F is for Family

My daughter n' her boyfriend bought a fish together. It is a Betta named Brandy=Brenden n' Angie. She is now part of our extended family. It is our week, to have Brandy visit, guess who is feeding the fish!  One of my daughters friends gave her two goldfish for her birthday.  My daughter is a Pisces, the symbol is two fish. This reminds me of Freewill Astrology...so fun. You must check it out.  Be sure to read the Sacred Advertisement at the bottom. 

I can't mention family and not think of my Father; the clown of my clan. He passed away when I was eighteen.  I have fond memories of his antics, so do a lot of my friends. When I had sleep overs; he would join in and dance with us. He would belly dance and snap all his fingers, really loud. My friends loved him participating; I was a bit embarrassed. He was a rig! All my friends that frequented our home, were given new names. Dad named the girls with guy names. Names like Frank, Sam, Roger, Fred, Claude and Clyde. They loved having a special name.  We would have BBQ's in the wee hours of the morning. From April to October, my parents operated the Rockland Drive Inn. In the summer time, we would cook out at 2-3am after they returned home. My friends would stay and hang out. I worked at a local theater, when I arrived home. My brother n' I would take baby sitter home.  Friends n' neighbors would stop by and stay. We sat around the pit and my father would show  his "freaky can you do this" move. Most everyone had something, he could wiggle his ears and his snap all of his fingers. One guy could move his eyes real fast like a cartoon character. Me, I can put my elbows together. Straight out, not bent. The center of my arm is off sideways.(I'll post a photo sometime). Some couldn't come up with anything; they would promise to return with something for the next Wee hour cook out.

BUT, the freakiest thing he ever did was ride his motorcycle up town at 11pm, in his underwear. He was dared and one of our neighbors decided she would go. My Mom said, "No, I am going"took her pants off, too(shirts were left on) and away they went. I'll never forget it; Dad had red fishnet(in the back) underwear. My Mom was a Sunday school teacher; Yeah it was total not their style. But when I think back on it, my Mom's underwear matched her shirt and Dad's were shocking.  I think it was planned.  Life was not dull, at my house, perhaps I should say, unforgettable!  The town cop showed up and asked my father  if he just went through town, his response, "No, wasn't me". Funny, Mr. Jackson it looked like you; No I've been here playing guitar, for all these people and everyone agreed! 

Oh, I want to announce the winner of my Fabulous Giveway...It would be more fitting if I had done it on Friday, G day. The winner of the fabulous Spanish Steps dress is:  Kristi ~Congrats, it is gorgeous! Email me~ I was up late or perhaps early, I picked the name at 1am and posted on April 7th. I can't eat
Espresso Twix Candy...it keeps you awake! 


Lisa Galek said…
We are considering getting a fish for my daughter. She is also a Pieces. I never made that connection though. I guess a fish is in our future...
Very cute fish. I can't have fish anymore, I'm banned from keeping them (it always ends in tears).

Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers
I'm impressed! You got so many"f" words in there...and it flowed nicely! I'm glad you have fond memories of your family! And enjoy the fish!
Wanda said…
The colors in the fish photo is beautiful. Great memories you shared. Have a terrific day.
Siv Maria said…
We used to have an aquarium and I could sit for hours and watch the fish. Very relaxing, much more so than my crazy family.
Elizabeth said…
Families are a great many things. Your family very much reminds me of my own. And I love the motorcycle story. It's great. My father was a very gentle man who loved to sing and laugh. I miss him, as I am sure you miss your father. Thanks for sharing this piece of your story,

Great blog; so true. Beautiful photo.
Ella said…
Hi Jack-Thank you! I enjoyed your blog today~

Elizabeth-My parents rather give their $ to someone in need,then pay a fine. My Dad had a heart of gold; He knew he wasn't going to live long and tried to do all he could with the time he had. I miss him; He was full of life, laughs and love~Thanks for sharing about you!

Siv Maria-lol, yes, sometimes family drama can make one want to escape.

Wanda-Thank you; I thought it would be fun to change it up~

Samantha-Your F response is fabulous! Thank you~

Charmaine-I am not looking forward to that....

Lisa-I would say, the outlook is favorable~
Talli Roland said…
Oh, I love your stories about your Dad! He sounds like a fantastic man.
Vicki said…
Your Dad sounds like a great guy. Cute fish! Congrats to Kristin
OK love the change of the header for each day.. love the fish.. second.. twix expresso.. and third.. What a great fond memory of you and your dad.. how sad to loose at 18.. I thought mine was so much fun too... the real jovial... personality.. but he was around a bit longer for me.. I feel for you.. but know those memories keep him alive.. for you and your children... I had some fun slumber parties.. I think I should do a post about that.. LOL
By the way.. I sell these adorable... zodiac.. charms.. I have a Pices I could send you a pic.. not being a saleperson.. just an idea for a gift in an egg for your daughter.. LOL
thinking of you...
Really nice post. Nice to meet you.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, I love your family stories. Your dad sounds absolutely hilarious. Now I know where you get it from. The motorcycle story is priceless, too bad you didnt catch some of it on film!!!!!!!
Kristi said…
Eeep! I'm all wiggly excited but, perhaps for "T" I'll do "technically challenged". I can't get the email link to work to email you about the Shabby Apple dress :) My email is potterjk AT msn DOT com
What a great thing to wake up to!
Ella said…
Kristi-I am thrilled for YOU! enJOY it and I hope you go somewhere special in it or have a special moment, while wearing this romantic creation. It exudes romance and flirty fun~ Yes, Mothers deserve flirty fun ;-D I will email you~ CONGRATS @>----
(godere di questo bel vestito)
Sounds like your father gave you some really unique memories!
Ella said…
Hi Alex-Yes, I am related to clowns ;-D
He was clever and tried to diffuse drama and anger with humor. It worked most of the time~ I probably should write a book about him.

Sherry-He first motorcycle was a BSA; One friend asked what that stood for, "Boy Scouts of America".
My Mom piped in "No, Bull Shit Artist"...so true! He could sell ice to an Eskimo~ Priceless stuff...I have so many odd stories, that are true. Life is stranger than fiction! so they say....

Hi Wendy-Nice to meet you; I will come visit you soon~

Lisa-Send me a book or give me an online link...and YOU must blog about this for Z, perfect!!! Yes, you are...passion is key! If you love it, then it will come through! YOU are wearing their stuff I hope. YOU are the billboard!

Hi Vicki-He was a rig; Thank you! I thought it made a neat pic~

Talli-Thank you; Yes, they broke the mold when they made him ;-D
Marjorie said…
It must have been fun growing up with such a character! Great memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Paula said…
what an awesome blog! I can`t wait to see your future posts! :)

have a great time,
Brianna said…
I loved hearing about your dad!
My dad gave my friends nicknames too :) He called my best friend Fred Fred the Pumpkin Head. Eventually as we grew up he shortened it to Fred Fred. I don't know why.
Dads are the best :)
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, ...family, great word, and lovely to hear about your dad, he sounded really fun to be around and you have some great shared memories:)
Anita said…
Hah! I don't think we needed to be told your life wasn't dull! :)
Rekha said…
It must have been interesting and slightly embarrassing when younger, to have a Dad like that....But as adults we realise and miss those days and their warmth....lovely post....thanks for visiting. :)
Ellie said…
A beautiful tribute to families and your father. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Ellie Garratt
Jeanne said…
Great story. I would love your family. I would fit right in with them.
Elayne said…
Hi, stopping by from the A-Z challenge! This story was great! It reminded me so much of my father-in-law who I had known since I was 15. He passed away about a year and a half ago. We miss him and his quirky sense of humor :)
a sojourner said…
this was funny. great post, Ellie!:)
Penned Pebbles said…
Pretty fish and great story make a wonderful F post. Blessings!
You've made me want to go get a pet with my bf now.. well i already wanted one.. but very cute story.
Adam King said…
These are fantastic pictures
Ive never had much luck with fish :/
Lovely post today :) Thanks for stopping by Mercy's World
J. D. Brown said…
Hi Ella,

Wonder post about you dad, I'm sorry he's gone. It sound like you have a great family that knows how to have fun and I hope you continue to have fun 'cause that's what life's about.

I found your blog from the A to Z Challenge
Spenc said…
I'm so glad I read more than just your current post, I check out the Free will Astrology site you linked to and my horoscope talked about how you can learn to be lucky. Some thing I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about lately. Normally I don't bother with astrology stuff but I have to say thanks for the link.
Ella said…
Spenc-It is an unique site; some off the wall stuff and so so accurate, it is amazing! I am glad you like it~

J.D. Brown-Thank you; I am trying to be quirky and interesting for my kids ;-D They both have some of my Dad's characteristics!

Mercy-Sorry to hear that, perhaps you are a dog or kitty person. I love them all... My Mom had a cockatiel, I taught it to talk. So fun...

Thanks Jingle

Hi Adam; Thank you~

Ramblings of a part time Druid-I hope you do!

Pebbles-Thank you; Love your name~

Bud-Thank you, for coming to visit me :)

Elayne-I am sorry to hear that; I sometimes wonder, why the quirky, fun people seem to go first~

Jeanne-Perhaps we are related ;-D

Ellie-Thanks for coming to see me! I love some of your posts...fun!

Rekha-Never dull, only on occasion was I embarrassed. I got over, pretty quickly... A lot of my friends wanted to be adopted by my family~

Anita ;-D I guess, not...lol

Amanda-Your Mom looks like she is quite known for having fun! Love the video you shared ;-D

Brianna-I love that; thank you for sharing! Funny~

Hi Paula; Nice to meet you~

Marjorie-He was a combination of Jackie Gleason and Fred Flintstone...Yes, it was fun!