K is for Kite

Geometry class demanded a spring project; My daughter said "we have to build a kite and it must fly to get a good grade". I spent my weekend shopping for kite supplies, dowels, thin table cloths, string. We had permanent markers and stuff for a tail. Her boyfriend went with us; Dad had his recommendations.
Her brother told her what not to do.  So many ideas n' input. When we returned father n' son were working on brakes, on son's car. We started googling info about how to build them, the science, what is key. I know you are all thinking Ben Franklin...lol.  I even started one for back up. Her Dad cut the dowels, spliced them. I selected a different size; her first choice was too thin. We are having still March winds and I could she it snapping.  She wanted to make a face, but last minute she  decided to do a kite that represented Japan. She drew symbols on it, representing their culture. I am going to try to convince her to write a haiku(couldn't hurt). She likes the idea....   We went out Sunday to test the kite. She first attempted to fly it without a tail. No such luck; I explained it is like a rudder, it adds balance to the kite.  Success was seeing her smile when it took off and looped in the wind!  I can't help, but think of the movie, "Mary Poppins".

Does it make you want to go fly one?  They have a kite festival in the Outer Banks; I so want to go, this year!  I will  go this year ;-D


LTM said…
ooo... I love kites and Mary Poppins! And I'm SO glad that wasn't our assignment b/c I'm a moron w/stuff like that! LOL!!! I'd love to fly a kite today. Great idea, Ella~ :o)
Ella said…
Hi Leigh-I'm coming over. I loved that movie and the memories, it stirs~ Let's go buy a kite, lol!
Wanda said…
Ahh you're bringing up fond childhood memories for me.
Anonymous said…
Love the Japanese themed kite-what a great idea. We're big Mary Poppins fans over here, too. Got most of the songs on my iPod!!
alberta ross said…
wonderful - great post and well done on the making of the kite as well
Marjorie said…
NO I'm going to have Let's go Fly a Kite stuck in my head all day!
The memories are stirred in me also, Where I used to live My husband and myself used to take the children to a kite festival on the beach.
Children all grown up families of their own, husband no longer with us, but just for a while I relived some precious moments. Thank you.

Marjorie said…
I meant to say now not no. My 2 year old is sitting with me in my chair!
Glad her kite really worked!
Unknown said…
I saw a boy flying a kite today. He had a smile on his face like the boy in Mary Poppins.
Ellie Garratt said…
Ooo...it does! So pleased hers worked.

Ellie Garratt
Lorena Sims said…
Great idea on the kite and you guys seem to enjoy the shopping and the making of it.
Hi Ella .. loved the collaborative effort and she looks pleased as punch ... that her kite worked! And now more kite flying and projects ahead .. congratulations all round I think - cheers Hilary
Thanks for comment, loved the story about the kiss.

Anonymous said…
What a great kite. My dad always made me kites, but they were so big and heavy that only he could fly them. I think he did that on purpose so he could have all the fun! haha
Jeff Beesler said…
Ah, kites and haikus. Is there anything better? I know! A haiku about a kite! Or, are you ready for it, a kite with a haiku written on it! Oh, yeah!
Jules said…
I love the kite so I guess the Goggling paid off. :) Every time I have been to OBX it is Kites everywhere, I too would love to go the festival :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
unnamed lad said…
hi Ellie:)

say....this was really heart warming! the family effort, your daughter's heart response to Japan, and then the Haiku as well!

and finally...rewarding smiles.

and now with a lot more smiles joining in:)

thank you!
Kristi said…
Aww, she looks pretty pleased :) Red was a lovely choice because I think there must me nothing better than a red kite juxtaposed against a blue sky. Add in some puffy white clouds and it's like visual perfection!
Spenc said…
I love kites, and Mary Poppins, maybe I'll find a copy and watch it with my God-daughters although they might still be a little young to appreciate anything but Dora and Mickey. You have inspired me to make a kite.
I've never had a kite :( but I love THE KITE RUNNER book!
Ella said…
Dezz-Oh, you so need a kite party! Invite friends and google the how to's and make one. You could make a kite cake...You would have such fun~

Spenc-I hope you give it a go; Music is the universal language. I am now trying to remember the age I introduced my kids. They were young; I hope you do make one! What fun~

Kristi-Loved your description; I love watching a kite climb, bobbing and weaving along the way!

Bud-Thank you; Yes, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It was magical ;-D

Jules-It is June, if not this year, perhaps next?!

Jeffrey-Thanks for the smile; we are doing just that! She wrote 2 last night; it is due Friday!

Niki-Your Dad sounds like mine; "Let me show you how to do it", lol~

Yvonne-lol, yes, he still is a rig!

Hilary-Yes, Thank you! It was a great sense of accomplishment blurred with relief!
Interesting post, I have never been able to fly a kite, always wanted to though.
Eva said…
Funny, "Let's Go Fly a Kite" has been running around in my head for days. I blame the letter K. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!