A Second Helping...

I love the quote on this napkin! Today my daughter, my youngest turned fifteen. One always wonder where time goes...It flies! It seemed like time was normal, till I had children, then magically it started to speed up. I remember always hearing other people say this, "Wait till you have kids, You will see".  They were right!

It started last night, with me trying to release my inner Cake Boss. Didn't work out, I ended up running to the store, for more confectionery sugar and frosting bags. I seem to remember my Mom making them, I thought I could, too. I even tried the Ziplock bag trick; cut one corner, at an angle and put the frosting tip inside, fill with frosting. Didn't work so well for me; I felt like I had channeled my inner, Lucy, frosting started to ooze out all over me, not so much on the cake. Cake decorating has changed, since I use to watch my Mom make and sell cakes. She improvised and came up with clever ways to over come. Me, everything I tried, was cursed. My daughter said before my confectionery attempts, "Mom, I'll never be  as creative as you".  I laughed, knowing I now was jinxed. See, I wanted to make this Ruffle frosted cake.  I didn't have the right tip, thought I did, even went to go buy it, but couldn't find it at 10:30 pm last night. I found this video, just a day ago...so, it was a last minute idea.This is what she had instead, a french vanilla cake with orange frosting. She was happy with it, in reality that is all that matters. I tried once to buy her a pretty cake; She loved it, till she took a bite and said never again, She was six years old, at the time.
 This has been her favorite cake, requested each year since age eight. It reminds her of a Creamsickle.  We have to have cookie dough ice cream with it, to have that chocolate orange combo. She likes blue frosting, her birthstone color.  I have tried to get her to try chocolate cake; No, she doesn't want to mess with a good thing...her words.                                  
Happy Birthday Grit Girl! Yankee parents with a Girl Raised In The South!  You are my sunshine; Thanks for fifteen glorious years of Barbies, tea parties, swimming, shore treasure hunts, bike races, and Dance, Dance Revolution. Now hair, make-up, shopping and boys. Happy Birthday Angie Pangie Pudding Pie...XOX!


Ciss B said…
Oh, for those days again! Mine are all in their thirties and I have 4 grandchildren. (And I love it today too!)
signed...bkm said…
Oh what a beautiful birthday story and a lovely daughter age 15 what a great age...I am happy that you have such a great relationship....thank you for sharing your happiness...bkm
Hi Ella .. have a lovely day today .. such fun - and here's to many many more birthday cakes ahead .. I wonder when she'll change cakes?! Fun weekend .. cheers Hilary
You brought back wonderful memories when mine was small, their dad was still with us and parties and Christmas was happy times, Well 2 are in their forties , one having three children and my daughter has one son who is just getting interested in soccer, My youngest son has none as yet. Enjoy them while they are young life passes by so quickly.

Wanda said…
You are making memories that'll last a lifetime. Hope she had a blast on her birthday.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I loved this so much! Your daughter is a lucky girl!!!!! Happy Birthday, Angie!
Hello Ella there's an award waiting for you at my blog, it's called Friends For The Journey.

Tammy said…
LOVE this quote: "It seemed like time was normal, till I had children, then magically it started to speed up." How true it is! And that cake looks gorgeous. Happy belated birthday to your not-so-little girl!
Diana Mieczan said…
Awww...that is soo sweet. Happy Birthday to her:) Have a great day, darling
LTM said…
yum! That cake looks fantastic, and happy b'day to your "baby." I can only imagine--7 years has already flown for us!

Second helpings of sunshine, please! Have a great day~ <3 xoxo
Ella said…
Leigh-Thank you; It really goes fast! Yes, don't we all deserve seconds on sunshine! Have fun, I'm jealous~xXx

Diana-Thanks darling, I hope you weekend was fab~

Tammy-Thank you; We had a great time. We took her to a Japanese restaurant, she had water squirted at her, food thrown at her and then ice cream dotted on her nose...all in good fun!

Madeleine-Thank you, it went well, when I gave up on the cake. I relaxed and she was fine, with it. I was told I was fun... I will cherish the memories~

Yvonne-Thank you so much!xXx

Sherry-Thank you; I think I definitely made it memorable. We had fun rushing around, getting the last minute items. It made it more zany~

Wanda-Thank you; I think it went well, lots of smiles~

Yvonne-I loved what you wrote. I am glad you revisited that part of memory lane. It is a wonderful way to go back and remember those treasured moments~ Thank you!

Hilary-Thank you; I really thought this would be the cake changing year. Maybe Sweet Sixteen she will want something different...

BKM-It is a wonderful age; I'm pleased we get along so well. I hope she has fond memories, some day~

Ciss B-Enjoy those grandkids...I bet you spoil them~ ;-D
That cake looks awesome!
Becky said…
This post oozes with sweet love. Happy birthday to your darling girl.
Ella said…
Charmaine-Thank you; It was, nice moist lots of vanilla with faint notes of orange. It didn't over power.

Becky-Thank you; She had a wonderful day and now is waiting to go on that fabulous shopping extravaganza. (next weekend) It is sweet to make more cherished memories; she is appreciative and a happy girl! I'm lucky @>---
Jan said…
What a great quote :) I think I may ask for seconds of sunshine today :) Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower :)