful Ella, it's great to be back for a second year. Good luck with the challenge.

Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.
Rachael Harrie said…
Great A-Z Challenge entry! It’s interesting to see how many different things people have come up with for the letter A. Congrats on your article (and I love your blog header BTW)!


lunawitch15 said…

Leave me a poem?
Siv Maria said…
Nice to meet you Ella. I look forward to coming back and cruising your archive. Nice word you started out with and congrats on finding the magic
Sheila Siler said…
Congrats on publishment! Nice to meet you.
Ellie said…
It's lovely to meet you, Ella. Your post was beautiful and inspirational. I shall be back for more!

Ellie Garratt
Jan Morrison said…
Great post, Ella! I've taken at similar attack at Jan Morrison
hope you come on over to look at 'attitude'! Glad to find your beautiful blog...
Jules said…
Great word, great post and BIG Hooray for the published piece, my Authentic friend :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Joyce said…
Visiting from A to Z...your blog is lovely and congrats on the magazine! I'm hopping over now to check out your giveaway...have a great weekend!
Hi Ella .. great word ..and C for congratulations on being published - that's B for brilliant news .. it'll be a fun month ..

Cheers Hilary
Rebecca Bradley said…
I think authentic is a great word. Being honest and true to yourself. I look forward to following your blog.

Misha said…
Authentic is a great word, and so important when it comes to writing.

Congrats on getting into the magazine.

ggray said…
Congrats on your work in a Somerset magazine. As a writer and a rabid paper arts fanatic, I can fully appreciate your thrill. I've written a number of potential articles for their various magazines and never had the guts to submit, even though I've submit my poetry and fiction with a good bit of success to numerous magazines over the years. I think it's because I hold the contributors to these publications on such a high pedestal due to their amazing talent and inspiration. Congrats! It's a first step! I'm dong the happy dance for you and may try myself!
Alex F. Fayle said…
I pick a word for the year too! Last year it was "professional" - meaning I stopped considering my writing as a hobby and got professional about it.

This year it's "consistent" - meaning putting in a consistent effort in all areas of the professional writing life. Every decision I make comes back to that word (as well as the word from 2010). It really helps me focus.
hope you will show us that contribution of yours in that magazine, Ella! I'd like to see it.
Hart Johnson said…
Oh, authentic is a GREAT word! And I agree with you, a huge part of it is attitude--a conviction of being true to yourself. Very nice!
Stephen Tremp said…
Authentic is such a great word ... it can be my word for the day. Thanks for theinspiration and have a great weekend.

Oh, and your WORD VERIFICATION is still on.
Seams Inspired said…
Beautiful choice...Authentic. Love it!

Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. I look forward to reading your posts. Happy Friday! :o)
Bev Hankins said…
Nice to meet you, Ella! Congratulations on your magazine contribution!

Stopping by on the A-Z Challenge
Bev@My Reader's Block (#288 on the list)
great word and one i would have never thought of .. I want to go to barnes and noble now..and see your name and work.. what page LOL
And this post is exactly why you need to check out my post for E!
Karen Walker said…
Hi Ella, just meeting you for the first time thru the challenge and so glad I found you. I blog about my journey as well. Congrats on the publication.
Old Ollie said…
Authentic - one of my favourite words! All too rare. Thanks EE!
salarsenッ said…
This was a beautiful and inspiring post. You understand what it means to be an Author. (LOL) Congrats on your article. Glad to meet you.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Congrats on the article! Authentic is a great word to start with for the challenge.
Ella said…
Diane-Thank you, I didn't write the article, some of my art was featured and I'm quoted. Thanks, I will visit you soon!

Salarsen-No, not yet, just a few quotes and art. I am working on it though ;-D Thank you!

Ollie-Thank you; I loved your poem, it was sooo authentic ;-D

Karen-I mentioned something to you on a Feb post; I'm thyroid gal. Nice to have you visit me~

Alex-Aye Captain; You are making me blush~

Lisa-I'm part of the recipe challenge. I don't have an article; my art was part of an article. I am quoted. It is a stepping stone, still fun!

Bev-Thank you; I will come visit you soon~

Seams Inspired-Love your name, I will visit~
Thank you~

Stephen-Thank you and I took care of it; Thanks for the reminder.

Hart-It is part of unearthing our true self(sometimes fun, sometimes a pain)

Dez-It is a nod; I'm quoted and I have 2 photos of my art work. They liked the way I wrapped it, The lottery would be to get the cover or an article! Try, try again ;-D Thank you, you are sweet~
Joe Richardson said…
Lovely post, Ella.

You mentioned your small contribution to Somerset Life. My daughter (Emma) just finished up a part in the play Annie. Several kids had small roles--but they were so good, so entertaining, so full of joy, that they won the crowd and made the show. I suspect your contribution is much the same.

Congratulations on having the courage to place your work, and for your beautiful blog.
Ella said…
Joe-Thanks for the lovely reminder; You are right it is the tiny touches and small roles that can bring so much joy! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is a wonderful journey back, to a place I wish I could visit~
Ella said…
Alex F-I so agree, it is like a stamp on your brain to remain on that path. A target of sorts~ Thanks for stopping by.

ggray-Your book looks wonderful and your art is gorgeous~ Stunning!

Misha-Thank you so much; I look forward to visiting your blog.

Rebecca-Thanks for visiting me; I will be by soon~It is exciting to make new friends!

Hilary-You are so clever; Can't wait to see what you come up with...

Joyce-Hi, yes please do... I will come visit you~

Jules-It is a few quotes and 2 photos; I'm still thrilled, but I want more...so will try again!
Thank you!

Jan-Your post was great; I love your attitude ;-D

Ellie-Yes, we travel in similar circles; I look forward to your posts~

Sheila-Thank you; Nice to meet you~
Mary Vaughn said…
Congratulations! May this be just the beginning for you.

Ella said…
Thank you so much Mary! @>---
Ann Best said…
Congrats on the article. May there be many more to come. I'm happy to meet you!
Lorena G. Sims said…
Authentic what a great choice for A! Congratulations Ella on getting into Magazine.
Clarissa Draper said…
Great word! That magazine looks like something I would pick up. Is it available for Kindle, I wonder...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Congrats on the magazine acceptance! Keep submitting! It all will happen! Love your post about being authentic - that is the journey, to become who we truly are. Dont let anyone dim your light, Ellie!!!!!!! Keep being the artist that you are.
Brianna said…
Congratulations on being published in your favorite magazine!
Ella said…
Brianna-Thank you; Thanks for visiting me~

Sherry-I was just thinking I needed to email you; YOU said, it would happen!@>---- Thank you so much xXx

Clarissa-Thank you; I'm not sure, but I bet it is likely~

Lorena-I did chose the word, back in Dec. I was doing a REverb challenge then. It stated it would help define us, our year. Thank you so much~

Ann-Nice to meet you; Thank you for your kind words~
Ella said…
Siv-Nice to meet you; I love you are a magic kind of girl!

Thank you Luna...

Rachael-I took a photo of my neighbor's mail box, lol. I don't think they read my blog ;-D Thank you~

Yvonne-Always fun to visit you; Thanks for coming by! Hard to believe this is our 2nd year...time flies~

Marjorie-YOU did a great job on you blog today. You were authentic ;-D

Alberta-It is fun, isn't it. WE don't know how many connections we will make with others, till we try! Nice to meet you~

Lee-Thank you for being first; It was a great way to start round 2. Wow, Lee, can't believe how many you have captured this year. I know it will be as enchanting and magical, as last year!
It is nice to know another entertaining Jackson. My Dad was one major performer, part time clown, played guitar and movie buff. Thanks Lee~
Corinne O'Flynn said…
That's a lovely word, authentic. A promise we should all make for ourselves and try very hard to keep. Congrats on the publication!!
Sage said…
I agree with Corinne, it is a lovely word and something we should hold true to.. after all if we are not authentic, how can anything else be that we touch? xx
Tamara McRill said…
Authentic--now that's an important word! Great choice to start the challenge with. Congrats on your magazine piece!
Tea said…
Congratulations, you're a published author. I like the word "authentic." It's another A word that never entered my mind. Love the header of your blog too. Gorgeous.
Joanne said…
Just popped over from the challenge. It's my first year. I read your post and your words really spoke to me. My dream is to be published and I get discouraged alot but I am still trudging along. Congratulations on your published work! This is only the begining! Blessings, Joanne
Holly Ruggiero said…
Great post. I can’t believe there are over 900 participants!

A-Z Fellow Challenger
Holly Ruggiero’sPOV
Janet said…
Congratulations on your magazine entry. Love that top line, too. Great "A" entry...looking forward to more!
Grammy said…
Hi, I don't choose a single word for the New Year, because life changes so quickly. I guess if I had chosen a word for this year, it would have been adjustment, since I am still adjusting to the absence of my Sweetie Pie from my life, but I do have the wonderful memories. I know I am no different from the many other women or men who have lost their mates. I will try to come back, and I am trying to visit all the "challenged" at least once this month.
Rachel said…
This was such a beautifully written post.
Best of luck to everyone in the challenge.
septembermom said…
Authentic is a fabulous word to focus on today. This is a beautifully expressed post. I'm very happy to meet you through the challenge. Sending the best of luck to you :)
Myne Whitman said…
Good luck with the challenge, I enjoyed reading about authentic, and your take on it.
Laura said…
Congratulations on the published bit... it's a real case of keep plugging away and enjoying yourself isn't it!
Lovely to meet you and have a fab challenge
Soooz said…
Lovely post, hello and greetings from Australia, we are already into day 2. I have followed an Australian theme.

C R Ward said…
What a great start to the challenge!
laura lee said…
AUTHENTIC! yes, love it. thought of this word at the PTA meeting today in fact. lovely lovely blog. and congratulations!
Authentic - beautiful word choice, and great post!
Hi! Good for you for getting published. I found you through the land of A-Z, and just wanted to say hello.

Have a great weekend, and nice to meet you.

Kathy M.
Congrats on the article!

Lynnette Labelle
Dani said…
Hi, I'm another challenge fool!

Blog Book Tours Blog
nutschell said…
Hello fellow A-Zer!
We are up to 1085 challengers now. It's going to be a long month. Good luck to all of us!
thelmaz said…
From another challenged blogger, oops, I meant challenger blogger, I love your A word. Signing up to follow, Thelma Z widowsphere.bogspot.com
a sojourner said…
hi Ellie:)

you're off to a grand start which comes as no surprise here! i like the the word you chose. it fits you perfectly because you always come across as being genuine.
Congrats on being in the magazine! That's so cool! I enjoyed your Challenge entry and look forward to reading more tomorrow!
Wow, congratulations on the publication! Loved your word choices, too. Mine is follow through...something I struggle with.

Flat tires! Yeah, I have some of those, lol :)
I love the look of that magazine! Congrats :-)

Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers
Wanda said…
Congrats Ellie on making it into the magazine.
Alison Miller said…
Congrats on your publication! And I will strive to be authentic as well!
Sheila said…
Beautiful! This is something that I needed to read today. So happy for your publication.

Reviewer & Writer
Book reviews and Author Interviews at my blog at http://whynotbecauseisaidso.blogspot.com/
Lynda R Young said…
Authentic is a great word. Congrats on your publishing achievement :)
W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey
Duncan D. Horne said…
Wow! A bombardment of 'A' words! Nicely done!

Duncan In Kuantan
Julia Smith said…
Congratulations on being in the April magazine issue - that's very exciting (I love magazines!)

A Piece of My Mind
Kolleen said…

whooooo hoooooo!

that is really wonderful .... i am so happy for you!!!

happy weekend to you and yours
Niki said…
Congrats on being in the mag :o) Well done!
Donna said…
Nice to meet you Ella. I look forward to reading more posts. Congratulations on the magazine post!
Jingle said…
wow, Glad to see you doing it.

love word authentic as well...
Oh Ellen!! my heartiest congratulations to you on your being published in Somerset Life!!--I have tried SO many times! haha! That is so awesome and I can't wait to pick up one and see it in there!
Ella said…
Scarlett-It isn't what you think; It is a wink n' a nod. Two photos and a paragraph where I am quoted, but I'm still working on it. ;-D
I hope your baby is better; I'm still sending you thoughts n' prayers!
Hello from the A-Z crew! Your post is heartfelt and beautiful. Love your blog!
Lynette Killam said…
How fantastic for you to get into the a Somerset magazine, Ellie! I'll look for that right away, and you've inspired me to put myself forth a little more...nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

'Authentic' is the perfect word for you as that is always the tenor of your blogging voice...:)

Imagination Lane
Ella said…
Thank you everyone, for taking the time to comment!
I hope to get to visit all of you! I look forward to making new friends and sharing! It is an amazing challenge; Enjoy~ Thanks again; I'm touched by everyone's kindness @>----
mudupock said…
Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.

wafeperu said…
Very intereresting reading. thx