C is for Connecting

When I took this online class,(class is closed now) I felt connected, with so many of the artists involved. We revealed private things about our lives, doing the self-portrait and explaining what certain things symbolized. It was as if through the creating and sharing, we were connecting the dots to our souls. The more we crafted, the more self revealing it became. We all have creative journeys and have to work and find ways to connect. Moving so much, has thrown me off course, my internal compass for a while felt stuck. Unforeseen events, death, disease, a car accident also added to the confusion of finding my way. Funny, a few choices that arrived while doing the class, course were still the desire for culinary school, but also I thought about coaching people,(Life Coach). I thought maybe I could help people avoid some of the delay and detours, I had faced.  It take courage, commitment to continue on your path, besides being creative. I'm still researching these paths, perhaps in a marketing area.

When we do have courage we gain so much. I think of the homeless man with the golden voice,Ted Williams. Look around you, we all have talent, we just need compassion, courage and commitment to bring it forth. It reflects how little we really know of each other and how sharing our gifts can connect the dots to our souls. Carve our way~

I love these C words: connections, community, and camaraderie. The more we go out of our comfort zone and get involved, try new things, we make new connections.(like the A-Z blogging challenge).  We get to meet new people, share ideas and connect in ways, we wouldn't have. I think the more we connect the dots in our lives, the more soulful connections we find, and in doing so, we find ourselves. Keep connecting your dots; who knows where it will take you?!

 Connections:  I found a friend on FB, who has had an interesting life, involving the military and crafting and this lead me to another friend, who I recently discovered built bridges and is an author. He has written two books. I received the books in the mail, this morning. I opened the first book and it starts in North Carolina, where I live and involves  Blackbeard, which is a silly nickname I gave my son. He started growing a beard in high school. This story also ends up in Maine. I'm stunned....One friend, I saw at our 10th high school reunion, over 20 yrs ago; the other one it has been 30 yrs. He moved away during high school.  Can't wait to read and look for more connections~


Joanna said…
Don't you love it when connections like that happen. I'm enjoying your thoughtful posts.
M.P. McDonald said…
Wonderful post. The internet gets a lot of flack for being a waste of time, but I have made so many wonderful connections over that last 18 years that I never would have made without it. I can't imagine where I'd be without those connections. I doubt I'd be writing, that's for sure.
Siv Maria said…
So true and so right. One of the great things about the world wide web, it has made these connections possible around the world and all you need is a server to do it :)
Elaine AM Smith said…
Communication and connections are the heart of the human condition ;)
Thanks for dropping by and following.
KarenG said…
Making connections is the main reason I blog, and do everything else online. It's so important!
Glad to have connected with you Ellie!
Congrats on the somerset feature!!! I'm so excited, I gotta get a copy! Good Luck with the A-Z challenge. :)
see creative and connections.. people should not judge the internet as being wasteland.. LOL
I think that class sounded so up my alley.. if it comes around again let me know please
Jerri Schlenker said…
Beautifully written and very inspirational. Connecting is all a part of the synchronicity.
Grammy said…
Hello again, Ella,
We connected last year while doing the "A to Z" and it is good to reconnect. I have reconnected with a lot of people through facebook, and I love the blogging connection as well. Good post! Thank you!
Marjorie said…
I love connecting with people on the internet. Some of my favorite people I have never met in real life.
This sounds as though it was a good class,
I felt compelled to read it again as it was so excellently written.

Jingle said…
so much lessons learned, awesome c words shared here.

you grow...have become smarter and stronger via those communications and lessons.

well done,
Laura Eno said…
Connections are so important for creative people, who often are introverts. I love the online community of writers I've discovered.
Wanda said…
Is great that connections are not limited by distance.
Spacerguy said…
Its good to talk and connect.
Hi, Ella -- not sure how you stumbled upon FatScribe, but i'm glad you did! enjoyed this letter 'C' post, and i look forward to reading the others as they "constantly course" through the blogosphere doling out "curious" bits of wisdom along the way to "constant" readers! (okay, i'll stop with the C's.)

oh, alright, one more ... Cheers!

Monti said…
Communications and connections! Nice post.

Jan Morrison said…
Very thoughtful posts. Thank you for dropping by...
Jan Morrison
Lorena G. Sims said…
Love the C post! I'm glad to be connected to you. Yep, keep connecting your dots.
Super post Ella! I am glad to have connected with you!

And a big thanks for your comment on my blog too! ♥
Alison Miller said…
This was absolutely beautiful. Thanks.
I liked everything you said. WE have a connection, too. My little brother also gave me a nickname when he couldn't say mine. It wasn't a name really like yours, more like a syllable of my name. Oh well, it has stuck for many years.

MM the Queen of English
I'm soooo supporting you on doing the culinary school! :)
li said…
Happy and uplifting post. Connections are sooo important, nothing worse than feeling isolated. And it always intrigues me when life throws coincidences at us.
Hart Johnson said…
I really love these word choices! And I think you'd be a great coach. I find you just the right dose of inspiring. Some people it comes on too thick and you think 'that's just them' (or occasionally, 'that's annoying') but your compassion and how genuine you are come through FIRST and your strength is quiet. I think that is less off-putting for we quieter souls (bet you never thought I'd call myself quiet, but I think you know what i mean)
J.L. Campbell said…
I'm grateful for the connections I've made on the internet. So many of the friends I've made I wouldn't have encountered otherwise.

Your post is a good example of the invisible connections that we don't see until we think consciously about them.
Jules said…
Girl sounds like you are healing yourself and I have a bad connection. And just think if it wasn't for a swamp we would have been mere passing comments. Thank the lord for that Dismal Swamp :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Lynda R Young said…
We are made for community and making connections :)
Kathy said…
This is all about connecting...you gave lot of lovely "C" words. Good Luck with the Challenge!
I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images
Ciara said…
I love connection. I always think of Kindred Spirits from Anne of Green Gables. :) I'm a follower now. Although, I thought I already was. :)
Great **C post... I love connections and community--as a social worker, that's my daily life!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your sweet comment :-)

Jennee said…
Great post! It's amazing how easily we can connect when we want to!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Ella
haha.. laughed at Jg's comment.. he's a 'CAD'.. haha

Thanks so much for popping by and your sweet wishes my way... I agree the greatest thing side affect about blogging is the connections we make.. a big wonderful world out there..

Have a fabulous week.. and thanks again.. ciao xxxx Julie
Kylie said…
I love the "C" words you chose to write about. Connections, community, camaraderie, courage, choice, crafting... I didn't realise there were so many great ones! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Lynette Killam said…
You know this post resounds with all of us who have forged great friendships online. You've wonderfully said what's in our hearts...thank you for that...:)
Amanda Trought said…
Great word, and a blessing connecting with you....I recently renewed a conection with someone I went to college nearly 25 years ago...I love the words compassion, committment and courage, we could all do with sprinkling ourselves with these:)
Cherie Reich said…
This is a wonderful post. Connecting with someone is great, and as a writer, I love how connected I feel with the publishing community.

There really are some great "c" words out there.
Arlee Bird said…
The A-Z Challenge has been the hyper version of blogging in general for making great connections with like-minded people. I'm really loving the wonderful group of followers I've gotten since I began blogging and reading the amazing thoughts so many of them have to offer.

The internet and social media outlets have given us so many opportunities to connect to new friends and reconnect with old ones. Just last night I was surprised by a Facebook invite from a guy that was my best friend and next door neighbor over 40 years ago. What a surprise that was!

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