O is for Observe

  I think creative types see more, perhaps we tune in differently, using more of our senses. I think we all can observe more, pay attention to the details. Details are gold when you write poems, stories, they sharpen the focus a bit and paint our characters without saying collector, nature lover, and other titles.  When we show what they have in a scene, we access and formulate this person, based on the observations given.  I'm reading a book, called  "Courage and Craft". It is about journaling n' writing; observing the view in different ways.  There are many exercises;one involves observing and writing about the view out a window in your home, every day. You can journal this and progressively see the seasonal changes and how your view changes.

This photos is a store downtown that recently closed.  This is a before photo, now what remains are the antique bones instilled with memories of busier days.  The white draws you see were not allowed to be removed. This was part of the building,considered by the historical society was to remain intact.  This particular owner chose to use the draws to hold homemade candles. The store had a folk whimsy feel when you walked in. Homemade felted items, aprons and essential oils, soaps and candles. I did buy some of the ocean scented candles, they were bright blue and smelled fresh like sea air, with a touch of sea heather. There was a lot crammed in this little space, but it worked. Jewelry and cards from local artisans also wove their magic. I asked her if I could decorate her window; It is the calling card to your shop. It invites one to come in or remain the window shopper. She turned me down; I tried. I use to decorate windows and do displays. I still kind of do, ;-D  Sometimes when I go into certain stores, I put together a look and leave it in a key spot.  I was caught once in a thrift shop, by the owner.  She said, "It's okay, I like it; leave it  right where it is".  I was embarrassed, but it didn't stop me. When I returned to her shop, she said, "You can make another display, anytime you like. We sold that one 15 minutes after you left". I in turn asked for a job, but it was a new business and she said, they didn't need any help at this time. I also had just had my last child and was super busy.  So I on occasion indulged my creativity, setting out outfits.

I still dream of doing the bookstore window downtown or the wine cellar. I think I might need to be a more frequent shopper. ;-D  I have visions of the bookstore window, using words n' paper, but so far all that is in there is a ladder wrought iron shelf, with different featured books every month.   It's okay, but is is April. One could hang a clothes line with book titles. A rainy scene could work umbrellas with yellow slickers, rubber boots with silk or real flowers in them and mobiles with large written words raining down. (in whatever font she wanted) An umbrella upside down could hold the latest features.  I need my own shop!


shelly said…
I have to agree with you. Creative people see things and say things others wouldn't.
Window dressing has always been a dream of mine...I always stop and admire a beautiful display.
That is a very cool picture. I hope you get your own shop some day.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, you do need your own shop! Maybe one day, hey?
yes you do! What fun. I use to do that also but not in other stores. You are more outgoing!
Keep it up you never know what will turn up.
Marjorie said…
I can see how you would make a good shop keeper!
Ella said…
Marjorie-Thank you, you are sweet~

Queen Bee-Maybe or what may turn upside down. I am cautious about it now. Last time I was in Target. I brought a top over to the jewelry section, then left it near the scarves...Yes, i put one on as a belt. I so wanted to spy and see what others thought of it, but I had to take off~

Sherry-I don't know, with this economy...?! I wish...

Robyn-Thank you; If I do it will be by a chocolate shop! ;-D

Luana-I so want to go to an Anthropologie store; I have only seen the amazing displays online!
http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/index.jsp?cm_mmc=Email-_-Ecommerce_04_2011-_-041811Occasion-_-navhpg I think the closest one is a few hrs from me. Till then, I get to look online, at least~

Shelly-Glad to hear, I am not alone in my view!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing~ @>---
septembermom said…
You are a creative lady, clearly! You really have some great ideas. Who knows what the future may hold for you? I have a good feeling that you'll get your shop some day. I'm sending tons of positive vibes your way.

Great post Ella!
Lorena G. Sims said…
I agree, you need your own shop. You are so creative Ella.
Siv Maria said…
lol! I am in! Lets open it together :)
Heavens2Betsy said…
How lovely your blog is and, thought provoking too. I love your photograph and the way you write is so compelling to read. Lovely to meet you. Penny
Anonymous said…
A window dresser would be a dream job for me as well. Love your idea with the Umbrella and falling letters. That would be perfect.
You do indeed have excellent observational skills, Ellen.

I must say, I do like the new blog design too. :-)

Remember the movie 'Mannequin'? Who'd have thought a movie about window dressers would have been so successful. I guess there are a lot of us creative types out there who like that kind of stuff. What a great job to have! Creativity is an art, literally.

I enjoyed reading this post, Ellen.
Donna Weaver said…
I hope you have your chance to own your own shop. I love looking at that stuff but am completely lost to try and create it myself.
Kristi said…
I tend to agree. So much that is perceived is all in the presentation.
Great post! I wrote on the same word too, but I put an "ation" at the end. Thanks for sharing. :)

Wanda said…
I often miss the little details because I'm not very observant.
Ellie said…
You should get a shop and a chance to sell your creative designs. Loved this post!

Ellie Garratt
Rosalind Adam said…
You're so right. Observation is the first thing I talk about when I run creative writing sessions. Keep that writing notebook handy!
A great post and of course how true observations are most impotant.

Thansk for your lovely comment.
yep, you do need your own shop :) Ella Umbrella Shop :)
Ella said…
Nice Dezz, I would love that...lol

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! If I do ever open one; I will be sure to give all of you a discount!~