T is for Touched

I rented the "The King's Speech" ; if you haven't seen it...you really should. I know you may think stuffy, based on the True Story of King George VI. It won awards for a reason; it unites the common bond of fear, friendship and the amazing feat of perseverance.  It reminds us the task will be hard, the test, the tears and the torture a soul can endure. He had a temper, but through training and being tested....You just have to see it!

It may trigger a time you had to over come an obstacle; it may cause tucked away emotions to service. Trials n 'tribulations sometimes allow gifts to appear.

Take the time to watch a film that celebrates the human spirit; the acting was terrific, too~


mooderino said…
I thought it was a really good flick too.

Moody Writing
Ellie said…
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Ellie said…
It was a masterpiece in acting and script writing.

Ellie Garratt
I saw the film on dvd and thought wi great,
Yes one can overcome advesrary but it takes much tenacity.

Have a wonderful Easter.
Hi me again, Thanks for your comments on S and T letters, much appreciated.

Happy Easter.
Jessica Bell said…
I'm really looking forward to seeing that film! Happy Easter, Ellie! :o)
Jessica Bell said…
OR Ella rather! *blush* :o)
I enjoyed the movie for all the reasons you mentioned. I really admired the photography and the authenticity of the sets and costumes. Period pieces are so well-done now. One fine example is "Elizabeth" with Cate Blanchett -- out of this world.
M.J. Fifield said…
The King's Speech is at the top of my Netflix's list. I would've gone to see it in theaters, but it didn't come to my town. We were too small I guess. I definitely can't wait to see it though.

Happy Easter.
Nate Wilson said…
Haven't seen it yet, but like M.J., it sits at the top of my Netflix list, and I'm itching to see it. Especially since I work with a guy who has yet to overcome his stuttering, I'm interested to see what ol' George goes through.
Bossy Betty said…
Loved this movie.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I watched it last night, and the acting is superb - all the nuances. Colin Firth did a great job and the man who played his friend was amazing too.
That movie was a masterpiece in every aspect! I was so routing for Colin Firth to win!
Carrie Burtt said…
Ellie you have sold me on this one...i will get it soon. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! :-)
I rented it for tomorrow night... can't wait.. I heard excellent things about it.... serioulsy up my alley.. we have a lot of the same taste..
happy easter.. I wanted to send you a card.. but I never got to it... UGH
i.ikeda said…
I hadn't actually thought of watching this, but now you've intrigued me.
LTM said…
ooo... I want to see that movie SO BAD. I'm going to run out and rent it asap. Oh, and hilarious Easter theme on the blog. I love it~ :o) <3
Jules said…
I haven't seen it but it is on my must see list. If the dang storms would stay long enough to go rent it :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Anonymous said…
We just put this in our Netflix queue--can't wait!
Wanda said…
Hadn't seen this one Ellie.
Tracy Jo said…
Loved it! Amazing acting.

Ella said…
Tracy Jo-Me, too! I want to see it again, but I returned it.

Wanda-I think you will love it~

Scarlett-I would love to hear what you think~

Jules-Sorry, I hope it gets better. Wind here has been crazy since the tornado storm system.

Thank Leigh; I hope you like it! Let me know~

i.ikeda-It is an underdog type film; I hope you like it~

Lisa-Happy Easter; no worries! I hope you enjoy it. I wish I hadn't taken it back...

Carrie-Happy Easter; hope your weekend is lovely!
Let me know what you think...

Maria-Me, too! What a man and it is true...wow!
Ella said…
Sherry-Wasn't it amazing; the settings, the costumes the anticipation, the humor n' wit! I loved it~Funny, we both watched it last night~

Bossy Betty-Me, too! My husband fell asleep through it. I sooo want to see it again. I might have to buy this one...

Nate-Another Wilson! lol Yes, it is unique; I hope your friend gets to see it, too~

MJ-I hope you enjoy it; Happy Easter! I know it is sad when that happens~

Luana-I totally agree; yes, Elizabeth was magnificent!

Jessica-all of it is good; Happy Easter to you!

Yvonne-Happy Easter to you! I am glad you liked it!

Ellie-I so agree; it had a magical quality to it.
The friendship that develops under the circumstances and the worlds both lived in. Amazing!

Mooderino-I am glad we are in agreement ;-D
Thanks for the recommendation, I've heard the reviews but wasn't able to watch it yet. Obstacles could sometimes help us when they help us gain more strength and be better persons than we once were. ;)
Amanda Trought said…
Hi Ellie, not seen this one yet, heard it was good as well. Hope your having a blessed Easter..:) Amandax
glad you liked the film, Ella. In today's world where immature fanboys dictate the trend of violent gory and overly dark movies with inappropriate aggression, we need more films like this one, with powerful messages and responsible approach to society and audience.
My way said…
Welcome to my blog

Anonymous said…
I haven't seen it yet, but it looks great. I like Colin Firth as an actor.
Ella said…
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter~ Thank you for your kind comments and I hope you make the time to see this flick; it is worth it~
Lynette Killam said…
It was a spectacular film, indeed. Of course, I have been in love with Colin Firth for years, so even without the wonderful story, I would have enjoyed it...LOL.

I loved the whole look of the film...costumes, sets...and thought the young girls were perfect as Elizabeth and Margaret. Thank goodness movies like this are still made!