E is for my nickname(Ella)

 *This was the first elephant, I found on Etsy; The artist's name is Ella Parry~

My real name is Ellen; nice to meet you. My nicknames are Ellie and Ella. My brother nicknamed me Ella, when he couldn't say my name.  Thank you for all the interesting comments on the D post. I forgot to mention, what it was like for me. My Dad, Earle could parallel park an oil truck.  He didn't have the patience to take me; I think we went twice. It was my Mom's job. My brother use to lie in the back of the vehicle and scream "We are going to die", every time we went. It wasn't great for my ego. When Matt, my nephew began driving; I called up Dana, my youngest nephew and told him, when you go with your Dad and Matt, tomorrow. I want to you holler, "We are going to die". You can warn your brother, you are going to do this. This is for your Dad.  I had moved away, when it was my brother's turn. When I came home and did  ride with him, I waited till we pulled out on Main St and yelled it. My brother, Clifford(yes, he shares his birthday with the big red dog) recently came to see me. There was a lot of laughs n' silliness.

My brother has always encouraged me, to keep crafting; He says I'm the craftiest person he knows. I told him, he doesn't know that many people.  When I decided to blog, he came into my mind and that is how my blog title came to be, Ella's Edge.

We are 6 yrs apart and fought like cats n' dogs; we have had a good relationship, over all. He is a joker, he reminds me of Adam Sandler. My kids will agree, there is this attitude and approach that enables him to act like him.. Lately he seems more like, Steve Carrell.  When we were younger, he looked like Seinfeld and I had my hair like Elaine. My other nickname is the Cake Nazi, but that is another story, perhaps for N.  So, to end this endeavor, I thought I would share an elephant. My Mom collects them and was able to ride one, her dream.  I also know Dezz, loves elephants, too.  I found this one on Etsy(the crafter's ebay). enJOY your day~  *Last day to ENTER my Giveaway~


Mary Vaughn said…
Really enjoyed learning a bit about you.
Chris K. said…
It's nice to meet you, Ella! Good luck with the crafting and your A-Z challenge.
Jules said…
Well now we know :) And you are a great craftier, keep it up! :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
septembermom said…
I love how you told him to yell, "we are going to die." too funny.

I enjoyed your post very much!
Matthew MacNish said…
Hi Ella. I came here from Alex's blog, and am now your newest follower. You've almost got 300.

Nice ta meet ya!
Ella said…
Matthew-Hello, Thank you! I love how informative your blog is. I am your newest follower, too~
Nice to meet you!

Septembermom-I had to get even ;-D It wasn't the way I had planned, but still....

Jules-lol YOU are so funny; Your egg post is eggscellent!

Hi Chris-Nice to meet you; I will stop by~

Mary-Yes, I'm a kook, maybe this would be a good K post~ Thank you!
He he he Cake Nazi :)) we should form a cakegestapo, you and I :)
Love the elephants, of couse :) Alongside bears, cats and all other creatures except rodents and birds (little duckies not included) :)
Most enjoyable ella, lovely to know how tou got your nickname,

cake natzi sounds funny... like to hear it.
I love steve carrell and adam.. so funny to hear that about your brother... fun post.. Ella...
Ella said…
Lisa-He is a nut, so funny! I will on letter N share my Cake Nazi story. It all started with a calendar... ;-D

Yvonne-Thanks Yvonne, for coming to visit me and your kind words.

Dezz-I will share; You are funny! My Mom has quite the collection. She has never bought one; they all given to her. Your cakes are amazing~
Bossy Betty said…
Fun to learn more about you (and your brother too!).
Penned Pebbles said…
Thanks for the laugh. Nice E post!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this, Ellie......and your mom is so lucky she rode an elehant. I would love to as well but am now too creaky to get up onto one's back:) If I did, dont know who'd be more startled, me or the elephant.

I love your family stories. Your family must laugh a lot, you are all so funny.
Ella said…
Sherry-I think we all tried to fill my Dad's humor shoes, when he died. I mean there were always funny moments, but I think we tried harder. We missed his humor and practical jokes! My kids think I'm a kook; Thank you! She was thrilled! It happened at a carnival; they had elephant rides!
Brianna said…
My brother has always encouraged me, to keep crafting; He says I'm the craftiest person he knows. I told him, he doesn't know that many people.
Too funny!
Michael Di Gesu said…

You have a delicious sense of humor.... What fun memories. Love the elephant!
Marjorie said…
I'm glad that you and your brother get along now. I bet you two never fought like my first younger brother and I did. We used to beat the tar out of one another.
Ella said…
Marjorie-He use to threaten to throw me down the stairs. I married and moved away, when I came home. He picked me up laughing and headed toward the cellar stairs. It was all n' fun! He was always in my hair. Stealing Professor Plum from my "Clue" game and throwing it in the toliet...augh!

Michael-Thank you; I have plenty of wacky ones~
Thanks for stopping by~

Brianna-Thank you; Yes, I keep telling my brother he should do "Stand Up", maybe I should...lol

Everyone thank you; Yes, it is with our roots that come the best n' worst of times~I can laugh, now I wasn't laughing then!
Wanda said…
Couldn't help but grin as I read this one. Excellent job.
Lorena G. Sims said…
Hi Ella, you and your brother made me smile!
Cute pic - I love that elephant... and how nice to have a lovely nickname
Ella Parry said…
Ella.. I call Ella too and Thank you for featuring my illustration on your Blog, Ella.

Ella Parry
Tiger85 said…
Hi Ella, nice posts. Keep crafting and I'm a new fdollwer. =)

Anonymous said…
Enjoyed your post, found you in the A to Z feature on Alex Cavanaugh's site :)
Tina said…
Hi Ella, nice to meet you! I'm visiting from the AZ Challenge. I love how you got your brother back for what he did when YOU were learning. Nice one!
Tina @ Life is Good
Crystal Pistol said…
What a fun brother! Brothers are the best, aren't they?

Mine can do no wrong. Even if he robbed a bank I'd find a way to make him right. :)
RaShelle said…
Fun info. Love the elephant pic. And I love cake! Cupcakes especially. I've created a toffee cupcake that's *mwah* to do for. =D
RaShelle said…
That was supposed to be: I've created a toffee cupcake that's *mwah* to DIE for. ;D
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Hello, Ella! Visiting from Alex's blog.
Belle Wong said…
Fun post! I want to read your Cake Nazi story :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Ella, Your name reminds me of that song byRhiana Under My Umbrella ..ella..ella... =)

My sister collects elephants too. She hasn't had the opportunity to ride one yet though. Wow!

I've discovered your blog via the A-Z challenge. It's nice to meet you. I shall stop in again.

Blue Velvet Vincent
SweetMarie83 said…
Hi Ella, it's nice to meet you, you have a beautiful blog! I really enjoyed reading this, I love hearing people's stories, and I had to laugh out loud at the 'we are going to die!" thing, too funny.
Ella said…
Hi Marie-Nice to meet you; I like hearing family stories, too. They are always a bit zany~

Beverly-How many does you sister have? Nice to meet you! I hope you are enjoying the challenge~

Belle-I will post it for N; It is probably not that funny, only to those involved, but I will still share.

L.Diane-Hello, I will be by to visit!

RaShelle-Yum, sounds like a secret family recipe; My daughter's boyfriend and I are arguing about red velvet. I had to google it, to prove to him, it can be either chocolate or yellow cake with red food coloring. Cake Wars at my house, too.

Crystal-Yes, I thought I was going to be an only child; Happy to have a brother!

Tina-I am working on another scenario. He is remarried and now will help 3 step daughters to drive. I have already clued in my SIL, lol.

Hi Madison-I will be by; Isn't it fun to see all the different topics!
Ella said…
Hi Tiger-I like your name! I hope you are enjoying the challenge~

Ella-I like your name, too! Happy I found you and your art~so lovely

Book Gatherer-It is fun to found so many different topics. Hope you are having fun~Thank you! Yes, I love that elephant, too

Lorena-Thank you; I am enjoying your post, too!
I think I will check your site, when I write my grocery list, today! ;-D

Wanda-I am glad I made you smile...Thanks for coming by. I enjoyed yours, very creative!