Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #38  involves a quote, I chose, "Patience is a virtue"~

This proverb has been traced back to 'Piers Plowman' (1377) it was first written in latin... Maxima enim..patientia virtus

Whispers of illusion
Paints its memory in fog
Clouds of grief cackle n’ clap, sparks fly
As heat dances across the angry sky
Morning dew freshens Mother Earth’s thirst
Painted Ladies flirt, above the marigolds n’ everlastings
Summer’s treasures ebbs n’ flow, in tidal pool.
Soon we'll kiss endless balmy skies good-bye.

Last rose of summer fades in an orange haze
Sun washed bee wax scents the autumn wind
Dawn’s design leaves lingers of lies
Flamed trees embrace the Indian summer’s breeze
Mood barometer is fickle
Bewitching day arrives with dizzy frenzy

Screaming bare branches, soon scratch windows,
Howling nights leave chills up one’s spine
Hibernation arrives in lingering dreams
Solitude blankets Earth
Stillness slows society,
Snow drops poke out and say Hello

Clouds burst, illusion awakens crushed pine needles
Forest filtered light stays longer,
Kite flying days in endless sky, etches Spring break
Cherry blossoms drop confetti cheer
Cadence flirts, makes the journey on its own time.

Patience is a virtue~.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I so love this, with all the seasons captured so wonderfully. I need my patience, right now - wanting to take Zenny to the beach with sleet and snow on the highway and the weather not cooperating at all! Great poem, Ellie!
Mary said…
So many beautiful images, Ellie. I love the idea of 'Bewitching Day.'
Ella said…
Hi Mary-Thank you, I love the change in seasons. It was magical, where I grew up in Maine. I have lived where the seasonal pull isn't the same. Florida and Alaska(only have two seasons) ;-D

Sherry-I hope you n' Zenny get to go! I love to walk the shore line and find treasures. Nothing like the ebb n' flow of the tide to calm one's nerves! Thank you Sherry~
Elizabeth said…
Ella, love the quiet steady ebb and flow of the seasons you create with lovely imagery. I have always envied the patience of others, until I realized that I'd been growing some of my own.

Lynette Killam said…
Lovely journey through the seasons, Ellie... described so vividly! I always enjoy your Maine memories...:)

Imagination Lane
This is wonderful it qoutes all the seasons, at present I have on my blog the song"To Every Season Turn Turn Turn",

Have a lovely day.
Trellissimo said…
Caddoc would agree with you, but I'm not so sure about Ada! I'm all for patience myself...
Lucy Westenra said…
All should note the above comment. The on-going story of Ada and Caddoc Trellis is one long hoot. It dispenses with the relentless, turgid, self-satisfied introspection which characterizes so much blog poetry and actually makes the reader laugh. That some of the verse is lamentable (surely deliberate?) only adds to the hilarity.
Old Ollie said…
ol Piers will set us straight. Thoughtful poem EE.
Diana Mieczan said…
That is such a beautiful poem! Perfect for today:) Happy Friday, darling
Lovely, Ella.

The line 'Kite flying days in endless sky...' brought back memories of when I was a child and we would sit for hours in the fields below the castle, flying our kites. They were amazingly beautiful days. The best.

Thanks for the memories. :-)

paperbird said…
"Cherry blossoms drop confetti cheer"
So Beautiful Ellen!
I love this.
I am always inspired by those who can write so beautifully.
You are very talented- thank you for sharing your gifts.

Patience is a virtue and one I need to work on :-(
Tammy said…
I loved the imagery, too. Especially that sun washed bee wax. Lovely.
Judy Roney said…
Ah, spring arrives. This is what we are looking for. Wonderful journey through seasons, Ella.
lovely poem and a totally adorable picture :))
flaubert said…
Ella, a lovely journey with your words.

Ella said…
Pamela-Thank you; I kinda wish I had made winter more beautiful, but knowing it has been a hard winter for most, didn't dare. lol

Dez-Thank you; I love it, too. It isn't my dog, it was part of the prompt. I have a crazy beagle.
Do you have pets?

Judy-Thank you; yes, I think spring will make a grand entrance this year~

Tammy-Thank you, I had fun writing it! Thanks for stopping by.

Lorraine-I have to work on this one, too. Thank you so much, for your kind words. This isn't a medium, I ever thought to venture in. It amazes me,how blogging opens up so many paths and we try new things. @>---

Paul-I love the picture you just gave me. Flying a kite, below the castle :-D I have fond memories of flying kites. My neighbor had this brilliant idea to put it on a fishing pole and go to the town wharf. It was amazing and so fun~ Glad I reminded you of a wonderful time in your life~ I think I need to go buy a kite~Thank you!

Diana-Thank you, so much~ I hope you had a Happy Weekend~

Ollie-I think Piers did! ;-D Thank-you!

Yvonne-I love that song, I will be by~Thank you!

Lynette-Thank you so much; I always enjoy your poems n' photos.

Elizabeth-I love that you shared your growth. It is a process~ Thank-you!