N is for Nickname

 *This was my son's birthday cake, last year. We love the show Dexter. We even used butcher's paper to wrap his gifts and dabbled on red paint. Caution tape marked, the crime scene and red yarn for Dexter's blood splatter analysis, set the tone.( I needed a cake photo for this post).

I have another nickname, besides Ella. I am known in my family as the Cake Nazi. Yes,those of you familiar with Seinfeld, will think of the Soup Nazi.  It all started when my brother, who at the time had a Seinfeld resemblance, said his co-worker was shy. When Dave delivered oil he wouldn't give out the company calendar, unless no one was home. He didn't want to go to the door fearing someone might be home; a conversation might ensue.  My brother called him a Calendar Nazi, the conditions had to be a certain way for a calendar to be given. No cars in the yard, no noise, no lights, no one home, then a calendar would be tucked in the door.

Months later a family gathering; we are at my mother's home. I was fortunate to be home for awhile; husband had a school in CA. The cake I had made was one of my brother's favorites. It is a Jello Sheet cake; another name is Poke Cake. There are many variations, Lemon-lime, Neopolitan, etc.  I am sure I have a photo somewhere, but can't put my finger on it. It is moist, with jello stripes and a Dream Whip,pudding frosting; it is a light type of cake. I beg everyone to take cake home with them. I am a diabetic; Type 1. My willpower only lasts so long; then it means a long walk, to burn it off. My brother n' his family decide not to take any cake...augh!  Everyone is gone; I did have a taste and a walk. My Mom watched the kids, while I pounded the pavement.  I promised to make dinner.  Damn cake is taunting me. I packed some for the kids, packed a piece for my Mom to take to work. And took a large plate over to a next door neighbor.

My brother returns the next day, on his lunch hour and wants cake. "I told you to take some. I can only have it around for so long"... He loves this cake;it's his favorite. I gave him one piece that was tucked away. It was small, but seemed to satisfy him.

The next day; I'm driving to an appointment and see my brother on the road. I think it is him in the oil truck. He pulls off; I go up to the window and it is Dave. (this is rare)My brother is with him today and starts laughing; he introduces us, We say hello, then my brother tells him I throw cake away. "I told you to take some, I gave it away" I argued back.

My brother, yells laughing, "YOU'RE the CAKE NAZI"  and then he says to Dave, "What are you laughing at, You're the Calendar Nazi".

As I turn to leave, I holler to my brother, "NO, CAKE for YOU".  Dave n' Chip laugh and go on their way and it has stuck. My family now knows the system, EAT YOUR CAKE, HIDE CAKE  away, because CAKE will leave HOUSE. THEN NO CAKE FOR YOU!  It isn't only cake, I do this with cookies and fudge, so in all honesty, my nickname is misleading I'm really the SWEET NAZI.

*If you see any Ninjas, go tell Alex. He would love to have you stop by and say "Hi"~


Love the post Ella, it's great to have a nickname sounds more friendly than one's real name.

Enjoy your week-end
Ellie Garratt said…
Too funny! Thanks for sharing it with us.

p.s. how old is your son? I'm having visions of him taking the cake to show and tell.

Ellie Garratt
ah, I see you have a totally different approach to decorating cakes than me :))
I'm having a break from cakes this weekend, but next one I will be making Vanilla Cake for Easter and after that a Cinnamon cake for my brother's birthday.
Grammy said…
Ha, just too funny! I love it! Thanks for stopping by to see me sometimes.
Unknown said…
ha ha ha!Great post!
Aw, thanks Ella!
Soup Nazi was a great episode. However, I just don't see you as a a mean cake Nazi, no matter what your brother says.
Joss said…
lol we thought of the same thing for N awesome, I love your nickname its great.
the funniest nicknames I probably have are salt lick, and little miss flossy.
little miss flossy is just something my friend came up with off of my name Jossie, and salt lick, sounds kinda wierd but is actually quite sweet, I play secondlife and on there they have breedable horses that need salt licks to make their happieness go up so one of my friends nick named me saltie/salt lick, because he said I always make people happy, sweet aye lol.
Unknown said…
this is a very funny story.... but hey it's self-preserving... and smart
septembermom said…
Ella, that is such a funny story. Cake Nazi - now that's an original nickname :)
Anonymous said…
LOL, what a great story. I totally understand the wanting to get the cake out of the house. My mother in law is the same way. She loves to bake but is diabetic so we're always leaving her house with baked goods in tow.
Blue Velvet Vincent
Unknown said…
Great cake & that is an AWESOME show!! Stop in and read N is for Nectar
Rosalind Adam said…
I love nicknames. My grown up kids get fed up of me calling them by their childhood nicknames but they've not yet found a way of stopping me... I won't share them here. I embarrass them enough!
Spenc said…
I need you to come to my house and give away all the sweets, I have no will power. I guess that means all the sweets would be gone before you got here. I've started not buying sweets, but then i want something sweet and end up making a whole dessert.
rjerdee said…
Oh, I could use you around MY house! Like Spenc said, I have NO WILL POWER. If it's in the house, I'll eat it.
::KNB:: said…
it's look delicious...
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Anonymous said…
Sorry, not going to say the cake looks delicious. But I will say it's EPIC.
cleemckenzie said…
So glad you're a Seinfeld nut. Me too. The Big Salad is my favorite, but love the Soup Nazi is a close second. Great story.
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Talli Roland said…
The Cake Nazi! I love it.

That's such a cool cake, btw.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone for sharing; I wish I could all give you some CAKE! lol ;-D
Lolamouse said…
Great cake! I love it! For her last bday, my daughter wanted a cake with black icing and white roses-what a hassle!
Abhishek said…
The concept of cake, after DEXTER's laboratories show was extraordinary!!!

And your nick name, seems a little funny for me!! Looks like all of you are fun lovers!!

with warm regards
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