D is for Drive

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April lst, my daughter's boyfriend went and passed his driving test. He has his license; I like this boy; I'm happy for him, but now dating is an issue. Days only, until he has driven a bit longer.  And yesterday my darling daughter started Driver's Ed after school...augh!  I'm finding it hard to be genuinely happy; I am but I also feel dread. I struggled teaching my son to drive. He is too much like me.  My dear husband said, the other day he taught him to drive. Excuse me...I don't think so, you took him 3 times!  I am just thankful  the book part is first, gives me time to gear up and get my mind set, for what I am up against.

Everyone has voted in my family, I don't get to have caffeine and be in the vehicle. I talk fast anyway, then add some rocket fuel and well.... I guess it is decaf for me : (

  I did tell my dear son tonight, "Guess what, You are going to help teach your sister to drive." He was stunned, but I'm serious. He will be patient with her. I won't demand he do it often, but It will give me a break. Speaking of driving, What drives you crazy, or drives you to pursue your passion, or what demands your attention these days?!

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Lynette Killam said…
Oh, that was my least favourite part of motherhood, Ellie, and I'm a patient soul! Great choice for the D post.

I went up to Chapters and bought the new Somerset Life - I am hopelessly addicted to Somerset Studio and her sister magazines. I just LOVE how wonderful your project looks in the mag and the great blurb they wrote about you! Congratulations on getting published...I'm sure there will be lots more to come...yay!

You've inspired me in my writing quest...will give my attention to actually writing more than I talk about writing...:)
50 foot QE said…
A great post.
I could write forever about "driving"- so much human drama revolves around it!
B. Miller said…
Ha! Kids are growing up, and that's always hard to deal with, no matter what.

There's so much freedom to be had when you learn to drive... maybe you can try to live vicariously through their youthful exuberance. ;)
mooderino said…
At least with fuel prices rocketing they won't be able to go far.
Moody Writing
Oh no. I'll say a little prayer for you. I can only imagine how you're feeling...
Áine Tierney said…
I didn't learn to drive until I was 27, which is normal enough here if you are living in a city. I can imagine it is stressful watching you baby get into a car, but I do think overall its good to learn younger. Learning when you've built up fears is terrifying! Best of luck with the giving the driving lessons!
Áine Tierney said…
By 'Here' I mean in Ireland
Unknown said…
Wow can I relate! It was scary enough for me when my kids started riding a bike. teaching them to drive was a nightmare! Now my son drives big ass trucks for a living and that terrifies me too.
Unknown said…
yes, this part of being a mom..not my favorite
Laura Pauling said…
I am not looking forward to teaching my kids to drive. It won't be good. that and I won't every want to give them the keys!
I am not allowed to drive because of a medical condition, but my late husband loved to drive,
Oh the places we would visit, lovely memories.
Good post.
Larri said…
Driving is only a couple of years away for Son#1. He talks about it all the time! Yikes! I don't envy your position as Mom to drivers. Great 'D' post! Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday! :o)
Hi Ella .. my father said he didn't suggest I have a motorbike (16) til I'd turned 17 and could pass my test .. but they'd taught me well .. up and down the drive at home from 15 - so car handling was no problem .. I drove from Surrey to Oxford on the first day I was allowed out on the roads & met a car coming the wrong way round a roundabout .. didn't phase me - my mother nearly had a fit .. but it was fine .. it's that good basic grounding that really helps ..

Good luck with your kids and their friends .. it'll be fine .. cheers Hilary
Amanda Trought said…
I'm so glad that they need to be 17 here before they start learning to drive. I think they were thinking of putting the age up to 21. My son too has been bugging us about the time when he will be able to drive, in the meantime he thinks he wants a moped to dart in and out of the traffic:(
Ella said…
Hi Amanda, the d word dart, woo, that really scares me! I wish they would here. We aren't letting her get her license for awhile; she is aware of this.
I told her to take it this summer. She is now feeling the crunch of all of her studies and staying after school til 6:30pm. I told hertime will tell...(lots of t's in this post). Are you still in the challenge? I started last year on G. I caught up...went to an home improvement store.(all the flowers)

Hilary-Whoa, that is scary! I love to drive; Thanks for the luck, I think I'm going to need it~

Seams-Yeah, I'm not excited about it, but it comes with the job. I might give my notice today ;-D

Yvonne-I didn't know; that is sad! I hope you have friends and family that take you out. It seems like you go a lot! xXx

Laura-It might be different than you think. I drove with 9 different people, before I went for my license. One of them was a town cop. He said I'd be fine and get it. I did, my lst time~Yeah, my Dad n' I didn't do so well. He hollered a lot...

Lisa-Yes, it is; We forget it is in the job description ;-D
Brianna said…
I'm dreading the day my daughter starts to learn to drive. I wrecked my dad's car so many times after getting my license. She'll be three on the 15th but you know how fast time goes by. She'll be dangling keys in front of me in the blink of an eye!
Ella said…
Brianna-enjoy her dangling those plastic keys. My daughter had a purse,plastic keys and a Disney lipstick at that age. Remember this time, it is wonderful age~ enJOY!
Joss said…
I am lucky because I don't drive so that job will be up to his father.
that should be interesting.
as for what drives me crazy, sitting in a car with my son's father, trying to learn to drive hence why I never properly learned much easier to just let him do the driving lol.
gotta love husbands aye.
love and hugs joss xxx
Ella said…
Siv-I guess you did get over it; Hard to believe isn't it...how time flies so fast~

Aine-Pretty name; I know my Mom would agree with you. She was 24; her story is, she didn't swear until my Dad tried to teach her to drive. I believe it! Nice to meet you~

Samantha-Thank you so much, I appreciate the thought n' prayer ;-D

Moody-YOU crack me up; There is a lot of true in that statement!

B.Miller-Yes, I do want that freedom for her; I will go forth and do my duty. Thanks for the reminder. I have only had one speeding ticket; it was on the back roads in North Carolina. It looks like what Nascar might have used for a trial track. ;-D

50ft-I hear you; I love to drive and when you look on the road today. There is a lot of stories to tell. My brother drives for a living; he says it is shocking what he sees on a daily basis.

Lynette-Thank you so much; Aren't those issues, dreamy! I feel privileged to be part of it. Thank you for the lovely post~ I am happy you will write more. I will be by soon...your photos are always gorgeous and I love what you write~
i have 3 daughters, the youngest being 19. it is always a dificult time when they finally get their license. this is their 1st big step out of the nest. we always worry things may happen to them, but we have to let our little birds fly on their own don't we ? thanks so much for those sweet words you left for me on my art saves page. I was not told when i would be on crescendoh, just saw it a minute ago. ^_^
Plain Jane said…
What is driving me today? Allergies. My needy cat is demanding a two-handed petting and my eyes now feel like they are coated in sand. Now I need to drive to the pharmacy and get some eye drops. I would love to take a nice long drive to Palm Springs and enjoy the sun, but no. Not today.
Summer Ross said…
Kids grow up so fast- I'm dreading teaching my girls how to drive. Great post!
Marjorie said…
My need to be a better photographer and writer drives me. Photography is mostly demanding my attention these days.

I have several years yet before any of my kids are going to be old enough to drive. I'm also trying to enjoy the fact that they are little, because they won't be for long.
Graywolfie said…
Hello, I'm not at this stage of parenting yet..
What drives me nuts is when my girl says 'No..No..No' to everything I say...
LTM said…
ahhh... driving. Sheesh. I'm D for Dreading it. :D But I can say my older brother taught me to drive, and I do pretty well. Good for your kids! :o) <3
Anne K Albert said…
Ella, you took me back in time to when my daughter was 16 and first driving. I survived the fender-bender, tears, and boyfriend drivers, but like you, I should've cut back on the caffeine.

Hang tight. This too shall pass!
Ivy Bliss said…
I came over to thank you for your comment on my post. And to say hi to another Beagle-owner!
I read this blog and giggled. I don't have any children of my own. My mom has sworn for the last 18 years that she taught me to drive, my dad says the same. When in truth, my best friend, a year older than me, is the one who actually did. Between the two, my dad took me more.
What drives me (other than caffeine) is driving, actually, driving with the music on. It clears my head, calms my feelings, and straightens me out as nothing else can. That is the most valuable driving lesson that best friend gave me all those years ago.
Thanks again for finding me. Enjoy the blogfest. I'm following you and will come by often.
India Drummond said…
I really like that here in the UK, people learn from driving schools, not their parents, typically. That's how I got my UK driving license, and I think it's a VERY good thing my husband didn't have to do it. (Yes, I had to take a road test even though I knew how to drive, so I took lessons to brush up so I'd do it RIGHT. LOL)
My 91 year old mom demands all my attention this week, and I'm demanding hers as well. Although we talk on the phone every week, I only get to see her twice a year. We're taking advantage of every wonderful moment during my visit.
Lorena Sims said…
So your family voted, you can't have caffeine in the vehicle. I think that's funny!
I myself don't like driving especially in town where there's a lot of traffic.
I swear I'm always shocked when I hear you have an older teenage kids. You don't look a year older than me!
jkraus8464 said…
I was not able to teach my boys to drive. My husband did it and we hired someone to do some of the harder stuff (like highway driving). Too much stress. I liked your D post, Driving you crazy! WIll be back for E.
Tracy said…
HAH, I told my husband he was teaching our son to drive...although Nicholas is only 12 it's never too early to plant that seed! :)
Jules said…
Adolescence and a car; ahh, the memories. Oh it's your child, sorry put your foot down :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Elizabeth said…
I taught three of my four children to drive. My son didn't think he needed any instruction. He is the worse driver of all. They are each so different and each needed different things. As parents it is a big part of the letting go process, I think that makes it far more difficult. I wish you luck,

Gregg Metcalf said…
My passion is spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in everything for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples! That motivates me to read, study, research, meditate, and teach the bible, which is my passion. Thanks for asking!

Gregg Metcalf
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Gospel-driven Disciples
Unknown said…
When I was 15 I couldn't wait for my parents to let me loose in the car. My 15 year old son seems to have almost no interest at all.

When I was 15 my parents were perfectly happy to let me drive all over the county and beyond the day after I got my license. I cringe when I think of my 15 year old son having that kind of freedom.

Go figure.

Anonymous said…
There are so many things that can drive me to distraction. I figure it's all testing my patience; helping me develop it, I hope!

Excellent D post. I remember when I went out driving with my son, in my stick-shift car. It was an adventure, to say the least.
Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home
Arlee Bird said…
I didn't get my driver's license until I was 18--I was the oldest student in my driver's ed class, but I didn't care. I learned to drive in driver's ed. I wouldn't have wanted my father to teach me as he would get very impatient.
Right now this Challenge is driving me--I hope not crazy!

Contrary to my usual practice of subscribing to comments, to save time during the challenge I will not be doing so at the moment. If you want to respond to my comment , please email me directly from your email notification for the comment.
Thanks. And I truly appreciate your efforts.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge
Petra said…
Oh, I remember it well. It's an adventure for sure! Great D post. :-)
Anonymous said…
Slowcoach people drive me crazy...I have to get around that. I need a lesson or two in patience, I guess :)
Barbara said…
Nice to meet you through the challenge :) I was so impatient to start driving, I'm so glad I have it all behind me. My parents were a great help. Thank you for sharing :)!
Ellie Garratt said…
I have to make a confession - I don't drive. I'm hopeless at it!

It's great that your son is going to help his sister.

Ellie Garratt
Talli Roland said…
I remember learning to drive and I was terrified! It's a fun and exciting but terrifying time for both kids and parents. :)
That's funny about no driving while caffeinated! And I featured your blog today for E, Ella!
Ella said…
Hi Alex,
I talk too fast, lol Thank you :D I bet get my E on!

Talli-Yes,you are so right; the big T, but it is terrific to have one's freedom! I remember it, well~

Ellie-It has a lot to do with where you live; I get that, some places it isn't necessary! Thanks for sharing~

Bz-Nice to meet you! My Dad could parallel park an oil truck. He had a hard time, with me. My Mom taught me while my brother screamed he was going to die, lol.

damyantiwrites-I have often thought, if you are driving too many miles under the speed limit you should get a ticket. It can endanger people; one trying to pass this driver, risking others lives.
I agree~
septembermom said…
This post is going to come back in my mind I bet when my oldest son starts to drive in 2 years. I think it's very nice that your son will help your daughter. This was a lovely post for "D".
Ella said…
Thank you everyone; I want to comment on everyone's comments, but rather come visit you, instead!
I appreciate your kind words; Thank you~

Septembermom-Thank you; It is nice...but his first words...were 'Ooooooh" then he started laughing!
I think he thought he was getting paid back. He isn't; he will be more patient and agreed he would take her, in our car ;-D
Unknown said…
My little sister just got her license and now EVERY time she goes out I worry about her just as much as our mother does! Honestly... I'm far from being a mommy and yet I'm already wired to worry like one!