Poets United

Poets United prompt #46 is Monster. I first think of those childhood nightmares that permanently scar some of us. Then I think of someone who left a lasting impact on me. I had to remove her from my life. She tried to ruin me and my marriage.  YOU are thinking another woman, yes, but it wasn't a mistress it was my Mother-in-law.

Green bile in throat
Rage in jealous eyes
Fear in lost soul
Claws grab and scratch my raw edges
Nostrils flare as flames from mouth ignite
dark haunted hate revealed, devil’s forked tongue
spews barbs of cruelty 
Blonde hair surrounds, the aging cherubs face,
laugh lines only slight indents in pudgy cheeks
blue eyes swim in milky toxic thoughts
Fools unaware of her game of cat n' mouse
Shaken from doubt
Anxiety knots in brow
questions me, my actions
did I do or say something?
guilty shadowed me for years
couldn't play game
 couldn't win
I quit playing
Toxic terror rules
until you stop being the punching bag
Wonder who she tortures now?

* I couldn't take the abuse and walked away. It was actually a gathering of three women. My MIL, SIL and the sweet looking grandmother.  I told my husband, I was no longer taking it anymore. I removed myself from their lives.  Game over...



Heavens2Betsy said…
Brilliant Ella. Direct and I could feel the damage inflicted in your words. Poison seeps. I love your description of it doing so. penny
Hart Johnson said…
Ellie-I'm so sorry for those toxic people and am glad you got them out of your life. My hubby had to cut my mom off. It was awkward for me with her for a long time, but I've sort of figured out how to have a relationship with her without inflicting her on him...
Anonymous said…
What a powerful piece of writing. I could feel strong emotion as I read it. Too many word pictures to pick out just one this time. You can communicate so much in your poems so clearly.

Glad you're rid of them.
Ella said…
Scarlett-It was difficult; I tried and it was not meant to be. Thank you~

Hart-I told my husband,"You and the kids, go see them" but the cat n' mouse games had to end for me.
It is sad; I guess I wasn't good enough?! Sorry you have had to go through this.

Heavens2Betsy-I love your name; Yes, it seeped in and it's effects lasted for awhile. I knew it had to end. She was getting joy from it and I was in despair. Thank you~
Ella: A powerful poem. Sometimes we have to do things like this to survive in the world. It's too bad that people can be so cruel and hurtful; especially family.
This was poetry at it's best Ella. thanks for sharing.

Mary said…
Ella, you were a strong woman to make the decision you did. No one should have to take verbal abuse!
Families are supposed to care for one another. Ellie, it wasn't you - sounds like she didn't want to try.
I admire you so very much. It takes sheer courage to do what you did in life.
There are times when enough, is more than enough.
I also know how good it feels, to put these kind of experiences into your own words.
Excellent Ella.

Siv Maria said…
No words, just tears.
Ella said…
Rebecca-Thank you; I wasn't going to share and then the prompt arrived~

Eileen-Thank you; It took me a while. I tried to find a way around it, but anxiety and trying to understand why she would continue to be mean. It was the only way out; can't play cat n' mouse, if mouse leaves.

Alex- Thank you for saying it. A comment about my weight fed the situation. My MIL is obese; my SIL has an eating disorder. I became the punching bag...

Mary-It took me awhile, but it was making my life hell and I saw the pleasure she received in my pain. I had enough...

Yvonne-Thanks for your kind words and visiting me~

Luana-I hoped when I married I would have an extended family. My family is small, didn't work out that way. Thank you~
Ella said…
Siv Maria-Thank you; it was hard to not be excepted, but it is life. It felt like Junior High all over again, except with so called grown-ups.
I fear the main damage is I hesitate with people, sometimes, if I get uncomfortable. xXx
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, she should have been thrilled her husband got so lucky, to have a wife like you. Glad you stepped away from the toxicity. No one needs that.
Ella said…
Sherry-It was difficult; my in-laws live 3mls away from my Mom. When I go home the anxiety wave hits me all over again. She use to try to humiliate me, in public places. I have learned to deal with it better; she is mental ill. Thank you~
I too have family problems and it hurts like hell . I have always supported my children but one seems to have suddenly developed a nasty streak.......or perhaps he had it all the time and I was blind.

Thanks for your comment.
Isabel Doyle said…
ah the m-i-l challenge, you see, she needs to have her boy wed, to show he (she) is normal, successful, but at the same time, she can't bear to have him wed ... hope the poem helped kill the monster
OMG, that picture is extremely creepy! I won't be able to sleep!
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, very powerful words and picture...it brought home how toxic some people can be and how necessary it is to remove them from our lives. Thanks for sharing, stay blessed
Bossy Betty said…
Wow. Very powerful. Good for you for making a stand.
Dawn M. Hamsher said…
Well done! Awesome way to present a toxic relationship (as a Monster).

The Write Soil
Mary said…
Ella, just want to send a PS: Visit Imaginary Gardens again. Trying to get something going there.