Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt# 42 is love. Cute photo Robb of you and Amber, your soon to be bride! I wish you the best of the best~  Funny, the minute I saw this prompt, all these love songs started playing in my head. Then I decided for fun to find the Top 10. Well, it is according to which top 10, ballads, greatest hits,duets, alternative, movies, musical scores, etc.  Tons of research there... I've been sick and trying to plan a head a bit on the A-Z blogging challenge and work on items to go in my Etsy store.  I went all winter without being sick. Spring arrives and  the up n' down in temps, finally caught up with me.  If you get a chance, you might want to go visit Scarlett, she signed up to do the A-Z blogging challenge. She could use some kind words, prayers or both, at this difficult time.

I met my love, near the bay
where Heaven kisses the sea n' hugs the shore
Calm n' strong reside here
Sunrise, sunsets come n' go
 Change the only constant
Tidal pull transforms you
Treasures arrive in tireless gentle or rough seas
Waves of translucent white n' blue dissipate
Edges blurred
Transformed waves wash over you
Erodes the hard edges
Allure anchors you, ripples remain as focus shifts
Memories rush over us, can one recapture the wave
that first flooded one's heart?
Sea caresses your timeless journey
Tugging at one's heart, as we paddle onward
to the journey of our souls,
The swirl, the break, the force pulls us in,
as we wade into a transformed life.

*Still waters run deep~English Proverb~


LTM said…
gorgeous! I absolutely love this:
Sea caresses your timeless journey
Tugging at one's heart, as we paddle onward
to the journey of our souls

and I love your redbird! :o) <3
Ella said…
Hi Leigh-I took a photo of my neighbor's mail box, lol(they don't read my blog or do they ;D)
I've missed you; been sick! I am thrilled to post again and looking forward to the A-Z! Thank you so much; I will be by to visit you~xXx 555(will share later; too weird)
Elizabeth said…
Love the poem, even its rhythms reminded me of the sea, and your imagery captures so much of the love relationship. The final photo speaks to me of treasured memories.

Jeffrey Beesler said…
Excellent poem. It conveys such a vivid picture of the sea and of the love between the two. Truly moving.
flaubert said…
What a gorgeous poem, Ella.
I love the sea, too.

Hi Ella, a very beautiful poem ... picturesque and vivid. Loved it.
eternal love... so beautifully penned...
Lynette Killam said…
Just wonderful, Ella! Your love of the sea is the perfect thread to lead our hearts through this poem! The last two lines are does transform all it touches...:)

Imagination Lane
Jingle said…
well penned.
Happy April.
Isabel Doyle said…
lovely piece - hope you feel better soon
Andy said…
Hello Ella,
I am a lover of anything to do with love, romance and of course life. This was beautiful.

(Thanks for the kind comment.)
Ella said…
Thank you everyone; I still checking on those who posted!