Q is for Question

Do you have those moments, days or weeks were you question yourself? "What am I doing?"  I am doing what I want to, yet everyone questions me. What are you making that for? Maybe you are wasting your time?
Do you really think this is going to go anywhere?  I think everyone questions their craft, their motivation, but how do you handle the naysayers; those that are adding insult to injury. I'm in quest mode, so I know I will question myself.  Do you bother to come up with a response or do you just let it drizzle off you.  Guess I might need an umbrella and a tougher skin.  How do you handle it?  I know you might be published now, but once upon a time, you weren't...any tips?  How do you quiet the questions?


Siv Maria said…
Nope, sitting in your shoes. At least you know you are not alone :)
Ellie said…
Even though I've had quite a few short stories published I still feel like I'm not really a writer yet, and I often question whether I ever will be. So, you are not alone.

What to do about it? Ignore it. Keep on believing in yourself no matter what setbacks you experience. Finally, surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you.

Ellie Garratt
Anne Gallagher said…
When they ask -- What are you doing that for? WHy are you wasting your time writing?

If you know what they do for a hobby, then you say --

Why do you play golf? How come you knit all those hats and mittens every winter?

If they insist what you're doing is beneath you, or them, or they are just insistantly rude about it, just say --

I write because it's in me and I have to get it out.

Then turn around and walk away. Period. People like that don't deserve your time. If they were your real friends they'd understand and not question why you write.
I have those moments... all the time... every day.. LOL
shelly said…
At sixteen I set my pen down, I thought for good. I had a naysaying mother. At thirty, two divorces and five children later I picked up my pen. I scribbled several poems and the first chapter to my now finished manuscript. It should be out sometime in December 2011. Poohie on the naysayers.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, Pooey on the naysayers. Write, and do your art, because you have those gifts, Ellie, and gifts are meant to be used. And because it gives you - and us! - pleasure and satisfaction. Reason enough.
J.L. Campbell said…
I didn't talk about my writing before I was published, so I didn't have any naysayers. Since then, I question myself as to who else will buy what I write. However, I send the questions packing and move right along. I think having the urge to continue has to do with belief in what I'm doing.
M.J. Fifield said…
I'm forever questioning myself. I have a couple of super fun naysayers hanging about but I just keep on writing and working toward my goal.
Joe Richardson said…
I think my long reply gave blogger a headache. Sorry! In short, there's value in what you do. There's merit in asking questions and answering them and writing down what you discover, be that as a poem or essay or book.

You're more today than what you were yesterday because of your effort. Try to remember that when you're facing doubts, and people who doubt you.

It may help you forge ahead.

q: quarter 'til midnight
Marjorie said…
I question myself all the time, and I think that sometimes it is because I didn't learn at a younger age to value what I wanted to do.
Pk Hrezo said…
I ask this question all the time. Been writing and querying for two years, and it' no less difficult than when I first began. But no matter what, I'll continue to write because it's part of who I am.
Lynette Killam said…
So much in here to identify with, Ellie. I too question if I'm truly up to the quest I've undertaken. I'm afraid I haven't developed a thick skin in spite of my years, but am better at putting things in perspective. I suspect it is not the quest that speaks of who we are, but of how we handle ourselves along the way...:)
I'm questioning whether I can really write another book!!!
I am the same. Great post.
Arlee Bird said…
I don't try to quiet the questions. I like questions and I think they reveal valuable insights if you listen well enough.

Tossing It Out
Wanda said…
Guess I'm not the one to answer this question. I haven't had anything published. But questions are inevitable whether they be external or internal ones.
Talli Roland said…
First of all, I love the header. SO CUTE. Peep peep!

Now that that's out the way... I just keep writing. I don't let the questions take hold too much; I just sit down and write!
Ella said…
Great answers everyone; we aren't alone in our struggles! Thank you, so much for sharing!
You have to push through it. That may require a break here and there, but that's what I do. Conferences where other writers like me congregate also keep me pumped. Staying involved in your creative world makes a world of difference.
Mary said…
I tell people who would inquire that mostly I write for myself and my 'immortality' in some way. My words are written / preserved. (also self-published and close people in my life have them, and that is what is important to me)