Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #40, this week is Hope. Hope for Japan, our world, as we see life shift and wonder what is in store for their nation, our country, and the World!  My thoughts n' prayers to all affected by this tragedy and other disasters!

Crumbled black soil remains
 through veil of fine mist
Heaven's precious tears
Sacred breath remains
 as one climbs past sorrow
pearls of Seventh house still in view
when a child smiles
awakens inner garden of Faith
precious seeds plant new dreams
root fibers spread like an open hand
Hunger drinks optimism, partakes of enriched soil
proud stems rigid in torrent downpour
Soul's whisper awakens rooted, not rotted faith
shoots unfurl, tendrils reach upward carrying
compost memories of ancestor's blood, sweat n' tears
Prana awakens heart's sense
listen to deep whispers
transparent wings appear
potential life, still green inside
mysterious gifts extend firmly planted beliefs
Grace grows in fertile mind.


Beautiful Ellie! Sending love to you, thank you for your words. :)

Anonymous said…
As always....profound and inspiring words my friend. Your poetry is so eloquent and deep!
Rashmi said…
Ella.....So beautiful....
paperbird said…
dear ellen- this is so beautiful.

i have been meaning to come by and thank you for your sweet award and the kind words you left my way. you are such a sweet spirit and SO very talented. thank you for your visits to my blog and for the beauty you share here.

have a beautiful weekend.
Hi, this is beautiful! Visiting your blog for the first time and loved every bit of it. All the best. You are talented. :)
Lynette Killam said…
A lovely poem, Ella, full of hope and the power of regeneration! The seedling analogy is wonderful as is your photo...

My heart, too, goes out to the people of Japan...will continue sending them prayers and good thoughts...

Imagination Lane
Bossy Betty said…
Such a powerful and positive image for the current situation. Lovely...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, you have done it again. Such beautiful writing and the photo, and your words, have so much hope in life, clinging tenaciously as it gets a grip on survival. "potential life still green inside" and "grace grows in fertile mind". Wowzers!
Thank you for sharing those lovely words. most inspirational.

Thanks for the visits and lovely comments.

Isabel Doyle said…
very heartfelt, lovely poem
Wanda said…
Great job Ellie. A small seed of hope is all one needs to bring about new life.
Becky said…
So much is possible through hope...and helping hands.
Old Ollie said…
Nice EE - I'm all for the growth of grace.
Myrna R. said…
this is beautiful, hopeful and strong. What a great response to the prompt.
LTM said…
I love that about grace growing in the fertile mind. Beautiful. Thanks, Ella! :o) <3
flaubert said…
Ella, grace does grow in a fertile mind. Beautiful piece.

Carrie Burtt said…
Ella this is a beautiful reflection of your hopeful and beautiful heart! :-)
Sarath Unnithan said…
Nice ella
words to lift our souls...give back the hope that was until then been buried under the weight of disaster..
Nice ella ~
Hello Ella,
Your words give a sense of hope in so many ways.
Out of all that can be dark and beyond hope, even the weakest situation, can be revived.

Best wishes, Eileen
Mary said…
Beautiful poem of hope, Ella! Blessings to you.
Willow said…
Most hopeful, positive, inspirational poem for everything, but timely about Japan. Thank you for you and your positive view. Yes, we do recover, earth and children of earth. Thank you.
This is a lovely, hopeful piece of writing, Ella. :-) Full of optimism and new beginnings.
Judy Roney said…
What wonderful metaphor of rising out of the soil again. Beautiful!
Jingle Poetry said…
love it, the image gives one vivid image of your message.

Our week 27 poetry potluck is open Now,
Welcome and Share 1 to 3 poems with us today,
Your poetry rocks…
Bless your day…
Diana Mieczan said…
This is so beautiful, darling. Thank you for those amazing words. Have a great Monday
The imagery and diction you employed here is splending. You have not told us hope but showed us how it grows.
Anonymous said…
This is a graceful tribute to the human spirit. Your choice of words, so like the poetry of Japan. A wonderful response to a difficult prompt, E. Peace, Amy
doreen said…
Perfect; beautiful words to inspire me to plan my garden..the one in my yard and the one in my heart.
I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.

Go to and pick up your award.

your images amaze me.. and I love your poetry.. I always say I am going to do the same prompts... and I never do it.. YOU are one talented women, mom and friend...
Ella said…
Lisa-Thank you so much; You are the crafty diva!
I loved the treasure chest and loot! So cute~

Deirdra-Thank you so much; I will pass this on later this week! I am touched, lately haven't felt so powerful(been sick) Thanks for brightening my mood!

Doreen-Now that was beautiful! @>---

Amy-It was a difficult one, wasn't it~ Growing to me always reminds me of so many trials n' tribulations! Thank you!

Salem-Thank you so much; I loved what you wrote~
I'll visit soon!

Diana-Thank you for stopping by;I hope you are having a Happy Week~

Jingle-Thank you; I will visit you soon~

Judy-Thank you, it means a lot! @>---

Paul-I love your view; I will stop by soon! I think of you and a cup of tea~ :-D

Willow-Love that "Children of Earth" beautiful; Thank you so much~

Mary-Blessings to you; Thank you so much!

Eileen-Thank you; I like your view of the darkness, the unknown is difficult without hope~

Sarath-Thank you; I so enjoyed your words. I will be by to visit soon~
Ella said…
Carrie-Thank you, it means so much coming from you~ You poems always resonate with me~

Pam-Thank you; it takes some patience n' time~

Leigh-Thank you for taking time to visit me and your kind words~

Myrna-It was quite the prompt, with Spring's arrival. I felt most could relate to the darkness and growth, after such a harsh winter.
Thank you so much~

Old Ollie-I knew you would go for grace n' growth; Monks know all about it :-D

Becky-Yes, they do go together! Thank you~

Wanda-Nice Wanda, a seed of hope, love that~ Thank you!

Isabel-Thank you for visiting me~

Yvonne-I've missed you; I've been sick! Thank you so much!

Sherry-Thank you; happy you liked it! I have missed your words. I will be by soon~
Ella said…
Betty-Thank you; I am sure it is hard to be positive; one has hope~

Lynette-Yes, staying positive and prayers, can't hurt~ Thank you!

Celestial Dreamz-Thank you so much, for coming by~
I will visit you~ You are very kind!

Lorraine-You are welcome and Thank you for being so inspiring! Thank you for coming by~

Rashmi-Thank you; It was inspiring to think about how through darkness, so much grows~

Abby-Thank you dear friend; I just wrote about something I love to do(gardening) and tied in hope~

Jenny-Thank you; Keep at it! I hope you are feeling better~xXx
Ella said…
HI Madeleine-Thank you :-D