P is for Plants and Poems

I love plants, my thumbs get green just thinking about going out and planting ny containers. My front n' back yard, a profusion of blooms.Not quite, that is one of my dreams, lol. I joined Poets United this past year. A friend suggested I give it a try; thank you, Sherry ~    Sherry writes amazing poems and stories!

I love the process, sometimes I like what I came up with; other times, feel something  is lacking. It is a challenge.  I thought since I love flowers,plants and I'm mentioning poetry today. Why not combine the two. A challenge of writing a poem using names of plants. I love when you buy seeds, the unique colorful names, like Crazy Daisy, Moulin Rouge, Fireworks, and Cherries Jubilee.

Here is my attempt:

Impatien for full sun Psychedelic Spring dances and shouts
Look at me...
Summer Wine attracts many a suitor
Hardy Ivory Prince arrives on a carpet of Crystal Rose
In his path prodigal Red Riding Hood, her intensity is noted
Pixie Bells nod their heads
He bows to Queen Anne’s Lace n' King Slaw, on his way to Silver Bay
His staff did RSVPea
He lingers at Loves-Lies-Bleeding
He picks his beloved a  treasure, fresh off the vine a Black Pearl
Pristine White Wedding blooms hover,
Their snowy white performance is breathtaking
Four O’ Clock trumpets announce High Tea
Sophia arrives, pretty n’ tough her presence outstanding
Her Fancy Dress, rosy pink n' creamy white ruffles
Red breasted robins  nibble on Purple Majesty, spikes dusted with gold
Her Amber Kiss is bold n’ sensational
Deep midnight blue blooms, twinkle like stars in all their Morning’s Glory
By the Silver Bay
Buttery moonlight scrambles up vines clinging to time worn fence
 Profusion of the Northern Lights n' Dancing Stars lends
Promise of an enchanted evening.

 I sometimes paint my pots; I prefer them natural; they are easier to draw on.


shelly said…
I like your poem. The last time I wrote a series of poems, I was terribly depressed. That was like 16 years ago.
Bossy Betty said…
I am so impressed! I think you did a great job!
What a wonderful poem. Up here in Wisconsin, we've only had a few days of spring and are going to get 6-8 inches of snow again tonight, so I love your picture and can't wait to see flowers in my own yard (hurry, spring, we need you!).
Marjorie said…
I really like this poem. It reminds me of flower fairies.
Lorena G. Sims said…
Great job on your poem, It's lovely, I really like it. Nice painting on the pot too. You are so creative.
A wonderful post and the poem was excellent.
It was a great pleasure to read.

Heavens2Betsy said…
Very clever and fun too Ella. Thank you. Penny
Wow you covered a lot with one poem!
Wanda said…
You have some mad poetry skills. I love the painted pot.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I always love your posts, Ellie, whether poetry or telling us about your art and, especially, your family stories.

I didnt know seed names had gotten so inventive.....hmmmm....that might be a cool exercise: take a crazy flower name and write a poem!

Thanks for the mention, kiddo. I have loved watching your creativity bloom all this year!!!! You are very talented!
Elizabeth said…
Ella, you created a very vivid fantasy tale out of the flower names. Love it. Engaging and fun to read. It reminded me of something I had promised myself to do. Go to the paint dept. and jot down names of colors, then use them to write a poem. Thanks for reminding me,