V is for Visualization

 *Yes, I am late; we are having crazy weather. We have had 4 thundershowers and the power keeps going out.

  I did have an unique moment doing visualization.  My kids were driving me nuts; I was a single parent again, while hubby was at a Navy school. I found this book at the local bookstore and thought I would try it. Visualization is like taking a vacation, it distracts and allows one to escape their world, even if for only 5 minutes.  I was living in Maine at the time. I had just found out I had thyroid disease. It took 3yrs to get diagnosed; I was exhausted all the time and felt like a clock wound too tight.  It was the 3rd of July, we were down to the shore;I ran into a guy I went to high school with. He had a beautiful boat and asked if we(my family n' I)would like to go out on the bay and watch the fireworks, tomorrow night. Hubby is back from CA and we all agree to go.  When I arrive back to my Mom's house; my husband is leaving and taking the kids over to see his parents. I stay and help my Mom bake a Blueberry cake for the tomorrow. The cake is baking; so I decide to go do one of the visualizations for my thyroid. I am to go to a specialist, the following week and haven't taken any meds, yet.

I lay down and go through the script, except this time it is fast. My father(is deceased) shows up; he grabs my hand and wants me to run through the nature trail with him. (my father didn't run).  I run with him and we are chasing a beautiful orange monarch butterfly. It lands near this 101 yr old white pine tree. My Dad hands me a seed and says plant it. A huge sunflower grows, so high it is blocking the sun. The orange monarch flies up and lands on it. He says to drink the sunflower oil, when it rains on me. I am thinking this is weird. I play along; I want to talk to him. He says, "Later". He looks at me and says "You will be okay, look for signs".  I turn to face him and he is gone.  I  open my eyes and can't get over how quick and odd this all was. I have only one dream about my Dad,  since he passed away.  I told my Mom n' husband about it. I know they are thinking, "What were you drinking?"  I wasn't.

It is the 4th of July; great day, wonderful parade in town, lots of festivities and fun.  Now it is evening and time to meet down at the town wharf and go out on the boat. Brian(my friend) greets us and welcomes us aboard his beautiful boat. My cousin is friends with him and his family is also invited. The bay is beautiful; the sun is finally setting as amazing dark blue ribbons start to line the canvas sky. It is unusually warm for a Maine summer evening. The fireworks begin it is an incredible light show,  I see one and can't believe my eyes. I squeeze my hubby's hand. He says....Yes, it is a butterfly. I hear my cousin's wife, say it, too. The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly. Here is what 
I saw.  Yes, I do believe that was a sign!


Wanda said…
The answers we seek come in all kind of mysterious ways.
I too am going through a crisis, for 18 months I have had adnormal Papa smear test, the last one should pre cancerous cells and was told without treatment I am at high risk for cancer of the cervix, So I have been visualizing more than usual, I have to have the tratment on May 9th I am usually so positive but am really scared.I don't have cancer but as I said I must have this treatment.
Thanks for writing this,
Linda H. said…
Great story. I am having some problems with my thyroid right now. Maybe there is a reason why I popped in to read your post today.
Donna said…
An amazing story. Hope all works out well for you.
That is when you know it's a sign from God.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love stories like this, about messages and dreams and signs. And welcome to my world of poetry - think positive, okay? it's really important. Also the treatment will definitely make everything A-OK. My youngest actually had cervical cancer, mid-stage, and they told us it is the easiest cancer to cure. She had one treatment, called cryotherapy, and no problem since and that was back in 2000. Luckily they have detected your situation in very early stages. I believe you will be all right.
shelly said…
Wow! Awsome story.
L'Aussie said…
Visualisation is one powerful tool. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad I stopped by.


Same weather here too.

Amanda Trought said…
Ella, God does work in mysterious ways, I'm sure you've had many more signs over the years. How is the weather holding up?
Ella said…
Amanda-I have seen a lot more signs, since! The weather is hot and windy. I know later today, it is suppose to get wild. How about your end?

Kristi-Thank you; it is fun to try~

Colette-It is going to be 83 today and T-showers~
Stay cool!

Denise-Nice to meet you; I'll visit soon~

Shelly-Thank you; I'll be by~

Sherry-Thanks! I agree Yvonne you need to think positive thoughts! xXx

Alex-Yes it was a huge sign; Thank you~

Donna-Thank you; this was years ago! I just have to remember to stay away from soy; I'm fine.

Linda-It is a sign; if you go to about.com there is a symptom list. Dr will sometimes tell you your level is fine. I went and had my blood wk done, when I felt my best. Then I knew the TSH # I needed to be to feel my best. It is quite a variable 0.5-3.0 and some still use 0.5-5.0 and they will tell you, "You're fine" when you aren't. You can email me if you want to discuss more...xXx

Yvonne-Isn't that date near your birthday? I hope n' pray you will be fine! xXx Early detection is key; I know! You can email me....
You are in my thoughts n' prayers~

Wanda-Yes, very mysterious and sometimes loud, bright and in your face! ;-D
Lynette Killam said…
Oh my goodness...that was a sign, indeed! Wonderful story, and intriguing exercise. I will follow your lead...it may help with my ongoing health issues..

So glad you shared that with us, Ellie...:)