J is for Journaling

Here is something I am working on; the neat thing about journaling is YOU can break the rules. YOU can cut up strips of scrapbook paper glue or sew them on your page and add silk or vintage blooms, ribbons...whatever you like.  This is photo of my daughter, that I like.  This is a work in progress~

There is even a magazine dedicated to this medium; YOU will be amazed! Art Journaling is a gorgeous publication. If you don't journal, you will want to.

 I love sketching out ideas, combining words that might lead to a poem or doodling. Anything goes!  I want to share with you, some really lovely journaling. It provides one with joy and later stimulates imagination; we talked about that, yesterday~

When ideas jump and stir, it is best to get them down for when time permits. Thoughts that you know you want to save for later or speak to you.  It also is a great stress buster. Trying to find a journal can be tricky; it is best to pick one that speaks to your soul. Here are some of my favorite Art journalists.

Dina Wakely teaches classes online. She has been published; her work is vibrant and jumps off the page.

Roben-Marie Smith   has online workshops as well, with varied techniques. Fun site to check out.

Teresa McFayden has e-workshops. Here is an example of Teresa's work.
                                                       She has other workshops, too. 


Siv Maria said…
Love journals I keep two, one is for dreams and the other for anything.
Lovely thoughts. And love journals also.
i need to do more of this.. and I think... I will add it to the challenge... thanks for the names.
Marjorie said…
I just can't seem to keep up with journaling even if I want to. I guess blogging is a kind of public journal.
I keep a journal when I go abroad, It's lovely to look back on and recall happy memories.

I enjoyed you post, a good J word. slowly we're getting there,

Julie Musil said…
What a beautiful journal page! It puts mine to shame. Mine journal thoughts are written in a $.50 composition book. I love what you've done!
M.J. Fifield said…
I have a journal, I have several actually, but I have a hard time keeping up with it. Most of my journals end up being collages of different things I cut out of magazines.
Lorena G. Sims said…
I have several journal but only had few pages written in it. It is always fun when I read them now and then. Thanks for sharing those websites. I will definitely check them out later.
I think I'll start using a journal :) great post.
P.S the book I am using at the moment is 'Write Poetry and Get It Published.' by John Hartley Williams and Matthew Sweeney. It is a 'Teach Yourself' book.
Hart Johnson said…
It has never once occurred to me to combine journaling and art, but it looks fabulous. I journaled as a teen and I think it helped me a lot. I haven't really been able to pick it up again, but I am sure it helped me survive those angsty years.
Anonymous said…
I love this. I use to scrapbook but have gotten away from it. The magazine cover has piqued my interest. Perhaps journaling is the way to go. Thanks for the great post.
Tiger85 said…
I need to journal more. Wonderful post. =)

Poetry, Quotes and Book Reviews.
What a wonderful way to journal - visually! Love your header, it's always something beautiful and new :-)
Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers
Michelle Mach said…
I love the idea of creating a beautiful, visual journal, but haven't tried that yet. I do enjoy looking at other people's pages. Thanks for sharing those links!
Vicki said…
Your daughter has your eyes. Lovely journal page. I want to see more! I've never done a journal but have the itch...we'll see.
Spenc said…
I have never seen anything like the art journaling you shared with us. It's a vintage look that is very modern I don't know that it's something I'll start myself, but I appreciate the beauty of it.
Talli Roland said…
I have a journal but it's very basic and I often forget to write in it! Love these samples of beautiful journals.
Ella said…
Hi Talli-I think it is a drawing board for inspiration. It doesn't matter the journal, just get your wonderful ideas down~

Spenc-Mine isn't done, but it does have that 60-70's look, with the moody, black n' white photo.
The paper behind, I am going to cut into strips, use some,not all of it! Thank you~

Vicki-Thank you; Start scratching with a pen, pencil or whatever you have on hand. I think it helps to get those ideas down before they vaporize.

Alex-You should draw some ideas for your book. Art forms arrive in so many ways. Did you write a song about your book?! You could for the next one...

Michelle-It is kind of an unique opportunity to see some of the drawing boards, behind the artist style. A peek into their world...so to speak~

Charmaine-Thank you; It is fun to play with! I haven't journaled for long. My book looks like a hen scratched on it..lol. And then there is all the random paper all over the place, napkins, receipts with ideas on them.

Tiger85-Thank you; We do though, don't you think...with our blogs! ;-D

Beverly-I hope you check it out, when you hit the bookstore. It is intriguing to browse through!

Hart-It is also a great gift idea for a teen. Helps them free up their thoughts. Some people even sew in their journals ;-D I remember you liked to sew. A larger one, gives the freedom of sketching and writing, etc. Thanks for sharing!

Jack-Thanks for sharing; I write ideas and words for my poems in a journal or any random paper I can get. When inspiration strikes one needs to be ready ;-D Mine always strikes, when I am suppose to do something else~
Ciss B said…
I also love journaling, but so many of us trying to stay afloat these days have really little time and for me...that hurts.
Anonymous said…
The photo of your daughter is so captivating.

I love looking at other's art journals- so many awesome style and methods.

I've tried it a couple of times but just couldn't keep it up. Your post makes me want to give it another try!
Ella said…
Scarlett-It isn't done, but a work in progress. I layered her image and thought it would be fascinating, since the photo makes one ponder. I think your drawings would be great in a journal!

Ciss B-Just 10 min before bed, draw or write something...It may give you ideas for later when you are blocked~

Lorena-It is fun to look back isn't it!

MJ-I do that; keep listening to your creative voice~

Julie-It doesn't matter; I write on all kinds of things. Maybe I show gather them up and put them in my journal.

Yvonne-I love this; I did travel journal, when we drove to our new location. I love looking back to see what I captured! Great for poetry~

Marjorie-Yes, blogging is like that more visible and who knows who is reading our journal :D

Lisa-It helps to write ideas down; frees our minds~

Queen Bee-Glad you liked it~
Ella said…
Siv Maria-Oh, I bet the dream journal is fun to reflect back on~