Think Tank Thursday

Sorry, I haven't been online. My brother n' family came by for a visit, all the way from Maine. They kept calling me, we are in VA. Where are you? They wouldn't say. I receive this phone call. Do you have a boat in your yard? "Yes" windchimes?  "Yes"  a slate plaque of a beagle?  "No".  This looks like your house, we are in the yard honking. I looked out my window. "No, you're not".  They were on the next street. I ran out of the house and told them how to find me. So funny, I wonder what the neighbors thought! lol  They came down to go to see his son graduation from Marine bootcamp. Congrats Dana; OORAH!

Yes, I am late for Think Tank Thursday; Poets United decided prompt #39 would be ghosts.  There are a lot of ways to approach this. Have I seen a ghost, "No"; I have felt a strong presence and smelled strong perfume. My Mom has lights go on and off at her home and when we hit the stairs, to go to bed,sometimes the TV would come back on, all by itself.  It did freak me out a bit, I would just yell, "Dad, cut it out". My father passed away thirty-one years ago.  I can sometimes smell his apple spice pipe tobacco, so strong, it literally feels like he shoved my nose in the pouch, he use to carry it in.

Midnight sky shadows the pale moon's light

Quicksilver fog dances low in the bay's harbor

Muffled voices whisper in the cold, salty sea spray

On the gray time worn wharf, watching the sea

Half dreams, make shift memories arrive

Neglected souls, lost at sea, limbo life

Captain's home, skeleton key opens portal

All that remains are faded photos of him

 Death's stench in stale air

Gray Travertine particles fall

Settling in the crevices of the old plank floor

Hidden things with fur, crawl and lurk in dark corners

Fractured fragments arrive in long, dark shadows

Thick cobwebs like cheesecloth with sepia dust

Encase wrought iron barred windows

Frail light filters through stained gold glass

Curtains move, cascading orb dances past

Frigid cold vapor comes from my lungs

Pale skinned bony fingers, touch my arm

I awake in my bed, sky blue comforter and cloud pillows

TV is on

It was just a nightmare...


it seemed like a nightmare,

Have a wonderful week-end.

Your family sounds inspirational for some funny stories. Glad it was the TV.
How scary!!
I feel shivery after reading. You have certainly painted a ghostly image with your words.
Best wishes, Eileen
Bossy Betty said…
Great images! Spooky!

Love your header, by the way!
LTM said…
very cool--gray travertine particles fall... nice. Everyone seems to be into ghosts these days. I'm diggin it. :o) <3 have fun w/your family!
nutschell said…
New follower here. Love the poem. It's deliciously creepy--like something that should be read by a warm fire on a cold night. :0
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Very ghostly and spooky. Love the shadowy transluscent feel of the piece. I also loved your story of your dad turning the tv on! And the times you smell his pipe. Way cool to know he's still close by.
Lynette Killam said…
Spooky and wonderful, Ella! I do like being frightened and your poem painted such a believable picture. I especially enjoyed "death's stench in stale air"...deliciously creepy!

Imagination Lane
Good imagery. If I had nightmares like that, I'd be scared to go to sleep. :)
Hi Ella .. the thought of turning up in someone else's driveway and saying 'we're here' .. is a laugh .. but love the story .. ghosts and nightmares - glad it's sunny now! Cheers Hilary
Lolamouse said…
Imagery was quite chilling! Gave me the shivers!
Anonymous said…
That's a funny story. And I don't have too many scary dreams. Once in a while but mine are mostly wacky. Some though take me back to awkward times. Not sure why my sleeping brain would want to revisit these events.
It's nice that Dad is still kinda visiting, even if just through memories. And sense of smell sometimes really can be stronger than vision or touch when it comes to bringing back memories.
flaubert said…
Ella, this is haunting and wonderfully written.

Mary said…
Ella, this is frightfully well written and a creative approach to the prompt!
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you, so many ways to go with this one!
It means a lot~

Pamela-Thank you, I may work on it and make it a story. I am related to a sea captain in Searsport, Maine. His ship was lost at sea, his wife had polio and struggled to walk. He left her with 3 kids, a girl and twin boys.

Dez-I so agree, but no one in my home smokes!

Movies Mind-Thank you; I will be by to visit you soon~

Stephen-It is odd,something during our day reminds us. It ends up haunting us again in our dreams!~

Lolamouse-I didn't mean to scare; Thanks for visiting me, I will stop by. Don't be timid I don't usually scare people or do I?!

Thanks Hilary-I can tease them a long time, with this story! I need to go check out this plaque. I have been by the house, but not close enough to see the details of the plaque. My brother n' SIL think I need to go make friends with them. lol

Lynette-Thank you; I thought your take was rather cool, that photo...really lead one's mind to wander!!!

Madeleine Begun Kane-I didn't really dream it, but I grew up in a Sea Captain's town, lots of history.
Glad you liked it~

Sherry-We had a seance when I was home. Dad didn't appear, but my Mom wouldn't participate. We blame her for Dad not appearing. It was all n' fun...we still laugh about it, but strange things do happen in her house.

Nutshell-Love your name, too cute! Nice to meet you! My Great Aunt was married to a sea captain and waited for his return. He was lost at sea. My father was named after him, Earle so I went that route. I will visit you soon~

Leigh-Thanks for coming by...yeah, needed to stir up some dust! Can't have ghosts without it, right?! lol 555 xXx

Thank you Bossy Betty; I love your name~Thanks I walked my street looking for signs of spring!

Eileen-Thank you; YOU must have some wonderful ghost tales in your heritage!

Susan-Yes, I am related to some pranksters, for sure! Thanks for visiting me~

Yvonne-Thank you that is what I intended. When I go home, I will have to take some pics of some of the oddities. My Mom house has an old stained glass window, a secret hinged step in her staircase to hide is kind of spooky!
Judy Roney said…
You gave such great descriptions and I could see the scene so clearly. I was thankful to read the ending and find it was just a dream. :)
Ella said…
Hi Judy-Thank you for stopping by! I remember riding or walking by those grandiose sea captain's homes. I always wanted to spend the night in one.